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History can repeat itself

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Summary: Buffy gets transported to the Andromeda Universe after her final battle with the First Evil. Charlemagne Bolivar/Buffy Summers

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Television > AndromedatryphaenaFR212920051,4239 Apr 079 Apr 07No

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The Powers always like playing on the side of Fate

Disclaimer: Buffy and Andromeda aren't my property.
Author's Note: Finally! I was rather busy.

Buffy Summers cast a sparing glance around everyone gathered, her gaze barely meeting Spike's. Not that she trusted him, but he had saved her life more than once, and that was something that she would never be able to return. It was just after the battle with the first evil, and Buffy was of course expecting to remain, but, before she knew it, her form disappeared.

Letting out a curse, she came face to face with Whistler. Anger seemed to come steaming off of her, even as she spoke. "What in the hell is the meaning of this Whistler?!"

Whistler flinched when she yelled at him, barely raising a hand. "Slayer. The powers feel that you have done your job, but there is a catch. You're needed elsewhere, approximately five hundred years in the future. Your senses will be modified and everything, but don't argue, your not going to win this one." With that he disappeared, leaving the slayer behind steaming in her complete anger. Buffy watched him disappear and shook her let, letting a curse out.

In a split second, her form completely disappeared once again. All the way five hundred years into the future, her form reappeared on the Andromeda's front ready room, completely surprising the crew and their guest, Charlemagne Bolivar. Barely casting a complete glance around the room, her gaze turned upward, as a glare crossed her features, as she was oblivious to the fact that the magog, had cowered back in fear.

A hiss escaped her when her gaze landed on the Magog. "You." Her voice was a hiss, and the magog barely nodded, before he spoke. "Slayer."

A small smirk crossed her features. "Is it that obvious?" But of course, she already knew the answer. "Of course it's that obvious. Magog." Her voice was once again a hiss, completely. Her eyes were blazing with complete fury, and something else. Something that wasn't that noticeable.

Captain Hunt watched everything carefully, just wondering what the hell was going on, but that was answered, when Whistler dropped in again. "Slayer." He spoke, before Buffy turned, and her eyes were still blazing with fire.

"Whistler. Explain to me what the hell is going on, and cut the crap and drop the cryptic, now!" It was obvious that she was serious, but before everything could be explained, Whistler disappeared again. Buffy let out a stream of curses. "Damn them. Now there is a reason I wanted to avoid those powers."
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