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Executioner, Say Hello to The Destroyer

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Summary: When the Balance is destroyed, the Powers decide to send their champions and demon hunters to other worlds. This could be why vampires have rights and Connor is back in High School.

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Anita Blake > Connor-CenteredkattzFR1823,5160124,9139 Apr 0720 Apr 07No

Chapter two

DISCLAIMER: These characters still don’t belong to me. A girl can dream though right?

It was a Saturday night. The moon-full moon- was bright. It was common knowledge that on nights like these, one does not spend it drifting from shadow to shadow. These were the nights that lycanthropes anticipated. The night was chilly and silent, the park deserted. A sane person would stick to more populated areas, where the odds of being attacked were slim. Obviously, I am not sane. That can be the only reasonable answer as to why I’m in Springfield ghosting Federal Agent Charles Gunn. An execution order had been issued to him three days ago for a were-tiger who had- to the FBI’s knowledge- killed eight people. Gunn had hoped to catch the tiger before the full moon, which unfortunately did not happen. While the preternatural community was not helping said lycanthrope, the definitely weren’t helping Gunn either. They were, at least, after the were-tiger. Gunn had made quite the nuisance of himself. The local Master seems to have been tolerant of Gunn’s actions so far. Speaking of the devil, there’s Master Leonardo. Too late to warn Gunn without giving myself away. I allowed my dagger to slip into my waiting palm. If the vampire even blinks funny, he dies. End of story.

“Mr. Gunn. It is a pleasure to see you.” you’ve got to give Gunn credit. He had his gun pointed at the vampire before the ‘er’ in Mister was out.

“What are you doing here Leonardo?” the vampire smiled and I rolled my eyes. Tiger-girl is coming. Ignore vampire for a moment.

“You have ignored all of my requests for an audience. I assumed you would feel safer with me in public.” I blinked. He would feel safer in an empty park? Gunn obviously shared my sentiments.

“I’m in an empty park on a full moon. Safe much? And those were demands, not requests. I don’t take orders from vampires.” Gunn obviously has a selective memory. Oh, that’s a were-rat. How sad.

“Charles- do you mind if I call you Charles?”


The vampire ignored him. “Charles, I have a proposition for you.”

“I don’t screw vamps, sorry.” I mean, if I was a were-rat I would be so embarrass. I mean come on. A RAT? I would rather be a bear or a wolf.

“Not that kind of proposition. Of course, if you ever happened to change you mind…” the vampire let his voice trail of suggestively. Gunn glared.

“Charles, you are the executioner assigned to this state. Specifically, this city. I find that it would be in our best interest to have a certain…degree of tolerance for each other.” Maybe a shark. Are there were-sharks?

“Your latest escapades have caught the attention of many preternatural. You are not exactly known for your leniency towards those who are not ‘normal’.” Gunn continued to stare at the vampire. “You did, after all, destroy an entire kiss when your execution warrant called for one. My people are afraid of what you will do to them while we sleep. I believed you used a grenade.”

“Rocket Launcher, actually.” Gunn corrected.

“My dear Destroyer,” Gunn made a choking noise. “It would benefit us all, if we can come to some sense of agreement.” the media had taken to call him the Destroyer mainly because his cases usually end with collateral damage and buildings being destroyed. Needless to say, he was not happy about the name. I, on the other hand, am. Smirk.

“Do not call me that, Dracula.” poor Leonardo looked horrified to be called such a thing. “Look if your people stay out of my way, I won’t go all terminator on you. You leave me alone and there’s no reason why you should wake up with your resting place burning down around you. And I won’t get involve with your politics.”

“Reasonable. If I may ask, where exactly did you acquire your rocket launcher?” where indeed?

He received a blank stare. “Rocket Launcher?”

The vampire looked amused. “You may enter my home any time you wish, Charles. I have enjoyed our conversation. Perhaps next time you will lower your weapon?” and he vanished. I waited until I was sure he was gone before revealing my-self.

“Thanks for the warning.” King Gunn; Master to all that is sarcasm.

“She’s this way.” I pointed east before rejoining the shadows. The were-rat had left with Wilhelm and there was only one more lycanthrope in the park. From what my hearing is telling me, she is heading toward a … jogger? People can be insanely ignorant at times. Gunn didn’t make much noise when he moved but I could definitely hear his heart. I stepped out of the shadows every couple of feet to show my-self to him. I could see the tiger stalking the man; early thirties, weights on his feet. Well, maybe he can out run the were-tiger.

I motioned to Gunn, showing him the lycanthrope. Gunn brought his gun up and sighted. The jogger had stopped and was stretching. Gunn fired the moment the ‘were’ lunged and I flinched at the noise. This was an extremely easy job and he didn’t need me here. Gunn, however, got it in his head that we needed to spend time together. I think he’s afraid of what will happen if he’s not there to constantly remind me of my humanity. In my opinion, humanity is highly overrated.

I left him there to deal with the hysterical jogger and dead ‘were’. It wouldn’t do to have the local law enforcement find out that he took a teenager along on the job. I headed back for his house.


Gunn got home nearly three hours after Connor. He had gotten chewed out be the Captain for killing the were-tiger in front of a civilian. He had a pretty good relationship with the local PD. As long as he didn’t undermine their authority they let him get away with a lot… after complete chastising of course. Captain Williams can make a grown man feel like a five year old. He followed the lights which led him to the kitchen where Connor was sitting down. The place wasn’t huge. He didn’t need it to be if he was alone. It was a good size to protect and easy for him to notice if someone had been there.

Connor seriously worried him. He almost wishes he was the same person he was before Angel’s little memory spell. At least then he knew how to deal with him. This Connor was unpredictable. Gunn leaned against the counter and studied him. The boy was just sitting there staring at the wall. He didn’t blink, didn’t move. It was disconcerting. Connor was never one to stay in one place for too long. The boy sitting in front of him scared him. He had every right to be scared-of what he can do, not of him- of the Destroyer.

It had taken him a while to realize that they had never met the Destroyer. They had met Steven Holtz; an angry and confused boy. They had met Connor- Gunn hesitated to add Angel-; an angry and confused boy who had been manipulated one too many times. A boy, who was thrust into situations growing up in a hell dimension with a God fearing man from the 1800s, could never have prepared him for. A boy who never learned to deal with emotions, decided to end it all when it became too much. They met Connor Reilly; a boy who lived a normal life. A happy kid with a mom, a dad, a sister and a dog. They met Connor Angel; a blend of all these people. Someone, who was able to deal with all the bad and could still live a normal life. Could it be call dealing though, when all the bad memories seemed nothing more than nightmares?

Then there was the Destroyer. He had met him. So had Dean, Nina and Sam. Anyone else who had was dead. Quite brutally actually. The Destroyer destroyed things. It was as simple as that. When the Destroyer is standing in front of you, you will know. There will be no confusion. There will be no doubt. You will know. You will fear for your life. If you want a quick death, you will not run. Have you every seen a cat play with a mouse? The cat will continually let the mouse think that it got away-that it’s safe. You’re the mouse. Gunn did not fear the Destroyer. That might be because he trusts Connor not to harm him. The very first time though, he had felt as though he couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. And this was when Connor had simply glanced at him. He remembers that night very well.

‘Are you scared of me Charles?’ Connor never called him Charles. And the way he said it… Connor turned his attention back to the sky.
‘You shouldn’t be. I would never harm you.’ A shiver ran down Gunn’s spine. From where he stood he could see the smirk on Connor’s face. Despite the reassurance, the words didn’t match the expression. It wasn’t until later that Gunn realized that the boy had been truthful. He wouldn’t hurt him because Gunn was all he had left.

He had first met the Destroyer when Connor returned from hell. The boy had gone-despite what Gunn said- to retrieve a sword they needed in the up coming apocalypse. Gunn would have been happy letting one of the slayers retrieve it but does the brat ever listen? Connor had been in Hell for nearly a week. When Angel had been in hell, he had spent a thousand years there, while only two months had pass. Connor never did say how long it was or what happened. All Gunn knew was that Connor came back and he came face to face with the Destroyer. He had met him about five times after that. He was the only one willing to turn his back on him when he’s like that. Dean and Sam refuse to take their eyes off of him and Nina usually finds a reason to stay away. He didn’t blame them. You see death when you look into his eyes. Even when he’s just Connor, you can see it lurking in the depths of his eyes. Like it was now! Connor had shifted his eyes in his direction.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He said irritably.

Connor blinked slowly then gave him a sheepish smile. “Sorry. I was thinking.”

“About?” he asked. To get information from Connor, you had to be able to judge his moods. At the moment he was depressed.

“Home. They said we would be able to return when Balance is restored. I don’t think we will be going back soon, no matter how many ‘hellmouths’ we close. I don’t think we should have to protect this world, fight for them when the best we can do for ours is leave. I want to go home.”

Gunn sighed. “Then why don’t you? You have the ability to leave any time you want.”

“You and the others won’t come back with me. I can’t leave you guys here. Still, I would like to leave. I understand why we left. Have you notice that every one they sent here will not hesitate to kill humans? I have a feeling that before we can do anything about the one in Saint Louis, we will be doing a lot of killing. Whether they be human or vampire. Things are going to get bad soon. Guess that’s why they didn’t send the slayers. They would hesitate to kill until it’s too late.” Connor seemed to find that wall so interesting.

“Connor,” he whispered “we’ve never had to do that here. Neither us nor the others around the world.” at Connor’s irritated look he decided to continue. “What’s with the bad feeling?”

“When I sleep, I dream of blood. It’s every where. I can’t escape it. Sometimes there are bodies.”

“It could just be a dream.”

Connor turns to face him fully. “There is a man in my dream. He asks, ‘Will you join me Connor?’ always, he always asks that. The world he shows me-it’s this one. I don’t think it’s a regular ‘hellmouth’. Something else is going on Gunn and I’m not sure the Powers are aware of it.”

There was silence between the two of them as Connor’s gaze returned to the wall and Gunn tried to process what he said.

He shook his head. “Cheer up Connor, you leave tomorrow. Let’s have some fun. I got the DVD you wanted…”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Executioner, Say Hello to The Destroyer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Apr 07.

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