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Executioner, Say Hello to The Destroyer

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Summary: When the Balance is destroyed, the Powers decide to send their champions and demon hunters to other worlds. This could be why vampires have rights and Connor is back in High School.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Unfortunately none of the characters belong to me. If they did Richard would have gotten over Anita and Jasmine never would have happened. Here's the story

Science is my last class of the day. I’m thanking every deity I’ve ever heard of. High school sucks! You’re probably wondering what I’m doing back in high school. They don’t usually send people that flunk out back to high school, right? Right! Well I didn’t flunk out. I was keeping up that “A” average for my ‘parents’. So why am I here? The powers made me younger. I’m sixteen…AGAIN! Horrible, right? As if having two memories of this age wasn’t enough. That’s not even the worse of it. I’m in another frigging dimension. A dimension where every-one knows about the monsters hiding under the bed and vampires are citizens. Yeah…I thought that was weird too. Why would they want to vote? And the government actually expects them not to break the law. Humans break their own laws and they expect beings that are stronger, faster, and older and consider you lunch, to follow them. Hn…humanity is so arrogant.

Okay, back to what I’m doing here. According to my balance demon, Doyle, it’s because of the Slayer’s group. Apparently, he used to work with my dad. Anyway, that bitch…sorry, I have my issues with her. Buffy Anne Summers was supposed to die, and stay dead, the night she fought the Master. During that minute she was technically dead, Kendra was ‘Called’. And no, not on the phone. When she was resuscitated, she threw off the Balance. Kendra died and Faith was ‘Called’. Now there are hundreds of them, including my ‘sister’. When Buffy died the second time and was brought back, it allowed the ‘First Evil’ to enter, sort of, our world. In order to close the ‘hellmouth’ and get rid of the ‘First’, Willow activated all the Potential Slayers. Hence, the hundreds of Slayers.

You would probably think that that’s a good thing, right? Wrong! Not only are they annoying as hell, they think they’re God’s gift to humanity…actually they kind of are but I digress. The point is, they tilted the scale way on the side of ‘good’, which isn’t such a good thing. For the past two and a half years there have been apocalypses after apocalypse. And not just on the hellmouth. During my sophomore year, I ended up fighting a lot. Far away from the Slayers, of course. If they found out I was the Destroyer, Willow won’t be able to do much damage control this time. Yes, she remembers me. Something to do with the letter Angel left for her.

A lot of slayers have been killed. There’s still a huge army of them, but you get the point. The Powers came up with the idea to remove all of their other champions and demon hunters. Between all of us and the slayers…staying would have made things worse in a big way. So they moved us, all of us, to other worlds. My world is one of the worlds/dimensions that are right next to ‘Hell’. The places we’ve been sent to are places that should never have ‘hellmouths’. Guess what though…they do. And we have to close them or if we’re lucky, stop them from fully forming.

I’ve been sent here with Gunn, Nina, the Winchester brothers and a couple others. Dean, Nina, Sam, Gunn and I are stationed in North America. Every-one else is stationed all over the world. So far, my group had closed three; New York City, one in Salt Lake City and the other in Colorado Springs. Nina is in college, lucky her, here in Saint Louis. Gunn is an Executioner in Illinois. He’s making quite a name for himself. Sam and Dean are bounty hunters but they’ve got this thing about impersonating Federal Agents. Oh well…to each their own.

So anyway, I’m a ward of Wolfram and Hart. Lilah’s doing. When I arrived here, those sons of bitches made me younger and I was told that because of Angel’s contract I was their responsibility. Don’t ask me how. It’s been okay being their ward. They take care of me and all the other wards financially. Don’t get me wrong though. I plan on killing most of them before I leave but they aren’t exactly as evil as the ones I’m use to. No end of the world plots. Besides, Lilah promised me a car if I behaved and you know, not go on a bloody rampage. I have living quarters in the building and an apartment in the city. Three guess where I spend my time. If you say Wolfram and Hart, I don’t know what to say to you.

You probably want to know why I’m sixteen again. Me too! Doyle says it’s because no one would suspect an innocent sixteen year old boy of doing the things I’ll have to do. I say it’s because I beat the hell out of one of the Power’s conduits…priest…whatever. Anyway, I know revenge when I see it and this is it. I’ve realized I’m going to have to be extra careful in this city. They have a department in the police dedicated to the ‘preternatural’ community. I’d rather not get shot with a silver bullet if I get caught. Actually, I would rather not get shot period.

By the way, my science teacher is a were-wolf. I know not only because I can smell it but because I can see it. When I first look at someone who is a lycanthrope, and there are so many different kinds, I see them then their image blurs and I see the wolf, or cat or rat or bear…I can go on forever. I think I deserve a gift for not attacking first. Me? Homicidal? Never! It’s the second day of school and the boys are already annoyed. In this class, the girls sit up front and the boys in the back. Apparently they all want to marry Mr. Zeeman. I wonder if they would think the same thing if they knew what he was. Probably. I can imagine it now, 'It doesn’t matter if he’s a werewolf are not. Do you know how much stamina they have?' Gag me. The girls aren’t the only ones who have crushes on the man. Despite how discrete the boys are trying to be, I can actually smell it. Only this class. Oh, and computer class but that can’t be help because the teacher has the biggest…anyway scientist can probable collect pheromones from this class. I wonder how Zeeman handles it. Pout. He doesn’t even seem to notice it. It’s his fault though. He and every damn were and vamp gives off this sexual thingy. Yes thingy. What else would you call it? These people take Anne Rice to a whole other level. I hope this missions ends soon so I can go home. I’m five seconds from ripping my way out of this place. ‘Hell’ I can handle, horny monsters, not so much.

I really hate you, Doyle.

Connor Angel

Anita scowled as she made her way out of the Circus. Richard was once again making things way harder than they should be. She was seriously considering telling him to get therapy but what would he tell the therapist. She really didn’t think, ‘my ex-fiancée told me to do what I have to, to protect the pack and when I ate the former Ulfric she started screwing the Master of the City,’ would go over to well with the therapist. Besides, she didn’t want thing to get worse between them. Richard had even gone as for as to cut his hair. She was bonded with a man who hated her. She had hope that things would get better, but as time pass she was losing hope. Things were bad and she couldn’t even regret choosing Jean-Claude. Hopefully, Richard’s behavior wouldn’t get them all killed.

Connor Angel

AN: :) I know that Richard is a Junior High science teacher but I needed him in High School to deal with Connor. I would have left him there but making Connor that much younger wouldn’t be too realistic for the things that I’m going to have him doing. Oh, I’m thinking about bringing in Willow later down in the story but I’m not sure. Tell me what you think. Hope you like it. coughreviewcough.
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