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Beautiful America series

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Summary: Willow goes to a cabin intending to sort out her emotions, but a man named Logan changes everything. Formerly titled For Purple Mountain's Majesty.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-CenteredLucindaFR1546,68521811,0784 Jan 0324 Aug 07Yes

From Sea to Shining Sea

"Have you thought about that family in Iowa? The ones who had the same sort of hair?" Willow asked as she picked up her hairbrush.

"What do I say? Hey, I doubt you know me, but I think I might be related to you?" Logan sighed, and looked towards her, "That sounds crazy."

"Sometimes life is crazy. If you want to, we can go back, find them, and you can try to talk a little. Make it clear that you aren't after any money, just some sort of idea about your own past, and that might help." Willow paused, and started brushing, "But only if you want to try."

Logan tilted his head, considering things. "I've been saying that I want my past. Ignoring a chance like that would be cowardly. Charging in could blow the whole thing. Can you find them with your computer? Maybe I could start with a letter, that might be less alarming than some stranger showing up at their house."

"Okay," Willow smiled. Putting down the brush, she unzipped the front pocket of her backpack and pulled out a notebook. Removing a stack of printouts from inside, she handed it to Logan. "Names and mailing addresses, a little bit of their family tree, and a couple articles from newspapers. Nothing spectacular; some weddings, a few birth announcements, Little League baseball... ordinary life stuff. You have no idea how nice it was to look up something like this instead of evil rituals, mutilated bodies, or funky artifacts."

Chuckling, he took the papers. "I should have known you'd be ahead of me on this."

"Logan?" Willow's voice was soft, and she was twisting a lock of hair around her finger. "Have you considered the idea that you may never get some of those memories back? Maybe we can find information to tell us where and when and a few of the why's, but that isn't the same as really remembering."

Rolling his shoulder, Logan sighed, "It has crossed my mind. I want to know who I used to be, and why this was done. Why me? Who decided it? Was I stupid or blind enough to agree to it? Did I leave anyone behind?"

"I already checked the common databases for America and Canada. If they have your fingerprints, it's not in the normal records. I haven't tried to crack into the Pentagon looking for you," Willow's eyes twinkled, leaving Logan uncertain if she was joking or not. "Or maybe you just don't have any official records after sixty seven."

"Considering what I do know, either one is possible," Logan admitted. "What's this about breaking into the Pentagon system?"

"I said that I hadn't. Not looking for you, at least. I did hack in last year, but that was connected to the whole Initiative based under Sunnydale and their nasty chips and cyborg projects, one of which was completely not authorized anyhow and would have gotten Dr. Walsh into a lot of trouble if she hadn't been killed. But I haven't hacked into the Pentagon recently," Willow smiled.

"As long as you didn't hack the Pentagon recently," Logan chuckled. "Do you have any idea how absurd that sounds?"

Willow grinned, and studied a few small scars on her hands. "Yeah, but a lot of my life sounds pretty absurd if you say it out loud. Vampires, demons, prophecies and mystical destiny. People getting possessed, demons and magic spells. Lots of absurdity there."

"So you hook up with someone who's life has been every bit as strange... at least, the parts I remember have been," Logan teased, moving closer to her. Giving her a kiss, he smiled "But things are looking up."

"Definitely looking up," Willow slipped her arms around him. "I'd have never expected this, last year."

"You wouldn't have expected to be relocating to the East Coast with an older mutant boyfriend?" Logan kissed the top of her head, trying not to snicker.

"Considering that last year, I was happily sharing an apartment with my witchy girlfriend and helping fight demons and vampires in California, nope. Though my first boyfriend was a little older, Oz wasn't a werewolf," Willow grinned at him. "My parents used to hope that I'd marry a nice Jewish boy and raise some normal, plump kids. I just don't manage traditional very well."

Logan couldn't keep from laughing. "I'd never accuse you of being normal, Red."

“That’s a good thing, right?” she looked at him, nibbling her lip.

“Yes.” Logan kissed her again, leaving no doubts about his appreciation.

It was much later that Willow commented, “I suppose it would be easier to send letters back and forth if you’re staying in one place, wouldn’t it? I mean, to that family back in Iowa.”

“Probably,” Logan yawned.

“So, I guess we should go back to this school you mentioned. And then I could work on a degree and be around you,” she snuggled up against him. “Life’s a lot less scary if you don’t have to face the weird parts alone.”

“True,” Logan agreed. “And you won’t have to be alone. Neither of us will.”

End From Sea to Shining Sea.
End Beautiful America series.

The End

You have reached the end of "Beautiful America series". This story is complete.

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