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Buffy the Reaver Slayer

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Summary: Buffy did not grow up on Earth but rather on Miranda. When the crew of Serenity finally land there, they get much more than they bargained for.

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Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: JaynedizzyspiritFR184440,8518291162,78710 Apr 078 Feb 13No

Don't Ask Questions You Don't Want the Answers To

A/N: I know, I suck. And I’m lucky if there is still anyone reading this. Life got kinda crazy for a while. Just to inform, I’m working on this until it’s finished. Which will be soon. Not because I’m rushing, I’m not. But because it’s coming to the close that I imagined for it.

Buffy hadn't thought that Faith had been lying about being a slayer and having a watcher but neither had she thought that she would have to confront either truth so soon after the big reveal . And yet, here stood her watcher; the man who was supposed to teach her to fight the darkness and the creatures that lived in it. Buffy stood shell-shocked, staring at the man in his tweed jacket and spectacles. She stumbled.

“My wa-huh?”

"I'm sorry," he said. "You probably have no idea what I'm talking about."

"We do," Faith told him as she stepped into the light.

The man looked Faith over. It only took the briefest of moments for him to recognize the warrior in her. He saw it in the wariness in her eyes, the fighter’s stance, and the tough outer shell she presented.

"Good heavens! Two of you. How is that possible?" The man said as he sat back down on his stool.

"Long story," Buffy said.

"She died, I got called, she was revived," Faith stated.

"Apparently, not that long," Buffy amended.

"My goodness, that's never happened before, as far as I know. It has been so long since there's been a slayer that the best knowledge we had was the Watcher's diaries. But I've never heard of..."The man was mumbling to himself now and Buffy couldn't understand him anymore.

Faith threw a glance in Buffy's direction but could see that the other girl wasn't getting any more from the old guy's rumblings that she was.


One word stopped everything.

The Watcher looked up into the eyes of one of his greatest regrets. His regrets seemed determined to find him today.

"Hello, River."

Rupert Giles was shocked into silence. He had been surprised to learn of the existence of one slayer. The news that there were two had nearly knocked the man off his feet. But the fact that they were both traveling with River Tam blew his mind. There was no way any of them should exist. And yet they did. As companions.

“I believe we should have a discussion, all of us. Perhaps in a more private setting?” Rupert suggested.

“Look, Rupert…Can I just call you Giles?” Buffy asked. She could barely say the man’s first name without snorting.

“Please,” Giles consented.

“Ok, Giles. My friends are waiting for me right over there,” Buffy said pointing out Mal and the other group. “And I owe them a story that I don’t quite have all the pieces for yet. It sounds like you could help me out in that area. Would you be willing to do that?”

“Yes, of course,” Giles agreed. After all that he had done, it was the least he could do for these girls.

Simon had seen his sister and the others heading to their table. He wondered if Mal had seen them yet. The captain had seemed very upset in light of recent events and Simon worried that everything was starting to be too much for the man to handle. He worried for his and River’s future on Serenity. He thought they had found a home but it hadn’t been an easy road and he was worried that the foundation wasn’t as solid as he’d thought.

Mal visibly tensed when he noticed Buffy, Jayne, River and the others on their way over. Lately, things had been getting a little too crazy for his liking. Mal had known that going against the Alliance was going to be trouble but he was beginning to believe that he was getting way more than he had bargained for.

“Who’s that they’re talking to?” Kaylee asked quietly.

Mal and Simon noticed the older gentleman at the same time.

“I think…” Simon looked at the man curiously at first then stood when his suspicions were confirmed. “I know him. He’s one of the men who helped me free River.”

“Mr. Giles?” Simon said as the gentleman in question walked over with the others.

Rupert Giles smiled kindly at the eldest Tam and shook his hand. “Simon, so good to see you again. Things are going well, I presume?”

“Yes. Mostly.” Simon answered, shocked to see the man who had approached him about getting River out of the ‘Academy’. He had been told that he would never see any of the men who had helped him again. What they had done was too dangerous; the Alliance would be after them as well.

Tables had to be rearranged to fit the growing group. Mal wasn’t sure what to feel about the whole situation but frustration was definitely winning out over everything else.

Jayne, sitting next to Buffy, gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. She appreciated the gesture. She wasn’t sure where to start. She didn’t have to though.

As everyone sat around in silence, waiting. But it was River who spoke.

“Into each generation…”

“River,” Simon cut her off.

“No, she has it right,” Rupert Giles stopped Simon. And together, he and River gave them the whole spiel.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy the Reaver Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 13.

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