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Merry Meetings

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Summary: Buffy is hunting a group of Goblins in the Forest not quite realizing that she is in another time and place, that is until she meets someone unexpected.

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Literature > Classics(Past Donor)FireDragonFR1322,978082,27512 Apr 0714 Oct 07No

Meeting Robin.

Merry Meetings.
Written for FaithUnbreakable’s 4-Letter-Drabble-ChallengeWords, names and letters will be at the end of the Drabble.
Disclaimer at the end.

Up until this point visiting merry old England had been wonderful. Shopping, while expensive, was most enjoyable. This wasn’t just the land of tweed! She was utterly delighted with many of her purchases.

It was also good to catch up with Giles and to see the sights. She even got out to tour, which brought her here. Chasing a group of goblins through Sherwood Forest. Now her new shoes were ruined and the slippery little goblins were egging her on jumping up in trees and throwing things at her. Sticks, stones and dead squirrels.

It was the dead squirrels that were really pissing her off. What kind of sick demon did that to cute little squirrels? Not to mention the blood that now stained her new clothes. Not even Sweet was that evil and he tortured her and her friends with medleys about mustard.

To top everything off she was hopelessly lost, she had no idea about how to get back to the little bed and breakfast she was staying at.

One of them poked it’s head out of the bushes next to her, instantly she lashed out at it with her sword but it was gone before it could make contact.

“You grimy little gremlin! Hold still so I can slay you already.” Buffy grumbled.

Robin arched his brow at the young woman the goblins were waging war with. She was petite and lovely and wearing tights. He had seen young woman who attempted to dress as men to hide from their betrothed before, but if that was what she was trying to do he would eat his hood! Her shiny black pants fit to her curves like a second skin and left little to the imagination. She was all woman and he decided to try and make friends.

He attempted to hide his appreciation for her remarkable and most unconventional clothing and cautiously stepped out from the thick shrubberies.

“May I be of service Milady?” He asked with a graceful bow.

Buffy smiled at the handsome, if odd, man just as one of the goblins that she had been tracking dumped some water on her from the safety of the trees above.

“Erugh!” Buffy growled with a feral light in her eye and turning to the man asked. “Can I borrow your bow and arrows Twinkle Toes?” Without waiting for an answer she picked up his bow and quiver of arrows.

“You must be jesting milady! You could never hope to draw that bow, I’d be glad to kill them for you but they are too darn quick milady.” Before he could finish his sentence however Buffy had drawn and shot the bow 7 times.

Robin looked around him in shock at the bodies of the dead goblins lying all around. He and his Merry Men were always delighted when they managed to take down even one of these little devils but the lady had killed the whole group.

“Hey, Thanks. Those buggers were driving me nuts and I left my crossbow under my bed.” She said and set his bow and quiver of arrows back down. “So are you dressed up for D and D or is there a renaissance fair in town or something?” She said looking at his leather jerkin and tights. She couldn’t help thinking that they actually looked pretty darn good on him and accentuated his muscled thighs chest and arms.

Andrew always told her that she should really give Geeks who dress up a chance. She decided she was more than willing to give this guy one.

“I don’t suppose you could direct me back to the bed and breakfast I was staying at? It is run by a little old lady and her many cats. I should call Giles and let him know that I took the Gremlins out of commission before Stripe got them eating after midnight.” Buffy stated thinking that she had been spending too much time with Andrew and Xander.

“In truth milady I do not understand thy words.” He stated. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Robin Hood.” He stated bowing elegantly.

Buffy firmly held back the snicker that threatened to turn into a laugh. “Yeah right, and I’m the Lady Marion.” She stated.

“It is an honor and privilege to meet you Lady Marion, please allow me to escort you to my camp. It would be an honor to protect the virtue and innocence of such a lovely lady.” He stated and taking her hand he kissed it. Buffy could see that he was serious and couldn’t help thinking. *At least it isn’t the world of nothing but shrimp.*

I hope you liked it. Please review and let me know.
brgi 3
Buffy Robinhood
Goblins and/or Gremlins
300 words. I think I went over the 300 words but that’s ok.

* I don’t own Buffy or RobinHood.
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