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Summary: [HIATUS] Opposites attract and sparks fly but one thing is abundantly clear. No matter what the quirks, to the person who loves you you're always beautiful. Willow/Spike and Draco/Ginny

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomancePrincessTaiFR1375,123033,56212 Apr 0725 Aug 07No

Prologue: Meet Virginia

Disclaimer: I own not the characters of Harry Potter or those of BtVS, they belong (and are abused in my poor Drakey's case) by JK Rowling and Joss Whedon respectively. If I owned them do you think that I'd be writing this right now? No, cause we all know disclaimers are for broke punks like myself :-P

I also don't own this marvelous song, it is Train's as far as I know.

A/N: I am pretty sure this falls under crossover, especially the first and last chapter of this. If it doesn't let me know please. I hope you enjoy this, this is an idea that has been with me for quite a while.
AA/N: And yes I know that Ginny's name is Ginerva. But for the sake of this fic ... deal with it.
AAA/N: Oh and the time line, goes by how the books are realized. Harry is technically twenty-seven, however in book seven being released 2007 he is 17. Get it?
AAAA/N: Spike's accent ... yeah, well at least I tried. Didn't say it was a great try but I did and practice makes perfect :-)


Prologue: Meet Virginia
August, 2011

"Really, William you couldn't have found a better place for this?"
The cultured and cold, not to mention slightly whiny, British voice questioned as the owner of said voice looked at the second bane of his existence (who happened to also be as much as his best friend as Zabini and Parkinson) unhappily. But then again Draco looked at Spike unhappily very often; almost as much as he looked at his first bane of his existence unhappily. Almost.

Spike raised an eye brow and just smirked at the young man staring distastefully around the restaurant. "No, I couldn't Drakey." He answered, his smirk widening at the scowl that formed on the other man's face."Red, wanted t' come 'ere and so, I made the reservations. Apparently this is where Ginger wanted it t' be. I am just a lowly messenger for two 'ot broads."

"Don't call, Weasley a broad."
Draco snapped automatically before sitting down rigidly in the booth of an old diner.
Who said tackiness wasn't contagious? Damn, Weasley she had chosen this place on purpose.
His damn wife was always looking for ways to "ruffle his overly refined sensibilities" because, apparently he was damn sexy when he spluttered (Draco would like to mention that he never had and never would splutter, Merlin knows how deficient Weasley and the author are with adjectives) and that it made her hot. So, here he was in some ugly and brown and strawberry red and Hufflepuff yellow muggle restaurant for some ridiculous annual dinner with his only comfort being hot, kinky sex towards the dawning.

"She's high maintenance, vicious, wickedly 'ilarious, a powerful witch, an' she 'as ya by the balls Malfoy." Spike carefully and calmly listed Ginny's finer qualities with a small grin and a lighting of his cigarette as Malfoy's scowl became a smirk. "She's a broad an' a feckin' classy one too."

"Spike are you looking at other women?"
A chipper and cheery voice quested.

"Now, luv. Ya know that there's no other for me than you."

Spike's luv looked at him in amusement, brushing some fly-away red hair from her face and back into her ponytail. "That's okay, wish-you-were-a-smooth-talker, if I was still playing for the home team I'd be singing litanies of Gin's greatness too." She grinned.

"Would you two cease trying to flirt with my wife."
Draco asked with a mix of wariness and amusement; at the same time Spike exclaimed,
"'Ey! What do ya mean WISH I was a smooth talker? If you remember that it was my smooth talkin' that got you interested. An' sorry, mate but yer wife's almost as eatable,"he added with a lascivious grin.
"as my Willow."

Draco rolled his eyes.
"Just so you know, Ginny is much more eatable."
It barely phased him that 'eatable' was not an actual word. Much of Draco Malfoy's flawless and refined English vocabulary had gone down the loo since he'd become friends with Willow Rosenberg and her vampire. It had been a sure loss on his part and like any smart Slytherin he went with what was advantageous to his sanity; whinging all the way of course.

"I think not mate, or else she'd be with me."

Draco snorted.
"Your ego is as big as your head."

"Wrong vampire, ferret."

"Oh, shut up you two."
Willow laughed.
"Ginny and I have equal eatabilty. Does this conversation have to happen every year?"
A smile tingeing her slight exasperation.

"Well, you know those two. Comparing us is like comparing cocks for other men."
A wizard, a witch, and a demon-bit vampire all looked up in the dingy restaurant light and looked at the glowing and very pregnant redheaded witch known as Virginia Weasley-Malfoy as she sat down next to her loving and clucking-though he'd only admit to it under Imperious-husband. "At least they aren't comparing who is the baddest and most wicked."

Willow rolled her eyes.

She loved her Spike. She had the moment she had found him speaking to Tara's grave ... about her. Yep, she still had problems believing it. That Spike had gotten over his lust for Buffy and had FALLEN for her. That moment she had truly seen past the vampire and to the man, and past that and into the hybrid that was William and Spike ... that was her Spikey. Her love.
But there were times ... He was such a whiner about his badassness. He didn't take it kindly to her calling him her 'snuggly wuggly' or her 'Spikeums'; but that's what he was. At least he didn't mind being called her pinchy buns or he-who-made-leather-a-felony-cause-of-the-Spikey-goodness. He even let her call him those in public!

"Look, Ginger, if your man would just admit it had been me that had made Flint wet his pants when we went against your whack-arsed big bad Moldymort and caused Belli to surrender I'll be just right and tight." Spike punctuated key points with a jab of his finger towards Draco.

"Oh, you wish you over-gelled pain in my arse. I'm the one who made Flint piss on himself and had Montague fainting, if you remember I am very adept in torturing."

Spike snorted.
"What puppies by not giving them a chew toy?
Please, you're more cuddly than Angel."

"Take that back, you jealous fucktwat!"

Willow looked at Ginny who rolled her eyes and sighed.

They'd give them five minutes before withholding sex ... that should do it.

It always did
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