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Xander Doo

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Summary: Xander makes a new friend while on a supply run for Giles.

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Cartoons > Scooby DooTheaZaraFR1321,8573434,80914 Apr 0721 Apr 07No

A Cartoon Dog?

Several hours later Xander was pacing back and forth in the Magic Box while two amused witches, and one confused vampire, watched. As he paced, he mumbled. "Not even a real Great Dane... Leave it to the Hellmouth to ruin another great childhood memory... If he's here where's the rest of 'the gang'... There sooo needs to be answers to this..."

Spike, who had been watching Xander's obvious mental break with growing worry turned to the one person he counted on to translate Xander to English, or at least the mangled valley speak version of it that these particular kiddies used. "Red, why the hell does the whelp seem to be so offended by this talking dog thing?"

"You know Xander calls us the Scoobies, right?" Willow said quietly, while keeping an eye on her pacing best friend.

"It's a singularly stupid name, but yes." Spike said nodding.

"Well it was based off a cartoon about a dog who helps solve mysteries with his-"

"Red, I'm not my idiotic, never gets a culture reference, thick-headed git of a sire. I do know who Scooby-Doo is." Both witches were staring at him in shock. "Oh for Christ's sake, it was always on in the middle of the day, and Dru liked the little yappy thing that always egged them on. She always said the git was pure evil. Now what does a cartoon dog have to do with Harris' current state?"

Tara and Willow both looked at him with encouraging eyes as they silently waited for him to make the connection. After a moment or three the synapses fired and Spike was looking towards the training room with wide childlike wonder. All too quickly, the big bad was back in control and he sneered at them for a moment before speaking. "Right. You're trying to tell me Droopy boy's new demon dog is really a cartoon?"

"Not in the actual sense, but yeah... kinda. I mean the tail isn't quite right, and it's way too furry to be a great dane, and goddess only knows where Shaggy and the rest of them are..." Willow said in a rush.

Just then the bell on the door chimed and Riley and Buffy came in dripping with a pale blue slime.

"That is the last time I take a shalackie demon in hand to hand." Buffy said heading towards the back of the shop to clean up.

Before anyone could stop her, the possibly demonic cartoon dog bound through the door, and took in the newcomers before yelling "Red, Raphne!" and thundering towards them. Before he could reach them he skidded to a halt and slapped a paw over his nose. "Rou ruys rink." He said from behind a waving paw as he backed up.

Spike smirked at Buffy, who was still too confused by the talking dog, to realize she'd been called stinky by a creature who slept with its nose practically up it's own bum.

"Does anyone else hear that dog talking, or is this slime a hallucinogen?" Riley asked nervously.

"If it is, we're having the same freak out." Buffy said watching the dog carefully.

"It's not the slime, Buffy. Sheal La'Quee demon slime is rather aromatic, but non hallucinogenic in nature. The uh... dog is in fact talking." Giles said as he stepped out of the back room.

"Do I wanna know why that dog is talking?" Buffy asked, not taking her eyes off the large dog. "And why is it talking like Scooby-Doo?"

"And so ask us all." Xander said taking a seat and looking at Giles expectantly. "Also kinda wondering why it thinks you two are Fred and Daphne."

"At long as I'm not Velma." Buffy said and attempted to sit.

Before she came in contact with the chair in question, Giles cleared his throat. "Why don't the pair of you go in the back and clean up. I rather anticipated your fighting style and made up a potion to help nullify the effects of the slime. It's in the back next to the shower."

"Cool. But don't think we won't be talking about this when we come back." She said before pulling Riley into the back room of the shop.

Author's Note: Buffy played Daphne in both theatrical Scooby movies, Riley played a 'version' of Fred in 'Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back'.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Doo" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Apr 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking