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Xander Doo

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Summary: Xander makes a new friend while on a supply run for Giles.

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Cartoons > Scooby DooTheaZaraFR1321,8573434,80914 Apr 0721 Apr 07No

A Cursed Car?

He hit the dog with Uncle Rory's car, proving to Xander once and for all that the damned thing was cursed. Okay, so maybe it was only a little curse... but hey Hellmouth born here. Any curse should be cause for concern, right?

While one part of his brain was worried about his possibly demonic car, the rest was worrying over the shivering dirty and rather large dog he was checking over. He looked for any signs of an owner; tags, a distraught human hovering around, anything, but found none. Carefully as he could, he struggled to get the poor thing into the backseat of the car. He'd look around more for an owner, but this was a seriously creepy neighborhood and even though he wasn't in Sunnydale, it didn't pay to be stupid. Pulling out his cell he dialed up information and got the location of the nearest vet while the dog licked his free hand.

The vet tried to talk him into leaving the injured dog at the local animal shelter after patching up the luckily minor injuries the large animal had sustained.

"To be honest Mr. Harris, I've seen this dog around for at least a couple weeks. I highly doubt he has an owner running around, and he's clearly seen better days. I mean just look here at these slash marks on his hip. I can't think of any natural predator who would leave a mark like that, clearly the animal has been abused."

Xander turned a very brick-like color at the though of the friendly animal in front of him having been abused, until he got a look at the scars and shifted back to very pale. He wasn't an expert on much, but scars like that were quickly becoming his forte. The dog had clearly been clawed at by something demonic, and had managed to get away. Determination filled him. There was NO way he was gonna send a fellow demon fighter to what amounted to the animal version of death row.

"He's coming with me." Xander said firmly. "Patch him up. I'll leave my number, in case an owner pops up, but until they do, he's with me.


He checked on the package Giles had sent him for, just to make extra sure the various spell ingredients were safe and sound before settling into the drivers seat and contemplated the animal now taking up most of his backseat and looking at him with a pathetic expression that seemed to be a mix of gratitude and sadness.

It wasn't fifteen minutes into the drive when Xander began talking to his new friend. "By the marks on your legs I'm guessing you had a run in with something demonic. Did they get your owner I wonder?" Xander missed the shock in the dogs eyes as he swerved to avoid a pothole.

"Your probably hungry, but the vet said no food for a while cause of that medicine, so I'll wait till we get home then fix you up something to eat. Shit where are my manners? My name is Xander, and you're gonna be staying the famous Casa Harris, as long as you can stay away from my parents and not trash my basement. Oh and as long as you can put up with Spike. He's sort of my roommate for now. I'd tell you to bite him, cause really he deserves a good bite now and then, but I'm not sure what the chip says about animals and he might bite you back." Xander kept up a steady stream of conversation all the way back to Sunnydale, telling his new friend all about life on the Hellmouth.

It was nearly dawn when they drove past the city limits sign and Xander figured the ingredients Giles had sent him for would wait until after he had some breakfast and got his newest roomie settled in. He'd swap Giles the stinky bits for his chipped vampire, who'd been staying with Giles while he was gone, later.

It didn't occur to him to wonder just when Spike had become his vampire as he sat down a big bowl of water and most of the free sample bag of dog food the vet had given him when he found out he couldn't talk Xander out of keeping the dog.

He settled in for a quick nap, and after a few brief minutes, the dog joined him on the bed, curling up at the bottom, and taking up a surprisingly small amount of space for such a big animal.


He woke up to a dark basement a yip and a set of deep growls. Scrambling away from whatever demon had made its way into his home, Xander reached one hand for the lamp on the table, and the other for a weapon. What he found when the light came on was Spike in game face staring down his new dog, with blood on his hand.

"What'd you do to my dog you son of a bitch?" He demanded.

Spike stopped growling for a moment, tilted his head and looked at Xander. "I realize you have a thing for Kiefer Sutherland, but if you ever quote that movie at me again I'm throwing your copy in the trash compacter. To keep a bizarre movie moment going, unfortunately, it's my blood. He bit me."

"Dare I ask what you did?" Xander said slipping forward to take care of the bloody appendage dripping on his floor.

"I tried to wake you up. Watcher sent me over to see if you'd got back with his bits and bobs. Next thing I know, Cujo here took a bite outta me."

Xander went to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit, when he did the pair began growling again, this time Spike slid into game face and a startled dog yipped and ran to stand between the bathroom and Spike, hackles up and growl stronger now than ever. When Xander tried to get past the dog moved in front of him and refused to budge.

"Come on, I need to get his hand taken care of. It's ok, it's just Spike." Xander moved to go around the tense animal when he suddenly found himself standing face to face with it, paws helping the animal balance by pressing on Xander's shoulders.

To Spike and Xander's shock, the dog began to speak. "Rander, Rike is a rampire! Rike is a rampire! Ray rack."

Xander looked into Spike's equally stunned eyes for a moment before collapsing into the nearest chair. "Demon dates... cursed cars... vampire roomies... I can't even get a normal dog on the Hellmouth, can I?"

Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Xander and Spike, Hanna-Barbara owns Scooby, and I own nothing.
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