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Hunters and Watchers

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Summary: One day the hunters Winchester call the Watchers HQ in Cleveland asking for help. Read about Xander’s hunting trip with Dean and Sam. Pairing: Xander/Giles ..........Updated with Chapter 4

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherSeverusslaveFR1843,7620138,74814 Apr 0723 Sep 08No

Chapter One: Hunters and Watchers

Title: Hunters and Watchers
Author: Severusslave
Fandom: SPNxBtVS
Pairings: Xander/Giles
Rating: R
Summary: One day the hunters Winchester call the Watchers HQ in Cleveland asking for help. Read about Xander’s hunting trip with Dean and Sam.
Disclaimer: Not my TV shows, oh my. BtVS is Joss’s, SPN belongs to CW.
Notes: This story will probably end up being finished in 10 to 12 parts. And I’ve got ideas for sequels as well. Stay tuned. Next part tomorrow.

Part 1: Hunters and Watchers

The melodious ringing of the phone was what drew Xander inside Giles’ study. He did not hesitate answering it; it was the red phone. The red phone meant serious business. Everybody who lived in the Headquarters knew that.

Xander didn’t bother identifying himself, anyone who had access to that number knew exactly what and who he was going to be dealing with. So instead he just listened to the caller stating his name and reason for calling.

“Oh, good, finally. Er, Dean Winchester, hunter. In need of Rupert Giles, it’s about demonic possession of inanimate objects.” The voice coming out of the receiver sounded stressed.

“Evening, Hunter. Giles isn’t in right now, and won’t be back till the day after tomorrow,” Xander threw a wistful glance at the calender sitting on Giles’ desk. Giles had been gone for a week now. “This is Xander Harris, Senior Partner. I think I can help you, though.”

“Oh, well, fine. So, what do you know about vengeful wood nymphs that like to take children hostage?”

“Nothing, actually, but I’m looking at a nice, sturdy bookcase that contains tomes, books and scrolls with titles beginning with the wonderful letter N right now, and, let’s see… yes. Hmm.” Xander trapped the receiver between his shoulder and his cheek, drew out two books of various size out of the bookcase and walked back to the desk. “Nymphs. Desert Nymphs, Lake Nymphs, heh, incredibly busty Meadow Nymphs, hmm. Ah, here we go. Wood Nymphs.” He scanned the page. Oh. “Tell me Hunter, on what continent are you?”

“What continent? The hell? North America, dude.”

Xander snorted, “Yeah, I can hear that. That’s good for you, actually. If you’d answered Asia, you’d been in a lot of trouble. American Wood Nymphs are relatively easy to deal with. Hmm, new seedlings, salting and burning and an offering. Easy. Listen, Hunter, go to the nearest flower shop.”

“Flower shop.”

Xander could hear muffled laughter in the background over the hunters sarcastic words. He grinned, “Yes, flower shop. Go and get young potted plants. A ficus or something. Maybe some moss. You’ve got to strap those on yourself for protection. Huh, that’s different. Anyway, you need to get seeds as well. If you can find the seeds of the tree the Nymph inhabitates, that’d be ideal. Otherwise get seeds of the common magical herbs. You got to offer it to the Nymph. Wood Nymphs only abduct children of other species if their tree is dying to prolong its life.”

“That’s great, only, this Nymph has been abducting children for two years now. That’s fourteen children. That we know about. We’d really just want to kill it.”

“Hunter, you can’t kill a Nymph. They are of the Earth. They’re not even demonic. But you, as hunter, are in a favoured position right now, it sound like the Nymph is desperate. So it should be easy for you to get it to accept your offer of a new, young plant to inhabit and to abandon its old tree. There is this sign you’ve got to draw with the salt around the tree’s trunk before you’ve got to burn it down after you got the Nymph to abandon the tree. Do you have pen and paper ready?”

Xander braced himself to explain the interwoven details of the sign, he hated that part. Giles could do it so much better, to Xander all those signs and sigils and whatnot looked mostly like squiggles and paisley and this particular sign looked like someone went crazy on the McDonald’s theme with all it’s curvy waves that looked like the trademarked golden M.

“Hold on, could you scan it or make a photo of it or something? We’ve got a laptop with us.”

Xander smiled, “Of course. Hang on for a minute.”

“Sure. Yo, Sammy, boot up the computer!” The voice was muffled, the hunter had probably held his hand over the receiver.

Xander lifted the scanners cover, carefully positioned the book, closed the lid and pressed the scan button. It was a newish book, this one wouldn’t crumble away into dust if exposed to light. Giles hated when that happened. The scanner finished it’s job and Xander quickly opened the picture file, cut it’s size, adjusted it’s colour and saved it.

“Hunter? I need an email address.” Xander typed it into the proper field, uploaded the picture and filled in the necessary information into the text field for the documentation department. What was the request about, who made it, who had answered, the date and time. He added his cell phone number as well, together with a request of notice being given when the hunters had finished their job. He sent it, then printed a copy of the email and the scanned picture, stapled them together and put them into the file for Documentation.

“Hunter? The email should be in your account by now.”

“Yep, we’ve got it. Looks easy. Thanks.”

“That’s what we’re here for, Hunter Winchester. Good luck on the job.” Xander listened to the dial tone for a second, then put the receiver down as well.


It came to be that it wasn’t until four months later that Xander would have any sort of contact with the Winchester brothers again. Apparently they’d called the Headquarters again, looking for more information. This time on a satanistic cult that worshipped a lesser devil by regularly offering it newborn demon offspring. Now, it seemed that the demonic populance had enough and revolted, understandably, against them by killing all the babies in the local hospitals. A messy situation and the Winchesters had needed information on neutral zone sign magic. Luring both the cult members and the demonic tribes into it and making them deal with their problem by themselves – slaughter and maiming, but what the hell, they were demons and satanists – without killing anymore innocent bystanders.

Giles told him about that information request late at night in bed and Xander couldn’t help himself from thinking about role play games and had a mental vision of the hunter he’d talked with standing next to the magical ‘neutral’ zone and tossing a pair of ten-sided dice.

Xander chuckled, his face pressed into Giles armpit, and the snuffles made the older man squirm away a bit from the tickling sensation.
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