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Memories of Scotland

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Summary: Darla contemplates someone in the past. Now Complete.

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Highlander > Darla-CenteredLucindaFR1545,206012,56425 Jun 038 Aug 05Yes

Past Attractions

author: Lucinda
main characters: Connor MacCleod, Darla
fourth in 'Memories of Scotland'
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to any character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel the series - both were created by Joss Whedon. Connor is the creation of the Highlander series/movie, and does not belong to me either.
distribution: Jinni, Paula, anyone else ask.
notes: Darla has been brought back by Wolfram & Hart, and is re-vamped. There is no Darla/Angel thing going.

Connor was happy with his life. He had moved to LA, started a new business under a new identity, and now, he wasn't alone anymore. He had Darla back in his life, and things were more enjoyable this time around. He wasn't certain if it was the changes in the world in the intervening three centuries, or if the time had made them more compatible, or if it was simply the lack of secrets, but things were wonderful. She was still a beautiful and passionate woman, and he enjoyed her seductive arts quite thoroughly, even if some of the things that she wanted to try were a bit more extreme than what he might have suggested. He even found her attractive with her fangs, something that had astounded her.

Her hand trailed over his back, nails dragging just enough that his skin quivered in response. "What are you thinking about, lover?"

"You. Me. Us." He rolled over, catching her hand and placing a kiss on her wrist. "Have I mentioned how glad I am that we found each other again?"

"Not lately," she giggled. One hand cupped his cheek, and she kissed him. "Were your thoughts all gushy and emotional, or were you thinking about the sex?"

"You'd know that I was lying if I didn't admit that the sex was in there," Connor countered.

"True," Darla kissed him again, then nibbled a little on his neck, not quite breaking the skin. "Then I'd have to punish you for lying. I could make you enjoy it..."

"I thought you wanted to go out tonight?" Connor murmured, fingers touching a lock of her hair.

Darla nipped at his neck, licking up a few droplets of blood. "So?"

"If you get started on one of your punishments, we'll be here all night. It would be enjoyable, but then we'd miss the show."

"Spoilsport," Darla murmured.

Connor chuckled, pulling her mouth to his for a kiss. "I wouldn't say that. First, we can see a show, then come back and stay in our room until sunset the next night."

"I thought that much sex would kill a mortal man?" Her eyes sparkled, making it clear that she was teasing.

"There are worse deaths," Connor countered, smirking. "I think I'd like to try one caused by too much of a good thing for once."

"Promises, promises..." Darla ran her fingers over his chest, and then smiled. "If we're going out in public, I'd better have a bite."

"Might as well do my part for the public safety..." Connor smirked. "Not that I have a problem with a beautiful woman attached to my neck."

Darla latched onto his throat, teeth sinking deep into his neck. Her hands ran along his spine as she drank, the sensations both painful and oddly erotic. Connor held her close, feeling himself try to respond to the mingled sensations even as the world darkened. His limbs grew weak, and his arms dropped away from her as she lowered him gently back to the bed.

Her voice was a husky purr, "You rest up before the play. Tonight's going to be long, and I have plans for you."

He wasn't certain how long he lay on the bed, his eyelids resting heavy and his breathing feeling like a great effort. The sensation of pressure lessened, and he became aware of being very thirsty. Unsteadily, he rolled out of the bed, stumbling a little as he made his way to the little kitchen. He drank three glasses of water, and decided that he should probably start to get dressed. "Darla? Should I go with the white shirt, or one of the darker ones? You sounded like you might want to play a bit rough later."

"Wear the darker one, the bloodstains never want to come out of the white." Her voice emerged from the bathroom, where she kept all of her hair care products.

"Why do you keep that in the bathroom when the mirror doesn't help you?" Connor mused, not certain if she'd answer.

"The mirror might not help, but the outlets are perfectly positioned, and there's plenty of space." Darla called, and then finished, "Besides, the housekeeping staff in hotels would see my things here, exactly where a normal woman would leave them. It’s a good habit to keep."

Connor nodded, understanding what she meant. The game of deceptions and behavior, to fool the rest of the world into thinking they were normal. Granted, her deceptions were slightly different than some of his, but the goal was the same. It had to be easier for her to not need to hide what she was from him.

By the time he'd finished dressing, complete with jacket, tie and a small sword, he'd drank another four glasses of water. She stepped out of the bathroom, wearing this filmy blue dress that wisped down below her knees in layers of shadow, with translucent straps clinging to her shoulders. He just looked at her, hoping that his jaw hadn't dropped.

"Are we ready to go?" Darla asked, a slight smile on her face as she smoothed her skirt.

"You're beautiful." he held his arm out to her, smiling. "I still can't believe that you've never seen Cats. It's been playing for years."

"I kept having other things to take care of," she countered. "Now, let's go."

He offered his arm, and they stepped out of the apartment. Tonight would be splendid.

* * * *

“Well, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting,” Darla commented as they left the theater. “The dancing was impressive, the cast flexible, and I really wanted to kill that woman behind us.”

“Bad form to do that in the middle of a theatrical performance, my dear,” Connor pointed out. “We might have been tossed out.”

“The problem with that being?” Darla sighed, “What did she do, bathe in her perfume? And she kept kicking my seat, and insulting the performers, and her teeth kept clicking.”

“I’m certain I’d have to figure out some way to punish you if you did kill her,” Connor muttered.

“Would that be a problem? I might like it, after all,” Darla purred, running her hand up his arm.

“Hmm…” for a moment, Connor let his mind drift into all sorts of images. Some of them were things that he might never have imagined doing before he’d met up with Darla again.

“Darla!” The near-shout came from a tall man with short dark hair and pale skin. “Step away from him now.”

Connor felt Darla tense on his arm, and murmured, “Someone that you know?”

The dark-clad man moved closer, his steps predatory and menacing. He moved like a fighter, but there was none of the buzzing that would reveal the presence of another immortal. “Darla, I’m warning you…”

“That’s Angelus. For a long time, he was my favorite childe,” Darla explained, her words soft.

“I go by Angel now,” the words were ground out between clenched teeth.

“Look, Angel, why don’t you go away? We weren’t bothering you, and I don’t feel any need to start.” Connor felt his muscles tensing, and part of him wanted to just grab the short sword now and attack the dark haired vampire.

“You don’t know what she is, what she’ll do,” Angel had definitely growled.

“We had plans. You weren’t in them.” Connor glared back, uncertain just how fast Angel might be able to move. If the vampire attacked, it would probably hurt, though if he didn’t know about Immortals, he’d probably survive.

“What, a play, a little dancing, an evening of sex, and then someone’s dead?” The question was harsh, and Angel glared at Darla. “You don’t know what kind of person she is.”

Darla leaned forward, whispering into Connor’s ear, “I think he’s jealous. As grumpy as he is, I don’t think he’s had sex in a long time.”

Connor fought to keep from smiling, or even worse, smirking. While Darla’s comment made a great deal of sense, laughing would be a sure way to antagonize the already grumpy Angel. “Darla and I have been involved for about two months now, I think I have an idea what sort of things to expect from her by now. You weren’t mentioned or invited, and I don’t need rescued.”

“Darla…” Angel’s eyes flickered gold, and he glared. “You can’t go around killing people.”

“No petit mortes?” Darla spoke with exaggerated innocence. “Angel, just because we’re family doesn’t give you the right to make those sorts of choices for me.”

Angel appeared to be trying very hard to blush. “That’s not what I meant.”

“As interesting as this conversation is, I’d rather take Darla home with me for some of those plans.” Connor commented.

“How long do you think you can hide things from him, Darla?” Angel’s voice taunted. “You never bothered trying to be good before, only to not get caught.”

Darla hissed, “Why did I think it would be a good idea to turn him again?”

“If I was arrogant, I’d say because I wasn’t there to keep you occupied,” Connor offered, smiling. “But more likely, you probably thought it was a good idea at the time.”

Angel frowned, his expression angry. “I’m fairly certain there was an insult in there…”

“Don’t worry about it, Angel. Thinking everything through was never your strong point,” Darla chuckled, and kissed Connor’s cheek. “I’ve got someone who can keep me from endangering all the poor souls that you spend all your time worrying about, and I still get to have a little fun.”

Angel took a step forward, “Darla…”

“I can worry about Darla,” Connor insisted, glaring right back. “She’s not going to kill me.”

“Not too much, anyhow,” she whispered into his ear, hand moving up his stomach and settling over his heart. “I like having you around.”

Angel stood there, looking as if he really wanted to say something else. At that moment, the door of a small club opened, spilling a group of cheerful people onto the street between them. The half drunken clumsiness of them made a wonderful barrier.

Connor decided to take advantage of the interruption, and turned to walk away, tugging Darla to hint that she should accompany him. “Sometimes, there are ways other than a fight.”

“And I should appreciate those moments?” Darla chuckled, and followed him, “Where did we park again?”

“Of course you should appreciate that tonight. Instead of fighting with him, we’re going to go home and be passionate,” Connor kissed her. “I need to make sure you aren’t being a menace to everyone, after all.”

“I like the way you think, lover.”

They walked away into the night. Neither one looked back.

End Scottish memories 4: Past Attractions.
End Scottish Memories.

The End

You have reached the end of "Memories of Scotland". This story is complete.

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