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Harry Potter The Life That Wasn't

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Summary: What would happen if the Dursleys son died at an early age, and when Harry is left on their doorstep they raise him as their own? Will the Wizardry world collapse? Will the dark lord harry rule? We'll find out...

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Chapter Two: Hospitals, Zoos, and Letters

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, do not sue (cause that’d be mean)

A/n: This is not beta’d, don’t complain please, unless you want to help. I’ve gone over this chapter at least 5 times so hopefully there won’t be that many mistakes! Fingers crossed!

Chapter two: Hospitals , Zoos, and Letters

Young Harvey Dursleys was busily working his mother’s prized flower bed, usually his mother would be out with him telling him the story of each winning competition. But today his mother wasn’t here because his little sister Hyacinth was sick. The four year old was currently at the hospital in the children’s ward. Harvey knew that when his father came home (from his very important job) they would go to the hospital to see his beloved little sister. At the sound of his fathers car Harvey jumped up, threw off his dirty gardening gloves, and brushed the grass off his short covered legs. Within seconds he was sitting in the passenger seat of his fathers car and they were pulling out of the drive and on their way.

Harvey hated the smell of hospitals, he had since Grandpa Dursleys had died. He could almost smell death and desperation around the corner, lurking ,waiting for the unsuspecting passerby. He did not want to leave his little sister here…

When they arrived at the ward a Doctor stood talking to a somber looking Petunia. Harvey was suddenly very nervous, His mother hadn’t had that look on her face since Hyacinth was born. Vernon and his son approached his wife who flung herself into her husbands arms crying “The doc-tor says s-he ha-s leuke-mia!”

Harvey’s world snapped into focus, his body tingled with a kind of nervous energy, Harvey left his traumatized parent’s side walking into his sisters shared Hospital room. “Har’ey !” Called Hyacinth unable to pronounce his name properly. Tubes and hoses connected his little sister to blood pressure and heart monitoring machines. Harvey managed a smile for the light of his short life. Hyacinth stretched out her little hand and Harvey grasped it and in his mind he willed her to get better, Harvey felt the nervous energy leave his body making him feel suddenly faint. Hyacinth smiled at Harvey her front tooth missing, (her eye’s so like Harvey’s emerald greens) shone with renewed heath.

“Hullo Flower power” Harvey teased gently “How are you feeling?” Harry’s worried eyes took in her face. A nurse bustled into the room cutting of the little girls reply.

“A few more tests love” The kindly nurse stated.

“I hate tests” whined Hyacinth drawing a smile from both Harvey and the nurse. The nurse drew blood for a cell count.

“I’ll be back later, deary” the nurse informed after putting a Bob the Builder Band-Aid on the little girl. Harvey didn’t know why but in his eleven year old heart he knew everything would be okay. Not long after the nurse left two brave faced parent’s entered the room.

“Papa! You’re here! What’d you bring me?” asked Hyacinth in the typical materialistic four year old way. Vernon smiled at his youngest child and pulled a coloring book and crayons from behind his back as if by magic. Hyacinth squealed with joy bouncing in the bed ,almost ,but not quite disturbing the sensitive machinery.

“Lay back sweetie or you’ll pull the I.V. out” Petunia chided lightly, Hyacinth pouted in an adorable way but did what her favorite mother told her to do. Vernon handed the coloring book and accessories to his sweet-pea.

“Har’ey color with me” ordered the little girl, Harvey was only too happy to comply.

It was an hour later that Vernon and Petunia were called into the hallway by a Doctor with an east Indian accent “The tests have come back negative” The doctor shook his head in disbelief “It is as if she never had leukemia. I’ve ordered more tests to make sure there was no mix up in the lab and I’d like to keep Hyacinth here for the next couple of days for observation” The two dumbfounded people nodded their consent to Dr. Singh.

Three days later found Hyacinth completely recovered and more cheerful that ever. The family decided to go to the zoo to celebrate, Vernon took the day of work and Petunia packed a healthy picnic lunch and off to London zoo the family went. The Zoo was packed which was completely understandable since it was July , and height of tourist season. They escaped the summer heat and the oppressive masses by entering ‘The House of Scales’

“Look! Look at that one Har’ey it pretty!” cried Hyacinth as their parents walked on. Harvey smiled glad his sister shared his love of reptiles.

“It’s very ‘pretty’ Yas” Answered Harry, then the strangest thing happened ,the snake raised its head and looked at Harvey. Hyacinth gave a loud giggle.

“Har’ey he likes you!”

“Ssssset me free pleassse?” The Boa constrictor asked Harvey who looked completely dumbfounded.

“Har-ey the snake hissed at you! Is he mad?” asked Hyacinth concerned for her brothers safety even with the glass between them and the snake.

“No Yas He wants to be set free”

“Ohhhhh…are you?” asked Hyacinth but before Harvey could answer a large whale like child ran up and for no obvious reason other than to make the snake move started to pound on the glass. Harvey pulled Hyacinth away from the lumbering idiot. Nervous energy started to fill his being .As he accumulated more and more energy he realized that it wasn’t nervous energy at all, but one that (as it had before) snapped his surroundings into focus and tingle on the ends of his nerves. Harvey closed his eyes envisioning the glass of the aquarium disappearing, at that instant he heard a large splash and Hyacinth’s pleased giggles. The Boa Quickly exited his confinement. Harvey opened his eyes

“Thankssss” the snake said as it slithered away, then more banging was heard but duller as if it came through a wall which in this case it was. The whale boy was now trapped behind the glass.

“Come on Hyacinth lets catch up to Mum and Dad, promise you wont squeal on me.” Harvey looked imploring at his sister.

“I promise Har’ey” Hyacinth gave him a winning smile already calculating how she could now get his desert at dinner.

Days passed and Harvey’s brushes and conscious use of magic became more and more frequent. Harvey soon realized what damage he could do with a stray thought. In an endeavor to prevent this he started to do the meditation exercises on his mothers yoga tapes. If it was good enough for the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles it was good enough for him. Hyacinth had a great time when she found her brother could produce rabbits from toothpicks and birds from pebbles. The most interesting thing Harvey learned was that if he concentrated very hard he could see through the eyes of his creations, Harvey used this new superpower to find out where his mother hid the chocolate biscuits.

Soon letters stared to appear for a Harry Potter. It was Harvey that delivered the first letter to his father who promptly threw it in the fire, Harvey supposed that destroying someone else’s mail was illegal, but it wasn’t as if he was going to squeal on his Dad. Very soon more and more letters started to arrive and Vernon became more and more frustrated. There had never been a more happy day in the Dursleys household than on Sunday. “No mail on Sundays!” Vernon sing-songed as Harvey rolled his eyes he didn’t understand why his father did just call the post office and leave some rat poison outside for the…owls that otta stop the letters.

A rattling was heard and Vernon visible paled “Oh-nononononono!” letters filled the air gushing from the fire place Hyacinth laughed and danced in the falling papery rain. “That’s it!” Vernon could be heard saying over the ruffling of paper “we’re going on vacation!”.

TBC Chapter 3

A/n: Thank you to everyone who reviewed and to everyone who took the time to read this fanfic.

I have a question for you guys, I want to submit a fanfic that’s a BtVS and Hannibal crossover but I have no idea where to put it, could anyone give some direction?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter The Life That Wasn't" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Apr 07.

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