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Harry Potter The Life That Wasn't

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Summary: What would happen if the Dursleys son died at an early age, and when Harry is left on their doorstep they raise him as their own? Will the Wizardry world collapse? Will the dark lord harry rule? We'll find out...

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesSioFR1522,4580175,26115 Apr 0724 Apr 07No

Chapter One: In the begining there was an end

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter literature, nor am I making any money from this fanfic…don’t sue cause you wont get anything.

Pairing: way to early to tell

Warning: possible evil or dark Harry, also possible slash ( I have never written slash before so if I take that root I may need help but that wont be for a long while yet), not beta’d

Author : Sio

Title: Harry Potter and the Life That Wasn’t

Rating: G for now but that will change (insert evil laughter here)

Summary: What would Happen if the Dursley’s son died at an early age, and when Harry is left on their door step they raise him as there own. Would the Wizardry world collapse? Would the Dark lord Harry rule? We’ll find out…



Chapter one



Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of Number four Privet Surrey were sad, very sad in fact. Their son (of which there had never been finer) was dead. The growing young boy had chocked on a too large piece of cheese. To say that these two very normal non-magical type people were devastated was a kin to saying the earth was round, completely obvious and unnecessary.



Mr. Dursley is currently a director in a business firm that sells drills and Mrs. Dursley until recently had been the neighborhoods busybody minding everyone’s business but her own. Alas their loss changed the both of them (for the better was the neighborhoods secret opinion). Mr. Dursley had been a rather large man the way an elephant is large, he’d had no neck and a very thick mustache. Since the funeral however, he’d hardly eaten anything but what his wife forced him to, and as a result the weight had literally dropped off him revealing the man that Mrs. Dursley had fallen in love with. Mrs. Dursley who had once looked as if a strong wind would send her flying was now plump (Ironically in a motherly way), the increase in weight gave her the illusion that her too long neck was not so long at all. They were now the picture perfect parents…minus the child of course.

When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley learned that Mrs. Dursley’s sister Lily Potter’s little boy had just said his first word they were furiously jealous. The ‘Perfect’ Lily Potter and her ‘perfect’ husband and child, this of course made the rift between the sisters even greater, it having already grown in difference to the two family’s philosophy on the subject of magic. The Dursley’s would be the first to ensure you that magic was fiction made up by some mad lunatic and was in no way real. The Potters on the other hand would take you on a tour of Diagon Alley, and yes while magic was sometimes mad and often ruled over or thrown about by lunatics it is in fact very real.


As was previously stated lunatics sometimes rule over magic…or try to. One such evil lunatic was Voldemort , who saw James and Lily Potter as threats. Threats to be dealt with, and when one is going to murder two rebels it is often a good idea to take out the next generation as well. So the Potter line was boomed to die.



And so Voldemort who never was one to take threats against his person lightly decided to go to the place the Potters were hiding, safe and secure in their knowledge that he would never find them. However thanks to their secret keeper he knew exactly where to find them, find and kill them. It was James who open the door to his family's doom. To James’s credit he did manage to warn his wife before Voldemort inflicted the killing curse on him. Lily who had already been up stairs putting Harry to sleep drew her wand in order to protect her child, but to no avail Voldemort entered the room as if he were death himself. One Avada Kedavra and a cooling body later Voldemort turned his sights on young Harry.



“Is it you who would be my equal? I think not!” Voldemort’s voice was like the slither of a snake across bare skin. “Avada Kedavra” he shouted flicking his wrist in a practiced motion. Just when it appeared that all hope was lost shadows gathered around Harry and the green energy of the killing curse was absorbed into the boy causing the shadows around him to grow. A blue lightening bolt shot from Harry’s body catching the extremely surprised Dark Lord Voldemort in the chest, rendering the wizard into vapor. The shadows around Harry glided away, all except one. It extended its skeletal arm towards Harry who was exceptionally quiet. The bony finger touched the boys forehead creating an energy transfer with the being, a being that Harry would eventually call a Dementor. The arm fell away from the boy revealing a lightening shaped wound.

“If you havve need of usss we will come” It said to the child, slurring the unfamiliar English words. ‘such power given off by a child, precious’ The Dementor thought was it glided from the house and into the air.


Hours later found an old wizard placing a child on the doorstep of Lily Potter’s sister Petunia Dursley a note in the child’s baby hamper explained what happened to the baby’s parents. The old Wizard Albus Dumbledore left after ringing the doorbell. In a cosmic twist of fate the letter blew away. There will be no neglect or abuse for our Harry.

The door opened and Petunia nearly fainted “Vernon! Vernon come quick!” she frantically called waking the sleeping Harry, who began to cry. Mrs. Dursley snapped into mothering mode and picked up Harry who quieted immediately.

“What is it?” asks an overtired Vernon

“It’s a baby you big lummox, check the baby basket for a letter” she ordered as she cooed to Harry between her words.

“There’s no note, love. Who would be fool enough to leave a baby outside in the middle of fall!”

“Someone who obviously doesn’t deserve a baby” she answered her husband sharply “We’re keeping the baby” Petunia stated firmly “Bring in the basket dear” she called over her shoulder as she walked into the house that had just become a home again. Poor Vernon was left on the front step scratching his head in dismay and confusion.

And so the baby was kept and he grew as all babies grow, and that as they say is that…



TBC in Chapter Two

After note: review if you’d like, …no absolute flames please, I burn easily.
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