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This story is No. 12 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Three Slayers talk about their lives before they were called. A non-song song fic!

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Chapter One

By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or the song in this fic. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: ‘Objects in the Rear View Mirror may Appear Closer Than They Are,’ by Meatloaf. Response to Challenge 416 Non-song Song Fic.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English! American idioms are used wherever possible. Spelling is English.

Timeline: Set in my Seattle Slayers reality after the events depicted in ‘I’m Willow, Fly Me’.

Words: Several.

Warnings: Some adult themes.

Summary: Three Slayers talk about their lives before they became Slayers.


Challenge 416: Non-song songfic
‘Song fics can often be very bad. I've received good reviews for song based fics that don't have the song in them.
So take a song you like, one you have the lyrics for.
Don't use the lyrics in the fic; either as lines the characters say, or as section breaks, or on the radio, or sung, etc.
Instead use the story behind the song as the story for the fic. So that the song could have been written about the story.
A crossover, if you can. Any genre, any characters, any pairings.
I would appreciate your keeping it as in canon as possible.’

Lyrics to ‘Objects in the Rear View Mirror…’ can be found at the end of Part Three.
By Dave Turner.

1: Tammy’s Story.

Willow’s Note.

Tammy was fifteen when I cast the spell to call all the Slayers. She was one of the girls that we never found, and by some fluke she never came into contact with any other Slayer in the intervening years. Somehow she made it by herself; somehow she managed to fight off the demons and vampires that were drawn to her. She had no Watcher, no Scooby’s she did it all by herself.

She was a victim of the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’, for which I shall be eternally sorry. I wonder how many other girls fought and died not knowing what I had done to them.

By chance she arrived in Seattle where she sensed Kennedy and one of the girls on patrol. She watched us for two weeks before she plucked up the courage to contact us. One night last week she knocked on our door and we were able to take her in.

Willow Rosenberg,
Spring 2008.


“I was born an’ grew up in one of those little one-horse towns in one of the mid-west states; it doesn’t matter which one. My folks an’ I lived on this farm, we raised cattle an’ stuff. I suppose we were poor but it didn’t seem like that to me when I was a kid. Everyone looked just the same to me then, you don’t start noticing the differences between people until you’re older.

I was the only girl, an’ the youngest out of six. I’m not surprised that I grew up to be a Tomboy. Plus having five big brothers was really good training for being a Slayer later on.

Our nearest neighbours were the Copper’s; they lived a couple of miles down the road. There was Ma an’ Pa Cooper an’ big sister Jenny and baby Bobby. But my main interest in the Cooper’s was Kenny, my best friend. We’d played together since…before I can remember, we went to school together, cut class together an’ got into all sorts of trouble together. You could say we were inseparable.

Then one summer when I was about thirteen or fourteen Kenny’s folks bought him an old wreck of a car. We spent all summer fixing that old junker up, an’ by Fall we actually got it running. Okay so we had to stop every few miles to do repairs but it went, an’ we were really proud of what we’d done. An’ so were our parents, not only had we put in a lot of hard work, it had kept us out of trouble for the entire Summer.

By next Spring by folks had bought me an equally clapped out old machine an’ Kenny an’ me spent the next Summer getting that back on the road. It was when we were both about fifteen that the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’ came into play. But not the way Miss Willow thinks about it.

You see, now there were two car mad teenagers with their own cars that they had built themselves an’ tinkered with, an’ made go faster than was really safe. So what would be more natural that they would start racing each other along those long lonely dusty mid-western highways?

That was a fantastic Summer, the sky was always blue and the fields looked so green, it seemed like it would never end…but of course…they always do.

I never saw what happened, an’ I wonder to this day; if I’d been there maybe I could have done something. Maybe stopped him or got him to hospital in time for them to save him…I’ll never know.

Kenny took his car out on some lonely back-road. He’d made some modification that he no doubt thought would give him a few extra miles per hour, we’ll never know for sure. The Sheriff thinks that his engine exploded and he lost control of the car. It turned on its roof an’ burst into flames.

Kenny never made it out.

Up until then I didn’t know what it was like to lose someone so close, I couldn’t understand how anyone so young could die with so much left to do, so many adventures still undone. Crashed and burned, an’ only fifteen.

Anyway, a few weeks later I was called an’ I have other things to occupy my time now. But sometimes when I’m driving late at night I look in my rear view mirror and I think I see him. Coming out of some dark side road somewhere an’ I think he’s goin’ to catch me but…he’s never really there.”

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