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Five Times Willow Met the Doctor

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Summary: The title says it all..... (Ninth Doctor/Tenth Doctor)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Willow-CenteredLylFR1552,78642815,45516 Apr 0720 Apr 07Yes

Time One

Disclaimer: I don't own either show. They belong to their respective production companies and creators.

Note: I was trying to go for a light-hearted, omnipotent POV on this one, but I don't think it worked too well in the later parts. But this needed to be written, so I'm sticking with it.


Time One

The first time Willow met the Doctor, she was running down the street, flat out and away from the vampire that was hot on her trail. She kept turning to look behind her, hoping that he was falling behind, but only finding him closer and closer. So it was no wonder she didn't see the body rushing towards her in it's own state of 'running away'.

“Oomph!” “Oy!”

Tall, male and dressed in black was all Willow was able to absorb as she fell, her arms and legs tangling with the man's. The only saving grace was that the vampire behind her didn't have time to stop, tripped over their sprawled bodies, and landed himself on a nice fence post.

As the dust rained down on them, Willow had a second to realize she was laying on top of some strange man, before the world spun and she was the one looking up.


“'Ello,” he said, a big grin crossing his face. “Fancy meeting you here.”

“Um,” She was still stunned from the fall, but managed to notice two things about the stranger. One, he sounded kinda like Giles, except different. Two, he wasn't moving off of her.

“What was that?” he asked, motioning with his head in the direction of the still-falling ash.

“Vampire.” she told him. Looking over his shoulder, any sense of relief she felt vanished. “What is that?!”

“Alien,” he told her before hauling her to her feet, grabbing her hand and running. Willow had a few questions about his sanity at that point, as he wouldn't stop smiling the entire time they ran through various cemeteries. Then he stopped at some weird blue box and pulled her inside.

“Where are we—woah....” She stopped just inside the door, looking around at the enormous room that was jammed inside a small, wooden box.

“Close the door, Willow. Don't want it gettin' in, do we?” he said from the large, round console in the middle of the impossibly large room. Willow didn't even stop to think, just closed the door before her brain jump started.

“Wait. How do you know my name? What is this place?”

“We've met before, we have,” he told her. “Well, I've met you, but you haven't met me yet.”


“Welcome to time travel, Willow Rosenberg,” he said, moving around the console, flipping switches and pulling levers as he went. “I'll just pop us in to tomorrow morning, where you'll be safe from your vampire friends, and the Balbating will have disintegrated back into the earth.”

“Huh?” she repeated, her brain trying to catch up and process what he was saying. He knew her, but she didn't know him, because they hadn't met yet, but he'd met her in her future?

Strange sounds started to come from the centre of the room, just before it started to shake. Several seconds later, it all stopped and the man came striding down the ramp to where she'd grabbed hold of the railing for stability.

Reaching over her shoulder, he pulled open the door.

“There you are. Tomorrow morning, just like I said. Now,” he said, non-to-gently pushing her out the door and in to the early morning sunshine, “go about your business, leave the alien stuff to me, and try not to be such a bother next time, all right?”

That said, he closed the door behind her, and a minute later the strange blue box made some vromp-vromp noises before disappearing.

Willow just stared in disbelief, because not even her demon-fighting friends were going to believe this one.

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