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G is for Glare

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Summary: Xander has saved Abby, and this is his reward.

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredSioFR1351,29115751,51717 Apr 0719 Aug 07Yes

S is for SHIT!!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy The Vampire Slayer or NCIS, I make no money from this little ficlet.

Author Sio


Warning: Not Beta’d


S is for SHIT!

McGee was desperately glad that the day was over. In hindsight bringing Abby that Caffpow was not the smartest thing he’d ever done. But come on! His field of study was in computers not the human body. Gibbs and Ducky had not been pleased to find a passed out Abby. Thankfully Gibbs had been distracted by the suspect and McGee had managed to slink off. McGee was under no illusions, he was in deep shit with the Boss, his punishment was only suspended. He was going to be stuck driving with Ziva, he just knew it. McGee shuddered.

Alexander Harris had been released into Riley Finns custody but Gibbs had warned him not to leave town. The warning had been accompanied by a glare that had in the past made lesser men shake, but Alexander just shrugged and asked Riley if there were any pizza places near by. Apparently Alexander he was hungry. McGee hoped Gibbs had dental coverage considering the way he’d been grinding his teeth lately.

McGee fumbled in his pockets for his bus token as he approached the bus stop. Using the streetlight for illumination. He was so busy he didn’t notice the person behind him until he was bodily pinned against the side of the bus stop. He let out a terrified yell followed by an equally terrified yelp as two twin pricks of pain gouged his throat. Still he struggled valiantly but only succeeded in ripping the wound further. McGee could feel his blood gushing out of his body. Suddenly the absence of the person pinning him made him slump forward and slide down the wall. Strong hands turned him over and applied pressure to his neck, through foggy eyes he recognized his savior, one Alexander Harris. He was just in time to hear Harris groan of ’Oh shit not again! Riley’s gonna kill me!’ before he passed out and knew no more.

The next time he woke it was to the concerned faces of Abby and the rest of his colleges. The first thought in McGee’s head was ‘This would make a great chapter in my next book.’

The END!


A/n: Yes! I’ve finally completed something, I am so proud *pats self on back* Hope you guys liked it! I’d like to thank every one again for reviewing.

On another note. I am moving! So the next week or two are gonna be crazy, I’ll try to get the next chapter of “Assistant needed” out before I have to pack up my computer. Hey! You guys can give me reviews as house warming presents! :D lol.

Thanks for reading!


The End

You have reached the end of "G is for Glare". This story is complete.

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