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A Lonely Path

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Summary: Entry to spn_btvs weekly challenge. John takes a trip to visit his baby girl in prison.

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Supernatural > Faith-CenteredChosenfireFR1311,269171,60017 Apr 0717 Apr 07Yes
Title: A Lonely Path
Author: Chosenfire
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to Kripke and Whedon and I am not making a profit off this.
Prompt: Week 5 Traveling
Word Count: 1357
Characters: John, Faith, Angel
Spoilers: BtVS season 5, Ats season 2, SPN preseries
Summary: John takes a trip to visit his baby girl in prison.

A/N: I love the character of John Winchester and while most dislike him because how he raised Dean and Sam I think he did what needed to be done, he is probably one of the hardest characters in SPN to write (at least for me anyways) and I hope I do him justice, let me know what you think and ENJOY.

As of late John Winchester didn’t have a lot of things to be proud of. He broke laws without guilt, lied without remorse, and controlled those he cared about with an iron grip expecting them to heel to his commands.

Dean was always quick to follow orders. He never questioned him, never showed any sign of weakness, he was his father’s perfect soldier through and through. John didn’t have to tell him to mind or to be careful. Dean was a damn fine hunter and anything his daddy told him to do he didn’t hesitate.

Sam was the exact opposite, always asking why wondering what the point was, the boy was smart as hell and damn difficult. He never would just let things be and he often created problems between him and Dean. Cause John had raised Dean with the belief that Sammy always came first and Sam was just stupid and made enough to make Dean choose.

Faith was a little in between. Why she willing followed orders she like things to be explained to her and she had a habit of rebelling in small annoying ways that drove him crazy.

While Sam blew up quicker than a hand grenade Faith was slow to anger and was more focused on revenge than yelling back and forth.

She had never been a difficult child though, she had cared for her family and had been just as invested in the hunt as he was, as Dean was.

That was why it had been such a shock when his baby girl was only 14 she had disappeared leaving just a note telling them she didn’t want to be found. That hadn’t stopped John though and that was why he was going 60 miles down the nearly deserted California road. He had been traveling for near on two days to reach his destination and he was tired and dirty and just a bit irritated.

A file rested on the dash of his truck pictures printed off the internet of one Faith Lehane who was serving a lifetime sentence for murder and assault.

He didn’t understand it but he intended to get answers, he needed to know how his baby girl had became the cold blooded killer the file portrayed her as. How she had reached that point in her life and why she had left.

He pulled up to the prison cutting the engine and he stared up at the gray high walls and pulled various guns and knives off his body.

It was time.


Angel smiled softly his eyes at peace as Faith laughed. He knew it was a rare sound and he let himself absorb the moment knowing that with her laughter was few and far between. His eyes moved over her features noting her pale complexion and the small cut by her right eye.

He should ask but Angel knew she would shrug it off, it was a small cut but Angel knew that that small cut meant someone else was probably still bleeding barely alive, it took a lot to touch this Slayer and Angel was once again reminded of the precarious position Faith was in.

She was seeking redemption but it was so hard to find in a place that worked against it.

“So I’ll see you next week?” Angel sighed knowing that his time was up, it was a long ride back to L.A when he had work to do.

“Like clock work.” Faith grinned and Angel gave her a quick nod before rising.

A familiar scent teased his tenses, one so like the woman behind the glass in front of him but so distinctly different. He turned slowly and his eyes locked with cold brown eyes. He was in his fifties and the way he moved spoke of a man who had never spent his time behind a desk. Angel knew he was a Hunter.

He knew exactly who this man was and why he was here.

“John Winchester.” he murmured softly as the man approached taking in the way his eyes scanned the area immediately taking everything and everyone one in assessing potential threats and situations.

“Who the hell are you?’ Winchester demanded and Angel gave him a cold smile “I’m a friend of your daughters.” Angel turned back to Faith his voice calm but full of so much meaning “Will you be alright?”

“I’ll be fine.” Faith reassured him with a brittle smile her eyes moving to lock with her father’s brown on brown and he saw a flash of pain cross her face before it was replaced by a familiar smirk “Five by five big guy, now go.”

Angel nodded and passed by Winchester a part of himself that was deeply buried feeling glee when the man flinched. He took comfort in knowing that Faith’s father was smart enough to recognize a true demon.


John watched the man go then turned back to his daughter settling his frame into the hard metal chair picking up the black phone and pressing it cautiously to his ear. “So now a days you’re friends with demons?” John asked bluntly hardening his heart as he saw his little girl behind the glass. She was older and there was an edge that hadn’t been there six years ago.

“Well what can I say,” Faith replied dryly “I like to live dangerously.”

John grimaced “So I’ve noticed.” Referring to the prison his daughter now called home.

“I’m not really in the mood for sarcasm so just cut to the chase and tell me why your here.” Her eyes bore into his stark and devoid of hope. She knew what she was and why she was here. She had never expected him to catch up with her.

Had never wanted him to.

Her time with her family had represented that most normal and functional part of her life and it hurt to be reminded of that. Of what she had walked away from cause they Council had old her that if she stayed her family would be killed, because of her.

She had done a lot of stupid things but that had been the first and given the fact that with that action she had set herself on the path that had lead to the bars that couldn’t keep her in.

“I wanted to know how this happened?” John told her softly his voice breaking as he let down his guard just a little bit.

Faith stared at him and a sad smile touched her lips “Things just happen, its no ones fault, it sucks but that's the way it is. It’s a little too late to moan and bitch about it.” Her father, her family, they hunted spirits, lesser demons, things that they could handle. She couldn’t tell him about the other things that were out there, things they couldn’t find and would just end up getting killed trying to, and she knew they would try.

If they knew what evil was out there they would try to get rid of it.

Maybe someday but right now, she wasn’t exactly in a position to ease them into it and in the long run a lie would be better than the truth. Her father might think she was a killer, think she had turned into a monster but hell everyone else did.

This was the way she could protect him.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Lonely Path". This story is complete.

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