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Unsisterly Affection

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Summary: They know it's wrong. They know there's no future for their relationship. That doesn't seem to stop them, though. Madison/Vida Rocca

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Mystic Force(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR1859,0891256,35017 Apr 0712 Feb 08No

Truth and Lies

Joe's Note: To shadowcub and anyone else who's tetchy because Madison and Vida are still seeing their respective others, that was the plan for the story no matter what. All I was asking for an opinion on was how the jealous love square resolved itself.

     Feeling the rough brick wall bite into her back, Madison squealed into Vida's mouth as she came, her sister's fingers buried inside her. While she'd failed to nudge Vida into staking a public claim on her by dating Kira, she'd definitely made her sister jealous. It'd given their play a few new facets, including Vida's burning, constant need to prove she was better. Which, at the moment, meant she was pinned to the wall with her legs around her sister's waist as Kira continued her concert inside, completely oblivious.

     Letting her tongue tangle with Vida's, Madison ran her fingers through short, pink hair and then tugged it hard to break the kiss. "C'mon, I recognize this song. The set's almost over. I need to get back in there or Kira's going to freak out."

     "And of course we wouldn't want to freak her out, freak her out, freak out…" Vida smirked and leaned back in, biting Madison's lower lip and tugging it gently before releasing it. Madison let out a little whine as her body began to respond, never one to turn down an opportunity for more of Vida's attention. Vida, teasing little minx that she was, compounded things by slowly slipping her fingers out of Madison and bringing them up to her lips, making a show of slowly and thoroughly licking them clean. "You sure you don't want to stay out here and play? I've had to keep Tori at arm's length for a week now, ever since a certain someone left a bite mark on my thigh…"

     Madison rolled her eyes before giving Vida a quick peck on the lips. "I'll stop biting your thigh when you stop begging me to do it."

     Chuckling, Vida leaned in to press a trail of kisses down Madison's neck and chest. "Gee, I wonder where I got the idea that being bitten was fun…" Using her chin to push one side of her sister's tank top down, Vida sank her teeth into the soft flesh of the brunette's breast. Madison gasped and grabbed at Vida's head again, holding it in place as she began to suck hard on the captured flesh. Eventually, Vida pulled up and gave her an impish grin. "Hmm?"

     "That's evil. Evil evil evil." Madison knew exactly why Vida had done it, too; usually, a nice bite or two would wind her up to the point where she was willing to put whatever she was doing on hold to finish playing. Not tonight, though. "But I still need to get back inside before the concert ends. Now lemme down." That earned her a pout, but Madison wouldn't be deterred. "If you don't let me down and I end up with Kira pissed at me, you're sleeping in your own bed until her and I patch things back up."

     After another moment of pouting that Madison still failed to fold to, Vida sighed and took a step back. Madison let her legs unwind and dropped to her feet. "You're so mean to me."

     "And you love it." Running her hands over her body, Madison quickly straightened her clothes and then ran her fingers through her hair. While she wasn't the kind of girl who paid a great deal of attention to her appearance, she didn't want to go wandering around looking like she just rolled out of bed. Turning back to her sister, she pressed a quick kiss to Vida's lips. "Why don't you treeport home and I'll see you when we're done here."

     Vida opened her mouth to say something, but then shut it and nodded. The two were silent as they walked back around the front of the Cyberspace Café. Pausing, Vida looked like she wanted to say something and Madison waited, but nothing was forthcoming. The pink-haired girl placed one hand against a slim tree and with a flash of pink light, disappeared into the magical realm.

     Turning to the doors, Madison slipped back inside.

     Kira's eyes narrowed as she spied her girlfriend sneaking back into the café, trying her best to look inconspicuous at the back of the crowd. Fat chance of that. Especially given that she'd snuck out with Vida, whose pink puffball of hair made her pretty much impossible to miss. Something was going on, and Kira had a really bad feeling about whatever Madison was keeping from her.

     The fact that Vida was involved gave Kira some idea what it might be. Especially given that Madison tended to turn up with odd bruises on her body every once in a while, and most of them were associated with times when she and Vida ducked off with little warning and flimsy excuses upon returning. It was so obvious, Kira was a bit ashamed it'd taken her over two weeks to figure it out: they were off being Power Rangers again in the magical realm and fighting monsters. After that just pissed her the hell off. She wasn't helpless; her Dino Gem had somehow begun to recharge itself from spending time in the presence of the two magical sisters and she could morph again, and the same was true of Tori. They could both help if something was going on… if the damn sisters would just admit they had a problem.

     Putting down her guitar, Kira stepped off the stage and started to make her way toward the back of the room. Here and there, she had to pause and shake hands or accept praise from random fans, but she didn't let it deter her. Finally, she made it to Madison and grabbed her girlfriend's hands, tugging her into the corner. "What the hell was that?"

     "Hmm?" Madison did her best to look innocent, failing miserably. It was one of the things Kira rather liked about their relationship; they generally tried to avoid telling even white lies because they both sucked miserably at it. How she would have survived if her parents were attentive enough to notice all her disappearances and bruises during her time as an active Ranger, she had no idea. "What was what?"

     Kira sighed. "Your disappearing act. Halfway through my set, your sister shows up and the two of you ran off." Madison just kept trying to look innocent and Kira crossed her arms over her chest, scowling. "I know what's going on."

     Fear entered Madison's eyes as her jaw dropped. "You… you do?"

     "What, do you think I'm an idiot?" Something caught Kira's eye and she looked around to make sure nobody would see before tugging down on the neckline of Madison's baby blue tank top. There, marring Madison's tanned skin, was a dark, circular bruise. "You and Vida disappearing together… the bad excuses… the strange bruises… you're fighting monsters again, aren't you?"

     Madison sighed and looked… relieved? "Not… quite? The magical realm is just like ours… you have good people and bad people. Lately, there have been a few bad people popping up. More like common criminals than monsters like you and I know them, but still enough to be a pain. I have a responsibility to the mers, and so when they ask me to come help… I kinda have to."

     Well Kira could certainly understand the sentiment. It was the same thing that drove her back when Mesogog was making his weekly attacks on Reefside and kept her from having the crisis of faith that Connor suffered. She had power, she had people who relied on her, and so she had a responsibility to protect them.

     The only problem was that she knew Madison had just fed her a load of bullshit. A magnificent, self-sacrificing load of bullshit… but bullshit nonetheless. But that just made things even more confusing, because if she could say she was fighting monsters and it was a lie… and she knew better than to lie because she couldn't lie to save her life… then what the hell was actually going on?

     The bruise… if Kira didn't know better, she'd swear it was a hickey. But Madison couldn't be cheating on her. Between the time she spent training with Tori, their couple-y time together, and the jaunts she took with Vida, Madison just didn't have the time to have a secret second girlfriend somewhere. Besides, she and Vida were friends. Kira was sure that if Madison was cheating on her, Vida would be nice enough to clue her in even if the two were sisters.

     Unless she didn't know, of course. Come to think of it… Tori would make the perfect person for Madison to cheat with. Dates would just be referred to as 'training visits', bruises could be explained away as the results of punches and kicks being exchanged, and Tori would have a vested interest in making sure Vida didn't find out about the two of them. After all, her own relationship would be on the line.

     Except according to Madison, Tori had asked about Vida's sexuality and been intending to ask her out in the first place. If she wanted Madison, the blonde could have tried to initiate the affair without the mess of bringing the other Rocca sister into the picture. So, as much as it potentially explained, it was also highly unlikely.

     That left Kira back at square one: her girlfriend was behaving oddly, had strange bruises, and had taken up lying. As much as the situation ate at her, though, causing a great big scene in the middle of the Cyberspace Café would just make her look bad, especially if this was just something small that Madison didn't feel like confiding in a girl she'd only been dating for two months. "Just… I worry about you. I don't want you to get hurt, Madison. I love you."

     "I love you too." Madison leaned in and Kira instinctively wrapped her arms around her girlfriend as they kissed. There were the standard catcalls and wolf-whistles that Kira was now used to from immature boys (and it was a constant reminder as to why she liked girls better), and as Kira was about to close her eyes, she saw a flash of pink. Vida? Pulling back to check, she found nothing. "Kira? What's wrong?"

     Kira took a moment to look around and not only failed to produce Vida, but couldn't even find anything pink in the room that might have caught her attention. She shook her head. "Nothing. Thought I saw something, but I was wrong. My brain must still be fuzzy from Madison withdrawal."

     Chuckling, Madison leaned down again. "I think I can help you with that."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unsisterly Affection" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Feb 08.

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