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Unsisterly Affection

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Summary: They know it's wrong. They know there's no future for their relationship. That doesn't seem to stop them, though. Madison/Vida Rocca

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Mystic Force(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR1859,0891256,35017 Apr 0712 Feb 08No

Unsisterly Affection

Title: Unsisterly Affection
Author: JoeHundredaire
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Madison Rocca/Vida Rocca
Disclaimer: Don't own the Power Rangers and am too damn white to own the original sentai. Not mine, in other words.
Summary: They know it's wrong. They know there's no future for their relationship. That doesn't seem to stop them, though.
Dedications: To NightyNightUK, whose vehement 'my bad characterization is okay because I'm a lesbian' defense made me reach deep into the abyss that is my mind and pull out the most utterly bizarre and warped femmeslash pairing I could think of. But I'm not a lesbian. Guess that means it's not okay…
Joe's Note: This first chapter is going to seem familiar to most of you; it's only slightly altered from the original, since I thought I did fairly well on it the first time around. Chapter Two will be partially familiar and then dip off into new territory.

     Sometimes, lying in bed with the warm form of her sister curled against her body, Madison Rocca wondered what the hell she was thinking, doing something like this. It wasn't like this was just some weird little American cultural quirk she was disobeying; that if they lived in England or France or Australia or Canada that it'd be okay and everyone could have a good giggle about how uptight the silly Americans were. Unless you got out into the third world, having sex with one's sibling was pretty much universally frowned on. If anyone ever found out… she didn't even want to think about the repercussions.

     The main problem was the doubts only popped into her head once in a while. Like now, when she was lying naked with her sister in her arms, fresh from another dream about a future that would never… could never happen. There was no house with a white picket fence in their future, no dog and two children to make their perfect little suburban life complete. She wouldn't be able to wear a white dress and have her father walk her down the aisle. That sort of normalcy was a life she'd never know.

     Most of the time, though, she just couldn't seem to care.

     It had started just after the Master was defeated. With their secret identities well and truly blown by the final battle, they'd become instant celebrities. Chip found himself buried under more female attention than he could shake a stick at and quite happy with the situation. Xander, on the other hand, used his newfound fame to funnel traffic into the Rock Porium and the music shop had been catapulted to heights of success Toby had probably never even imagined. Nick was just… gone.

     Like Chip and Xander, neither of the Rocca sisters had really maintained a circle of friends beyond the Rock Porium. Madison had a few friends interested in cinematography, Vida had a girls she hung out with to talk about music with, and that was it. And so like Chip and Xander, there'd been no retreat for them when the crush of fame hit, all the friends who'd sorta disappeared when they graduated high school were back and treating them like nothing had changed… like they hadn't gone two years in most cases without any contact. Unlike the two boys, though, neither really wanted or cared about the attention, not finding any great value in crowds of new agers who wanted to know about being a 'real witch' or just were flat out Power Ranger groupies. So that left them with each other.

     That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, though. They were the kind of sisters who got along, not ones who liked to pick fights over stupid things just to irritate the other. So when they weren't working, Madison and Vida went to the movies, took a few day trips up and down the coast, and spent time exploring the magical realm together.

     When her conscience actually resurfaced for increasingly brief periods of time, it was the magical realm that Madison blamed for getting her into this situation.

     Seeing as how they were the Chosen Ones in the magical realm, it made them just as big of celebrities as in the human realm. And so, over Madison's protesting, it was very easy for Vida to acquire sprite-made wine on a regular basis. One night, the two had found themselves sprawled out in front of a campfire near Root Core, drinking and complaining about men. Vida had complained about Chip of all people, and Madison had thrown in her two cents about Nick and his decision to just run off on her. One topic had lead to another, and then Madison had found herself confessing she'd never even been kissed. Vida saw only one solution to that problem.

     She kissed Madison.

     Madison, despite every alarm going off in her alcohol-fuzzed mind, kissed Vida back.

     Five months later, here they were. The kiss hadn't been some sort of grand revelation that turned both of their lives into happy, albeit incestuous, little paradises. Far from it; the two hadn't been able to look each other in the eye for a week after. But they got over the awkwardness and things went back to normal. Then they kissed again. And then a third time. After a while, they just stop fighting and gave in.

     Reaching down, Madison pressed her fingers into the gaps between Vida's ribs and gently scraped her nails over her sister's skin. Vida let out a mewling little whine and shivered before wiggling even closer to Madison. The brunette smiled and repeated the action, and was rewarded by her sister's eyes popping open. "Morning."

     "What do you want?" Vida let out another whine and rolled over to present her back to Madison, staring at the alarm clock on Madison's nightstand. "It's… ten in the morning. That's like, ungodly early." Even though they both shared an ability to be almost fully awake within seconds, Vida seemed to enjoy bitching no matter how long she got to sleep. Little games like this had become part of their morning routine, as long as they had the time to spare.

     Laughing, Madison wrapped her arm around Vida's waist and gave her a little squeeze. "We're supposed to go up to Reefside today. Remember? You and Kira were going to do… something musical that makes my head hurt when you try to explain things to me?"

     Vida let out a little snort before reaching back with one hand to rub Madison's bare hip. "It's really not that complicated. Kira and I are planning to…" Madison let out a loud, fake snore and Vida pinched the brunette's hip. "Brat. No wonder you're stuck with me. Nobody else wants to put up with your secret immature side."

     "Yes, and none of the guys in town want to date a girl more masculine than they are." Madison reached up to tousle Vida's bright pink hair, causing her sister to squirm and bat at her hands. "Guess we're just stuck with each other."

     Rolling over to face Madison again, Vida smirked. "Guess so. Now come on… we've wasted so much time, I think we're going to need to share a shower so that we're not late." Pressing her lips to Madison's briefly, Vida slid out of bed and hurried over to the dresser. One perk of their odd relationship: not only were they similar sizes and could share clothes, but their parents didn't seem to find anything weird about their clothes turning up in each others' rooms.

     Madison stretched languidly before sitting up on the bed, the sheets sliding down to pool around her waist. The look in Vida's eyes and the way her sister licked her lips made Madison smile. Even after five months, it was nice to be reminded that she was attractive. "Vida, we need to be there at three. Driving takes two hours. Unless you're planning to take a three hour shower, I'm pretty sure we have plenty of time to use the bathroom separately."

     "Shhhhhh. You're not supposed to realize that, sis." Holding up a mixed pink and blue pile of clothes, Vida grinned. "Now come on. I'll even help you wash your hair if you hurry up."

     That wasn't playing fair, damnit. They always bantered back and forth before Madison agreed… but there was something almost indecently pleasurable about feeling someone else's fingers working through the tangles in her hair and massaging her scalp. It was like skipping the barter stage and showing the merchant a case with a million dollars inside. She couldn't argue with an offer like that. "Deal." Sliding out of bed, Madison paused before grabbing her Mystic Wand off the nightstand. Now that they were out to the world, there was no need to hide it as a phone anymore… and she'd feel pretty odd dragging a cell phone into the shower with her. Besides, there were all kinds of interesting things one could do with a steady stream of water and a bit of elemental magic…

     Vida noticed the action and licked her lips again before darting forward to grab Madison's wrist. Laughing, the brunette let her eager sister pull her out of her room and across the hall into the bathroom.

     It was wrong. The relationship had no future. They both knew it.

     But the present sure was fun.
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