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The White Knight and the Devil's Rider

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Summary: A skeleton with a flaming bike appears one night during Xander's patrol.

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Marvel Universe > Ghost RiderManyNamedChibiFR1375,99338133,51018 Apr 0727 Jan 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Who the Hell 're You?

Wow! This was my shortest story and it got the most reviews so far. Thank you so much to all of my reviews and thanks to ya'll I've decided to make this a full blown story. There might be light slash as thats what the picture was intended to inspire but its still too early to tell. I will say that this will have influence from both the movie and comics but most of the influence will come from the movie.

Once again I do NOT own the Buffy or Ghost Rider characters. (though again I shamelessly say- I WANT HIS BIKE!!!!!!)

Other warnings: This does have bitchy Buffy and Ripper!Giles in it. If you don't like it,you may flame me if you wish, but please do not ruin the reading for others.

Thank you and Enjoy.


Johnny groaned softly as he began to hear voices, both shrill and deep, on the edge of his awareness. Since he had no idea where he was, experience told him to be quite and listen.

“Xander’s luck strikes again! How did it happen this time?” said a female in a long suffering voice. The voice reminded him of a valley girl.

“I told you, Buffy. I was on patrol and this skeleton came up behind me. It looked the demon in the eye and said ‘guilty’. Then it looked at me and- poof- back to a man. The guy said ‘innocent’ and then collapsed. I couldn’t leave him out there, not at dawn.” explained a voice that made Johnny shiver. It had been a long time since a voice could affect him like that. It was a voice that held power over his other side. Johnny spared a brief sadness for the last one who could hold him in his place, his Roxanne. She had left when things became too hard and he didn’t really blame her- fighting the devil’s rejects (as he had come to call them) was tough.

An older voice brought him back to the conversation. “Yes. Well, I still don’t see why you had to bring him here, Xander.” The man who said it sighed. He sounded strange and Johnny had to reach through his flame-encrusted mind to realize that the voice spoke with a British accent.

“Two reason Giles,” the powerful voice replied.

“Oi, an’ what’re they, Whelp?” asked another, younger British voice when the man hesitated in answering.

“Yeah, Xander. I think we all really want to know these ‘reasons’ of yours.” The valley girl agreed. Johnny could almost hear the air quotes she put around ‘reasons’.

In the short silence that followed, a thought struck Johnny. ‘So the one with the powerful voice is Xander… I wonder if that’s short for Alexander… powerful name for a powerful voice… it would fit.’ He was again brought back to reality- this time by Xander’s voice.

“I don’t know how to ride a bike and Giles’ place was the closest. Besides I knew there was a meeting tonight.”

“Xander, there is a meeting tonight but why bring him here? My house is only just farther than Giles and he would have at least had a room to sleep in. It would be a better option than leaving him on the couch.” Another female spoke. Johnny knew this one held power, but not the same as Xander’s.

“Well I didn’t exactly know that emo-princess over there was going to choose to crash here today, did I?” Xander defended.

“Wot you call me, Whelp?” the younger Brit said as the two females scolded the man.

Johnny heard someone else in the room snort. He though it came from the direction of the older Brit. “Your reasons have merit, Xander, but do refrain from insulting people while they are staying in my house.”

Johnny cracked an eye open just enough to see the dark-haired man from the night before raise an eyebrow at an older gentleman. “Nice to see you’ve decided to play, Ripper. Care to tell what you think about what’s going on, eh?”

Riper chuckled darkly, “I think the hunk you deposited on my couch is waking up.”

Johnny slightly stiffened when he felt the eyes of the others coming up to him. His eye cracked open the rest of the way as the dark haired man came over to the edge of the couch and looked down at him with a smile. “Morning.” He rasped before groaning and shutting his eye again.

After several minutes he felt someone lift him up and hold a glass to his mouth. Johnny tensed slightly before gulping the cool water as soon as it touched his lips. The glass was removed and the hands holding him slowly let him back down to the ground. Johnny set his hands on the couch beneath him and pushed himself into a sitting position before opening his eyes to look at the man who was holding a glass of water in his hand. Behind him was a red haired woman and against the wall opposite of them leaned a woman and a man, both blond. The elder gentleman had moved to sit in the chair on the opposite end of the couch and was wearing a grin that would have scared Johnny if they had met ten or fifteen years earlier.

The dark haired man cleared his throat and Johnny brought his attention back to his captivating aura. “Here.” The man said and handed Johnny the glass. “My name is Xander. This is Willow. Sitting down over there is Giles. And the two against the wall are Buffy and Spike. How are you?”

“He means who are you?” Buffy spoke up as she and Xander traded a glare.

“I feel like my head’s on fire, but I’m fine thanks.” Johnny told Xander ignoring Buffy’s interruption. This just caused the elder man, Giles, to grin wider. This time Johnny almost shivered, thankful he wasn’t on the receiving end.

“Well, your head was on fire, last night. Thanks for that, by the way.” Xander leaned in conspiratorially, “Between you and me, I think that demon wanted to go the way of some of my old ex-girlfriends.”

Willow behind him began laughing and took the empty glass from Johnny’s hand. “Yeah and that would have not been of the good for Xander. He’s been almost eaten by more creatures than the rest of us put together. More water?” she asked him. Johnny nodded and she looked at the glass. Johnny gasped as the glass began to fill with water that poured out of the air. “It’s ok. It’s safe. I’m a wiccan. We don’t believe in using our powers to hurt.”

Johnny studied her closely before nodding. Zarathos* was telling him that she didn’t mean any harm and was not evil- and Xander defiantly wasn’t. Giles was more like a dark being, but not evil. The two blonds one the other hand…

“So what’s your name?” Xander asked him, once again breaking Johnny from his train of thought.

“And what are you?” Buffy spoke up from her corner where she was sulking- at least, that’s what Johnny thought she was doing.

“Buffy…” Giles warned. He was cut short by Spike adding.

“I think that’s what I wanna know too, Watcher.”

Johnny held up a hand when Xander and Willow bristled at Spike tone. “That fine. My name’s Johnny Blaze. I used to be a motorcycle stunt rider a few years back. Now I spend my days traveling and let Zarathos take over at night.”

“Zarathos?” This time, it was Willow who looked at him with suspicion.

“He’s the- well, demon- that takes over in the presence of night and evil. I was what’s known as the Devil’s Ghost Rider. I stopped working for him a while back.”

Giles raised an eyebrow but never stopped grinning. “You were the last to turn from his influence?”

“Actually no, that was my brother, Daniel. I quit in the late seventies. Before us, the last one was Caretaker, Carter Slade.”

“I thought he was the Phantom Rider…” Giles trailed off, leaving the idea for Johnny to finish and the rest of the room confused.

Johnny shook his head. “The only difference was our rides. I have Grace, he rode a horse.”

“Grace?” Xander asked him.

“My bike.” Johnny said bluntly. He shook his head as he suddenly found himself overcome with tiredness. The long ride he had driven to get here had been tiring. He was thankful that Zarathos had covered most of it. For some reason, Zarathos was able to push Johnny’s body past what Johnny himself could do. Figuring he could ask where he was when he woke, Johnny eased himself back down to lie on the couch. He closed his eyes and quickly fell into an exhausted sleep.


*Zarathos was the name of the demon that Mephisto merged with Blaze’s soul during the original Ghost Rider arc in 1972. Johnny’s brother, Daniel Ketch, was later turned into a rider as well, but not until the 90’s and his soul was merged with the spirit of Nobel Kale. The information of the comics was obtained from wikipedia (which I also do not own) and can be found there at any time.
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