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Crossing Paths

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Summary: Throw together a little sister with the best intentions, an ex-super villain nerd with the know-how of raising demons, and one mysterious magic amulet and Buffy’s got trouble from a whole ‘nother world.

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Crossing Paths

Disclaimer: I do not own the people from the Anitaverse mentioned in this story, nor the ones from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I make no profit from this story, save for the inflation of my ego that good reviews provide me. *hinthint*

Author’s notes: My first crossover fic ever! Yea! Only for the challenge, man. I chose to do a Buffy/Anita crossover, but to put a semi-newish spin on the old premise, I’m going to be placing it in the Buffy Universe. It’s set a few months after NiC in the Anitaverse and probably a little while after Storyteller in the Buffyverse.

Rules of the Challenge: Story must include 1.) 2 characters from each world, 2.) A car blowing up, 3.) A main character rolling his/her eyes along with a dramatic sigh, 4.) A magic amulet, 5.) A cream pie, 6) Moonlight, 7.) Someone searching for a pen, 8.) Main character saying "carpe diem", 9.) A reference to a well-known horror movie, and 10.) A Volkswagen.

Crossing Paths

Prologue: "Up Ahead In The Distance, I Saw A Shimmering Light"

The room was dark as always and the five candles gave very little light. The blond boy stared at the amulet in his hand, murmuring the incantation carved on it to himself over and over to get the feel for the strange words. He was very good with demon languages, but this one was so old, for the first time in a long time he wasn't sure he could read it properly. There was going to be Hell to pay if he messed up this spell.

From the top of the stairs, a high, girlish voice whispered, "Andrew, I've got it!" A girl around high school age came bounding down the stairs like one much younger, clenching a bloodied rag in her hand. "It was so incredibly easy. All I had to do was tell Buffy that I was helping changing her bandages. Then she said that she had to take off for work or something."

"You know that if anything goes wrong, I'm the one she's going to kill, right?" The boy took the dirty cloth, looking a little disgusted, and placed it in the middle of the symbol drawn on the ground. He was careful to avoid stepping on the lines of the figure; chalk rubbed away so easily.

"Don't worry, Andrew." The girl sat on the last step of the staircase and watched as Andrew positioned himself to begin the summoning. He paused a second and threw her a worried glance.

"Are you sure we're doing the right thing, Dawn?" he asked one last time. "I mean, what if I got the translation wrong and some evil monster for another dimension comes and eats us up of something?"

Dawn rolled her eyes with a dramatic sigh. She'd been repeating herself all night, yet it appeared that her words had failed to sink into Andrew's head. Guess what they said about blond was true. "Then at least the First doesn't get the satisfaction of finishing off itself. C'mon, Andrew. Spike's gonna be coming down for his nightly cancer development any minute."

Andrew gulped at the truth in Dawn's words and shut his eyes as he steeled himself to do the task.

* * * * *

Anita Blake sat in her living room feeling absolutely miserable. When she'd asked Richard to come over for an hour to talk about the things that had happened between them, she hadn't expected Jean-Claude to show up. He'd already explained everything to her over the phone. However, he'd insisted that it was important for him to be present when they introduced the possibility of breaking up their tri. While it'd been difficult for her, Anita conceded the point and allowed Jean-Claude to stay. Handling Jean-Claude and Richard in the same room might have been hard, but Anita was half-way sure she could handle it. Until Micah and Nathaniel suddenly came in minutes before she was expecting Richard. Why of all days did their have to have all the good luck that had gotten them home five times faster than usual?

Now Richard sat on her couch, giving Micah the most dangerous death glare she'd ever seen him use on another living creature. He still wasn't comfortable with the fact that Anita had found another lover and Micah should have taken the hint, but he wouldn't leave Anita's side. Because she didn't want to give in to Richard's manly ego's displeasure at seeing another guy with his ex by telling him to leave herself, Anita allowed him to stay. He was the one who lived in the house after all. Jean-Claude seemed as at home with the tension in the room as he did where ever he went and it was driving Anita crazy. She hated the way he somehow managed to remain so cool every time they dealt with Richard since their marriage of the marks.

Stephen and Gregory were helping Nathaniel in the kitchen put away the food they'd brought, quietly glancing back at their leaders every now and then. Richard had brought them along, saying that he'd promised Stephen he'd drive him and Gregory to work that night. It put a time constraint on the meeting that Anita didn't like in the slightest. And time was only ticking away faster as the two alpha lycanthropes continued to pull male toughness bullsh**.

"Look," I finally said. "We are obviously not going to get anything done today. Why don’t you just leave, Richard?"

"Fine," he huffed, breaking eye contact at the same time as Micah. He got up and called the twins who obediently came forward.

"Micah, I need coffee. Now," she groaned, rubbing at her aching temples. Micah rose to get her a cup, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

Scowling darkly, Richard got his jacket from the closet, handing Stephen and Gregory theirs, too. He stopped in front of the door, looking back over his shoulder at Anita and Jean-Claude sprawled on the couches. Why Anita looked so tired as Jean-Claude managed relaxed was something he could never figure out. They were positioned nearly identically. Seeing her weariness caused a small swell of shame to rise in Richard and he was walking over to her before he knew it. Knowing how hard it was for her to talk to him when he towered over her, he knelt down.


Whatever he was going to say was lost as a bright light radiating from the floor filled the room. Crying out in surprise, Richard instinctively pulled Anita from the couch, the spot where the light originated from, but it followed them as he made for the door. Cursing up a storm, Anita was too disoriented to fight his hold. A shape burned into the ground under not only Richard and Anita, but the twins and Jean-Claude, who’d removed himself from the couch to stop Richard from panicking. Micah and Nathaniel came bolting out of the kitchen, but a blast of power and light threw them from the symbol on the ground and, when they’d recovered enough to investigate what had happened, the rest of the people in the house were gone.
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