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Mini Scoobs Redux

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Summary: Response to the Mini Scoobs in Space Challenge by littleoldme. Some yuckiness in the beginning.

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Firefly > Xander-CenteredFlitShadowflameFR1331,9372388,58221 Apr 071 Jul 07No


Crossover with Firefly- same tune, different show.

At some point in the BtVS canon (either directly post-Chosen, or set at a specific point in seasons 1-7), one or more BtVS characters is pulled through a time portal- 500 years in the future. They land on Serenity. The catch? The character(s) has traveled forward in time, but somehow, the aging process has been reversed, and they land on Serenity as a small child.

At least one, and no more than four Scoobies are sucked into the time portal.

The scooby in question must be a child both physically and mentally, though if you would prefer, you can arrange it so that they have some of their adult memories and some of their adult mental capacities as well, so long as their childlike instincts are in conflict with whatever adult characteristics you give them.

The scooby's biological age being somewhere between four and ten. Or if you really want to write pre-teen drama, up to twelve would be acceptable.

The child deliberately annoying/picking on Jayne

The child having whatever powers he or she had before the time portal, but magnified somewhat by the journey

The child identifying one male and one female person on the crew in parental-type roles

Chaos aboard Serenity!

As much River as possible.

Mal and Simon dealing with the kiddos as much as possible!

The above challenge is as described in the summary. I own nada.


Xander didn't know how he'd gotten here, but he knew he wasn't in immediate danger. His dad wasn't around - no one was around, actually. He heard someone clanking on the metal floor and looked around for a place to hide. If he wasn't in trouble, he'd come out. If he was, or if the person looked bad...

That'll work, he grinned as he ducked in a secret compartment. The grating had slipped sideways a bit, so it was easy to pull off, and the holes meant he could both pull it back on quickly and see who was out and about.

The walker - a thin, warmly-dressed man - came down the metal stairs and seemed to patrol the vast cavern. He checked on each of the crates, nodded sometimes, and walked back to the stairs. Xander almost came out when he saw the man's face in profile and stopped still. He scooted back in the small nook, hoping he wouldn't be seen. He wasn't sure why, but the man's face reminded him of pain, migraine headaches, and crying girls.

It wasn't until after the man left that Xander realized one of his eyes wasn't working. He tried to push it open, but encountered fabric instead of eyeball. Weird. He didn't think it was Halloween, and his mommy hadn't let him get the pirate costume last time... he pushed away the eye-patch, but still couldn't see.

He expected resistance when he prodded around for his eye. Finding none, he tried pushing deeper, operating under a tragic, childish certainty that his eye was in the socket somewhere, he just had to find it. All he found was something gooey an inch or so in, and pain when he pressed harder.

Xander hugged his knees and didn't cry. "Boys don't cry," that's what his daddy told him all the time, so Xander didn't cry.

But he wanted to.

It must have been hours before someone else came into the cavern of crates - two someones, a lithe redhead and a powerful-looking brunette. Xander set down the grate quietly and came closer to hear their conversation - they felt much nicer than the man from before, even if the brunette was dressed a little alike.

They looked so...nice. Maybe it was wishful thinking, maybe it was repressed memories, but he had always wanted nice, steady adult influences in his life, and this could be his last chance.

"Mommy! Daddy!" he yelled.

Four year olds don't have much in the way of vocabulary.
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