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Summary: Buffy wakes up 1300 years in the future and finds herself cast in an unfamiliar role: Saviour. Literally.

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Xander 3:16

Author’s Note: A little heresy brightens up every day, don’t you think? This breaks off in early season 6. This is an older story I'm just posting here.

Disclaimer: The Buffy characters were created by Joss Whedon. This universe, Terrin Madsen, Lovell, Roper Sturtgaard and August were created by me. The New Testament was written by human beings somewhere around 1950-1900 years ago. Whether they were inspired by God depends entirely on your beliefs.


“. . . And Buffy Summers so loved the world and the people in it, that for them she gave up the joys of heaven.” Xander 3:16

In the beginning was the word. And the word was of them, and the word was said by them.

It was chanted by four young women, in the ruins of an ancient church, whose roof had long since fallen away. Two had red hair, two blonde, and as they chanted the words they sprinkled a powder onto a fire. They wore identical gray hooded cloaks.

Then an explosion knocked them all backwards. As they dusted themselves off and stood up, they saw the results of their efforts, standing in the middle of a now extinguished fire. The empty church was lit only by the moon.

And boy, was it pissed. “What the hell?”

“It worked!” One of the redheads said. “It actually worked!”

One of the blondes said, “I wasn’t even sure she really existed.”

“Oh, I exist alright,” she said. “And unless someone tells me how I got here –“

All four came up and bowed as one. The first redhead said, “Buffy Summers?”

“Yeah. And you are?”

The redhead jumped up and down excitedly. “I’m Rose.” She pointed to the other redhead first, then the blondes. “That’s Hacker, that’s Mikki, that’s Maddie. We’re, well, we’re willows, and we just brought you from the past!”

“I’m not entirely sure,” the one called Maddie said. “We’ve been fooled before. Remember when we got that actress?”

“Would you like me to prove it by staking you?” Buffy said, irritably. “And – willows?”

“We cast spells,” Rose said. “Yes, we’re named after HER. The great Willow, from whom all magicks flow.” Something was twisted here. Even the moon looked off – slightly red.

Buffy backed slowly away from the four spellcasters, until she was up against the church’s wall. “What the HELL is going on here? Where am I?”

“Not where, when. It’s 1398 PB,” Hacker said shyly. “Um, that’d be 3379 the way you measure time. Only now, because of her holiness –“ she practically spat out that word – “We don’t measure time that way anymore. Now we measure it from the date of your birth.”


But Buffy’s questions would not soon receive answers. No sooner had Rose opened her mouth when the doors of the church burst open, and several dark- haired men in camouflage gear came charging in. “There they are!” One of them yelled.

“It’s the xanders!” Rose yelled. “Run!”

But the four willows were quickly gathered up, leaving Buffy still standing there in shock. The lead xander – to the obvious horror of the other three willows – walked up and kissed Mikki. “Nice work, babe.”

“How could you do –“ Maddie began.

Mikki looked at Hacker, Rose and Maddie, and sneered. “How could I? Easy. I’m not a Buffy-damned Taraist, like you witches. I’m a real child of Buffy.” She struggled out of the robe and threw it to the ground. “Thank the redeemed I can finally stop wearing that thing.”

Nightmare . . . this was a nightmare . . .

Meanwhile, the lead xander spoke into what looked like a radio. “Yeah, Giles, we got ‘em. They got another fake Buffy here, too. Mikki did a great job. I think my girl’s gonna have a real future.” Then he clicked it off and said, “Giles said, kill ‘em all.”

Now this, finally, Buffy understood.
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