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How I Spent My Alleged Summer Vacation

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Summary: Dawn was supposed to spend some time working a normal college student's summer job. You can guess how well that worked out.

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Chapter One

How I Spent My Alleged Summer Vacation

Disclaimer: not my characters, not my universe. I promise to put everyone back where I found them as soon as I'm done playing with them.

Timeline- post-Chosen for Buffy, and the summer after 'Fragile Existence' for Stargate. There's a little bit of AUness to get the timelines to match up like I'd like, but it's pretty slight.


"Hey, Faith. What can I do for you today?" Dawn said, picking up her phone as she reached across the couch in the Los Angeles townhouse the Council had bought for the Slayers and Watchers based in Southern California.

"It's more like what I'm going to do for you today, kiddo. You know how we've been talking about how since we seem to be handling all the usual death, mayhem, and destruction better these days, that it was time to get people some down time so we didn't burn people out like the old Council did?"

"Was that the discussion that happened right after the Lesser Ogre Gods incident?" Dawn said as she eyed the stack of books on the coffee table. Most of them were the usual demonology texts, but there were also a half dozen for the paper she was supposed to be writing for her American History 1890-present class at USC. She was managing to pull off full time Watcher duty and fifteen credit hours at USC for spring semester, but at times only just.

"Yeah that talk. So Robin and Giles and a couple others figured out how to make it work, and Willow came up with a schedule, and the good news is that you're all set to have two whole months off this summer. Between June 15 and August 15, you are supposed to go and relax on some far away tropical island, go sip pina coladas on the beach, screw a pool boy or three, and WCI will only be calling you for help if we need your expertise on some sort of large scale Hellmouth or Hellgate level event."

"I feel like I'm supposed to go be all macho and say I feel like I don't need a break at all, but truth is, the idea's sounding good right now. Watcher duties I can handle pretty well, and the school I can handle pretty well, but each of them end up being full time jobs. I feel like I can't really dial back on the Watcher stuff, and I've gotten too many lectures from Buffy about how important it is to get my degree and not drop out like she had to that I can't really cut back there either. Heck, my real question is whether I can switch it around so I can start my break before finals this semester."

"I wish you could. But we can't have too many of our important people out at once, and Xander needs the April 15 to June 15 spot even more than you do." Faith said.

Even though earlier time off would have been nice, Faith's words managed to cheer her up in a weird sort of way as they continued to talk. Somewhere along the line she had moved from being the annyoing kid sister to having a place where she was an important part of the Scoobie team. Tired as she was, it felt good to know that they thought what she did made her a high level part of the team even if it wasn't quite like Xander's work in Africa.

Now she only had to figure out just what it was that a normal twenty year old college student was supposed to be doing on her summer vacation.
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