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Booknerds, Blades, and Tailgating

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Summary: A weird idea that came to me one day... set in a total AU. Contains SGC, Highlander, and Batman character mentions. Methos comforts an eleven year old Willow Rosenberg, by proposing a round of tailgating.

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Title: Booknerds, Blades, and Tailgating
Summary: A weird idea that came to me one day... set in a total AU. Contains SGC, Highlander, and Batman character mentions. Methos comforts an eleven year old Willow Rosenberg, by proposing a round of tailgating.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Methos (Adam Pierson) belongs to Panzer-Davis and anyone else who can claim the Highlander TV series. Willow Rosenberg belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox Studios, and anyone else who can claim a bit of the Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, pie. Barbara (Babs) Gordon belongs to DC Comics. Dr. Daniel Jackson belongs to Kawoosh! Productions and Gekko Film Corporation, and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Television.

Willow Rosenberg didn't really understand why her mother had removed her from school for a week and taken her to Houston. She liked seeing her various cousins, even stupid Kevin who always hovered when she was there. She sighed deeply.

"That's an awfully loud noise for such a small person."

Willow looked up at the speaker and smiled. "Why do *I* have to be here?"

Adam Pierson sat down beside his favorite redhead and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Because, Willow, you're to be my niece's godmother."

"But I'm ELEVEN. By the time I'm an adult, she'll be too big for me to take custody of, you know if anything ever happened to Michelle."

"You'll be an adult according to our customs in fourteen months, hardly a lifetime away."

Willow snorted. "Yeah, and the States of Texas and California recognize Family decree all the time."

Adam snorted. "Come on, let's go find Danny and hide his really thick book on Egyptian culture. Make him come out and play."

"Oh, I couldn't bother Dr. Jackson like that."

"Willow, you're going to be equal in Michelle's spawn's life, godmother to his godfather. Don't let his doctorates slow you down. You don't let any of MINE bug you."

Willow smiled at him. "That's because I know how old you really ARE, Uncle Adam."

"And none of that Uncle stuff, I am your COUSIN Adam. I'm to be Rose's Uncle, not yours. No telling Dannyboy my age, because then I'd NEVER get a moment's peace."

"You're seriously weird, Adam."

"All part of my charm, M'girl. C'mon, let's go find the resident booknerd."

"But that's me."

"You prefer books to people?"

"Books are safe. I only have Jesse and Xander at home."

"Well, you're not AT home. You're in Houston, home of the Astrodome. Let's see if we can't kidnap Danny and take him tailgating."


"Because I need to educate you two Americans in a fine pasttime you're missing out on by BEING booknerds."

"You just want to drink beer."

"Well, yes, but it's still a good excuse to give your Mum."

"I think my mom would be happy that I was expressing an interest in something other than books."

"Don't get too down on your Mum, Willow. She can't be there for you because it's the only way to keep you safe."

"I'd rather have my mom than be *safe*, Adam."

Adam stood and pulled the girl to her feet. "Tell you what. You come to the baseball game with me, and I'll let you come to my house in London, let you go mad in the library there."


"This summer when you're out of classes."

"You promise?"

"I promise. I'll even knock the rust of my sword skills before then and let you get in some blade practice."

"I HATE blade fighting."

"But you need it, Willow."

"I know. I can still hate it. How come I can't tell Xander and Jesse about my sword fighting? And I was supposed to go to Gotham this summer to be with Babs."

"I'll lure the lovely Barbara to my house as well."


"Challenge her to resort my library into a more efficient system."

"But you use..."

"Oh I know. But your cousin seems to think that the Dewey Decimal system is the end all be all of categorizing."


"I know. Come along, Willow, we need to rescue Daniel from himself." The dissimilar pair walk back into the mansion on their quest.


The End

You have reached the end of "Booknerds, Blades, and Tailgating". This story is complete.

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