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Not the Only Freak

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This story is No. 3 in the series "They are on the List!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean gains powers and a new enemy...

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(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR131559022,25126 Apr 0726 Apr 07Yes
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kripke and Kring, I own the plot twist.
Set after SPN s2 "Road Kill".

Dean was pinned to the wall by a man with telekinesis. The man hid in the dark, but he was definitely human, he had crossed the salt lines and when Sam yelled “Christo” the man used his power to throw Sam into the bathroom and lock the door.

“Dean!” Sam screamed as he banged at the door attempting to break it down.

“Sammy!” Dean cried as a blood line, no incision cut into the top of Dean’s head.

“Such a lovely power the ability to control…”

Sam broke the lock and used his own powers to call a gun to him. He didn’t hesitate as he fired. The man stumbled as Dean’s lifeless body hit the floor with the top of his head missing. The man was gone and Dean was dead.

“DEAN!” Sam screamed as pain pierced his now open eyes. He felt the car swerve and heard gravel under the tires as Dean pulled the car over.

“Sam?” Dean sounded worried.

Sam blinked and turned to his brother. “Sam, what is it?”

“You, you died, he cut off the top of your head. I-I couldn’t, I was too late.”

“Sam, slow down, what did you see?” Sam started from the beginning.

Two days later, Dean popped the hood and began looking over his baby. After driving Molly around the battery was dead, yes, spirits really can drain batteries. Sam got out and walked over.


“Battery’s dead.”

Sam did that thing with his face like he wanted to apologize. Dean was beginning to hate that face. He moved his hand over the battery when he felt a static shock.

“Ahh,” he pulled his hand away.

“Dean, do that again.”


“Hold your hand over the battery.”

“What, why?”

Sam gave Dean that, ‘just do it’ look.

Dean did and they watched as a current of electricity passed from his hand into the battery, “Son of bitch!”


The Impala roared to life cutting off Sam. Both stared at each other and then at the car warily.

“Dean, my vision, that’s why that guy attacks you.” Sam spoke as they entered the motel room. Sam froze, “Dean, we have to go now!”

“What, why, we just got here!”

“My vision, Dean, this is where you get killed.”

Dean started to turn when he was slammed into Sam and against the far wall. Sam looked back to see the man from his vision. Sam whipped out his gun and shot the man. Dean was pulling himself off the wall, when Sam grabbed him. Sam shot at the man again as he got up. Dean ran out to the car with Sam at his heels. They jumped in the Impala and sped off.

Dean took the beer from Bobby and glanced over at Sam.

“Here,” Bobby handed Dean a book, “I talked to Missouri, she says that this holds your answers. And that your power is genetic,” Bobby sounded skeptical, “and you need to go to Kansas to find Chloe Sullivan.”

Sam sipped his beer before speaking, “and that man?”

Bobby frowned, “he’s the villain, he’s Dean’s Meg, and he doesn’t care about the bigger picture only about power.”

Dean held up his hand and they all watched the streams of electricity moved between his fingers. “Looks like you’re not the only freak, Sammy.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Not the Only Freak". This story is complete.

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