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Kindred Spirits

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Summary: Dawn jumps instead of Buffy and lands in another world... as a hawk. How is she going to get out of this predicament without Buffy's help? Xover with King Arthur

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Movies > King Arthur (2004)tresorFR1544,4371276,54029 Apr 0720 Dec 07No

Another visit from Whistler

Wow! I updated on time! Yay me!

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Chapter four: Another visit from Whistler

Dawn swooped down, digging her talons into the mouse she had been hunting. Eighteen months had gone by and she got accustomed to sharing her brain with a hawk. Instead of fighting each other subconsciously, they compromised and worked together. It was like having an alter ego, Dawn figured; like Bruce Wayne and Batman or Clark Kent and Superman, only her alter ego didn’t have a name or was a comic book character.

The Key-turned-hawk flew fast in the air, at a reasonable height, but it still wasn’t as high as normal hawks would fly. She wanted to return to Hadrian’s Wall in time to leave with the knights on their next mission. After all the trouble she went through to join the fighting in the first place, she was not about to be late to leave with the knights.

Dawn felt like she was being watched by something, but couldn’t see where the feeling came from. Deciding things weren’t right, the hawk landed on a nearby tree branch and observed her surroundings more carefully. Her mouse completely forgotten, Dawn could feel herself getting tense, not liking the intensity of the stare she felt on her.

“Don’t worry, kid, I’m not here to hurt you, just warn you,” said a familiar voice. Whistler appeared before her, floating in mid-air.

What does he want now? Dawn asked herself, not wanting to be bothered with whatever he had to say.

“I can hear your thoughts, you know, since you can’t talk and all. I’m here to warn you,” he said.

You said that already. Warn me about what?

“Danger’s coming. The enemy’s planning on taking over the land, killing everything in sight. You have to help the knights stop them.”

Woards are taking over the land? I knew they were not happy with the Romans using the land that once belonged to them, but I didn’t think they wanted an all out war. How do I help the knights? It’s not like I can kill people, you know. I’m just a bird. I can only do so much.

“Not the woards, kid, but the Saxons.”

The who?

“Saxons. They come from across the sea. What you called Ireland in your old life. And you can do more then you think you can.”

Like what? I’m a hawk, remember? You made me this way. There’s not much I can do besides injure someone. My talons can’t go that deep in someone’s flesh.

“Yeah, you are a hawk, but you’re also human.”

Human? I have feathers! I’ve been human, Whistler, and trust me, feathers are not part of the human package.

“The powers say that you’ve gained the trust of the knights enough to become human again. You’ll get back into you’re original human form soon enough, looking exactly like you did when you were with the Slayer. All you have to do is help the knights live.”

I’m going to be human and help the knights? Then why turn me into a hawk in the first place?

“So you could adapt to being in this land, learning how this land works without having to explain where a girl like you came from.”

Okay, but that doesn’t tell me how I can help the knights. Roman woman are not aloud to fight.

“Ah, you are not Roman.”

But they’ll treat me like a Roman.

“Kid, listen, no matter what, you have to learn how to fight. You have to protect the knights. They can’t die. Find a way to help them. Anyway you could think of, use it. Protect the knights.”

They don’t need much protection, you know. They fight just as good as Buffy, If they’d fight each other, it’d be a draw. How can I protect them?

“The Saxons are out to kill. You can save their lives.”

By turning human again and learning to fight? I don’t see how I could help them.

“You forget something, kid. You’re the Key. You have the power. You just have to use it.”

Last time the Key’s power was used, a huge portal opened and I died! I don’t think the Key’s a good thing to use.

“Last time, the power was used against the Key. This time, the power will be used to you’re advantage. You will call forth the power, and you will use it well. I’ve got to go, my time’s up. Remember, there are lives depending on you kid. Good luck.” With that, he disappeared.

Wait! I’m still a hawk! I can’t do anything yet! Whistler? Whistler! Get back here! I hate you Whistler!

Dawn knew it was no use. The Balance demon was gone. Now what? she thought. She looked at the sky, hoping it would give her the answers she needed. Dawn noticed where the sun was in the sky. Shit! I’m late! she said, and took off towards Hadrian’s Wall. I’m going to kill that balance demon when I get my hands on him!


The hawk made it back in time to see Bors and Dag leaving Tristan’s room. She flew in through the window, and perched herself on the back of a chair near Tristan’s bed, who was filling the rest of his pack with a blanket and other necessities. She squawked, announcing her presence. Tristan gave her a smile, then turned to his pack.

Dawn was sitting for a few minutes, when she suddenly felt a huge pain all over her body. Dawn squawked, and fell to the floor, whithering in pain. It was like someone was pulling every bone in her body from its socket.

Tristan picked her up, placing her on the more comfortable bed, worried filled his eyes. He had never heard a cry of pain the way the hawk was at that moment. He didn’t know what had happened for her to be in so much pain.

Dawn didn’t know what was happening. All she knew was the intense pain. She didn’t hear herself squawk anymore, she only knew the torture her body was going through. She didn’t see the confused look on Tristan’s face when her body stretched in all directions. She didn’t see him jump back in shock when her hawk self turned into her human body.

Just as suddenly as it started, the pain stopped. There was nothing left to show the amount of pain she had been in just seconds before. Not a tingly feeling, not a twitch, nothing. As if she had just imagined the whole thing. She tried sitting up, but her body was too tired after the transformation. She closed her eyes, and fell asleep; then fell deeper, all the way to where she couldn’t wake up anymore.


Tristan had seen it, but he couldn’t believe it. His eyes had seen his hawk friend turn into a naked girl, right on his bed, before him. Without thinking, he took the blanket from his pack and covered her, and shocked that no one had heard her cries of pain, left the room running, in search of Arthur.


I'll update as soon as I can.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Kindred Spirits" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Dec 07.

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