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Kindred Spirits

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Summary: Dawn jumps instead of Buffy and lands in another world... as a hawk. How is she going to get out of this predicament without Buffy's help? Xover with King Arthur

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Lost and Found

Kindred Spirits

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Buffy universe. That all belongs to Joss Whedon. King Arthur belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and Antoine Fuqua.

Chapter One: Lost and Found

Buffy was about to jump, giving her life to save her sister. Dawn had tears running down her pain-filled face. She was not going to let her sister jump off the one hundred-foot tower they were on to close the portal. This was her fault, after all. If she had struggled more, put up more of a fight, maybe the monk wouldn’t have had the time to spill the blood before Buffy reached her. Dawn was not going to let her sister die on her behalf. At the last second, Dawn used all the strength she could muster to pull Buffy behind her, and ran toward the edge of the tower.

“Dawn! Don’t!” cried Buffy, running to try to stop her sister.

“It’s my time, Buffy. I love you,” was all that was heard before Dawn’s body leaped off the tower in a somewhat graceful way.


Dawn let the portal attach itself to her body as she fell. She felt her life slipping away, slowly at first, then, faster and faster, until Dawn knew no more.


She never felt an impact. Strange . . . I think I’m supposed to hit the ground. It can’t be that far below me right? She landed on her feet in a ray of unexplainable light. She blinked a few times, letting her eyes adjust to the light around her.

“Hey kid.”

Dawn looked up to see a being she did, but didn’t recognise at the same time. She looked through her memories and remembered the Balance demon Buffy had talked about more than once. Whistler.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“Right now, you’re in limbo. You did the right thing, stopping your sister like that. The way things were supposed to go. You saved everyone a lot of trouble doing that.”
“So happy I’m able to convenience you,” Dawn replied sarcastically.

“You helped your sister out too. The slayer will mourn you, but it kept her alive. Her friends wouldn’t have let her stay dead and would have resurrected her, causing an imbalance. It would have cause more deaths than necessary. Less pain, in the end.”

“Okay, so I ultimately helped Buffy. Good. But what am I doing here?”

“You’re the Key, kid, you can’t technically die. You have to go back to your original form, or be reincarnated.”

“Okay . . . ”

“Because you saved the Slayer, the Powers have decided to give you a choice. You can return to your original form, or return to an alternate dimension and live a life there.”

“So I can turn into a ball of green light, or live again?”

“You got it kid.”

“Do I have to decide now?”

“Yes. Sorry kid.”

“If I decide to stay alive, will I get to keep my memories? Of the life I had with Buffy?”

“If you really want to, yes. It’ll be more trouble for the Powers though, and they won’t like that.”

“I don’t care what the Powers do or do not like. I’m not here to convenience the pain in my sister’s ass; not after all the trouble they cause her.”

“Whatever, kid. You have to make a decision now, or you will turn into the ball of energy you once were.”

Dawn paused a moment. She knew being a ball of green again wasn’t an option, but did she want to live without her family and friends? Without the people who helped her become the young woman that she was?

“I want to live, with all my memories of Buffy and the others intact.”

“Okay. Good luck kid. Don’t forget to spread out your arms.”


She was lying on her back. That was the first thing she knew about her new life. That, and her stomach was in pain. She then remembered her the cuts the monk had made to spill her blood. Stupid Powers, she thought. Can’t even heal my stomach after I help their sorry ass! And what the heck did Whistler mean by ‘don’t forget to spread out your arms’?

She slowly opened her eyes, only to look in big yellow ones. That’s new, she thought. A growl came from the beholder of the yellow eyes. A growl? What the heck? Whistler, where did you drop me?

She looked at what the growl had come from. Standing atop her was some sort of dog. A very hungry and mean looking dog that had just found something to eat. Dawn squawked.

Wait! Squawked? She was supposed to scream, not squawk! What was she? Dawn looked at her body to find dark brown and red feathers. Feathers? I’m a bird? Dawn squawked again.

Suddenly, a large pair of feet was standing beside her. Those belong to a human! The man scared the wild dog away from her. The newly made bird looked up at her saviour, hoping he wasn’t going to make her his next meal.

“Hello girl. Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you,” he almost whispered as he bent over to pick her up. Dawn snapped at him, letting him know that she wanted him to go away. Or so she thought.

“Now, don’t be like that. You’re hurt; I’m going to get you better ‘tis all.” Dawn looked in his deep brown eyes and saw sincerity. When she broke eye contact, the man took this as an okay to help her. He picked her up, and cuddled her to his chest as he walked away.

Dawn took this opportunity to look at her rescuer. He was rough looking, dangerous even, and had an air of what Dawn imagined an assassin would have. His dark hair was tangled, some strands in tiny braids, his clothes looked extremely old and he wore armour. He looked like a warrior, but when he looked at her, his eyes were soft and gentle, but held a large amount of grief. Dawn wondered why, and opened her mouth to ask, but remembered she didn’t have a voice.

The man looked down at her when she opened her beak. “Hold on a sec, girl,” he said and he reached for something with his left hand. He paused and put something on the ground, reached for something else and poured in on the ground. Water. He thought she was thirsty. Boy, does he ever need to learn the language of… hold on a second… now that I think about it, I am thirsty… man he could read minds better than I thought.

Dawn drank from the mini cup the man had. It was complicated, but she somehow managed to do it. The man put the cup away and continued walking.

Maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought it would be…


Let me know what you think.
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