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How I Spent My Earthside Vacation

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Summary: It had seemed like a cool idea when Faith suggested it.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered
Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
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Chapter One

Title: How I Spent My Earthside Vacation
Author: Jinni (
Rated: Pg13
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al. All things Stargate belong to MGM, et al.
Characters: Faith, Sheppard, and Jo
Notes: For challenge #7 over at Slaying the Supernatural (). Writing for Team:Roadhouse.
Summary: Still, it had sounded like a pretty fun thing to do. At the time. Which was, oh, three months ago.
Wordcount: 1737


“’Next time you have leave on Earth we’ll go out and I’ll show you a good time,’ she said,” John grumbled under his breath as he dodged a kick that would have landed heavily right in the center of his stomach. “’Show you what a real vampire is like, maybe slay a few,’ she said.”

Okay, so it had sounded cool when she’d said it at the time, even though McKay had rolled his eyes and muttered something about him being suicidally reckless, turning down Faith’s offer to him of the exact same thing with a, “Right, like I want to put myself in danger when I’m not on a mission?”

Still, it had sounded like a pretty fun thing to do. At the time. Which was, oh, three months ago. Now, with actual vampires in the cemetery with them, he was starting to see the reckless part of McKay’s comment.

Somewhere to his left Faith snorted, the moved away to engage a pair of bloodsuckers that had joined the fray. She was laughing at him, John was sure of it. Okay, so he hadn’t really thought about what it meant that Faith was a vampire slayer before oh, ten minutes ago. True, there was some part of his mind had been conjuring up old black and white movies, guys in black capes with pasty white faces and too-dark lips. Things that turned into bats and fog, and didn’t look all that hard to kill.

What he hadn’t been expecting was, well, this. First off – these guys were ugly, snarling, and he was pretty sure that one of them had drooled just a little bit (but that might have had something to do with the punch John had landed on it’s chin at the time, so he wasn’t going to hold that up as standard vampire behavior). Secondly, they weren’t very bright. Maybe it was because he was used to the Wraith, not to mention the Replicators, but these vampires just didn’t measure up.

They sure as hell made up for lack of intelligence with enthusiasm and strength, though.

John grunted as he was caught from behind. Arms wrapped around his midsection, pinning his own arms at his sides, holding him tight and squeezing. He could feel his ribs constricting inwards and, ow, that was not a fun feeling. Kicking, he tried to peg the guy holding him in the shin, but only managed to flail a bit. It was getting sort of hard to catch his breath, though with the slow crush going on around his torso, still breathing at all seemed like something he should probably be thankful for.

“Faith,” he managed between gasps of air and general writhing. The vampire chuckled, completely unconcerned, and he felt a wet rasp along his neck. Ew. Had it really just licked him? The hell? “Usually…don’t do that…on the first date,” he wheezed as white-tinged darkness trickled in from the edge of his vision.

Great. Come all the way back to Earth for a few days of R&R and he was going to get himself killed. Elizabeth was going to just love that.

Then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, the arms that were squeezing the life out of him were gone, accompanied by a gust of air and the whisper of sound that he’d gotten to associate over the last twenty minutes with a vampire being dusted. He fell to his knees, dizzy as air rushed back into his lungs with every gasping breath that he took. Someone stepped around him, shoes in the edge of his vision, and he tensed, hand going automatically for the thigh holster he wasn’t even wearing. About twenty feet away, John could hear Faith still fighting the undead duo that she’d picked a fight with, apparently unaware that he’d been in danger.

The feet stopped, and John looked up, surprised to see a woman probably just a little younger than Faith looking down at him. She cocked her head to the side and one eyebrow went up. “You all right?”

“Yeah,” he forced himself to grind out, panting a little, chest aching. “Just peachy. And, you know, thanks.”

She snorted and rolled her eyes with a twist of her lips that was half amusement, half annoyance, flipping blonde hair over her shoulder. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, had a knife tucked into her back pocket, and a stake in her hand. He follower her eyes when her gaze drifted to where Faith had taken out one of her dance partners, and was currently playing with the second. Wincing a little, John got to his feet and watched, curious about who exactly she was. Maybe one of those other slayers that Faith was going on about sometimes? Wasn’t the blonde one named Buffy? This could be her.

John turned slightly, just enough that he could still see Faith fighting out of the corner of his eye, and flipped on the charm. “I’m John, by the way. John Sheppard.”

From the look on her face, it was clear that the whole charm thing wasn’t going to work on her as easy as it did on other women he’d come across. Still, he kept his hand out, and tried not to grin too much wider when she finally took it, shaking lightly before letting go.


John couldn’t place the name. Didn’t sound like one of the slayers that Faith had talked about, so he was assuming she was just either some random passerby who, hey, liked to carry stakes and weapons – not that he faulted her for that – or she was one of the non-slayers that Faith said helped out sometimes.

Faith’s second dance partner stepped too wide and walked right into Faith’s outstretched hand, stake and all. She moved towards them and, for one of the first times since he’d met her, John was sort of happy to have her come rescue him. Talking with Jo was just short of talking to a brick wall. Hell, Ronon made better conversation.

Or… she just didn’t like him.

“Hey, girl,” Faith grinned, easy going. Not even out of breath, even though she’d been fighting for the better part of twenty minutes. Impressive. “Your momma know you’re out here?”

Jo sneered, and Faith laughed. It was the kind of banter him and McKay had, though, John could tell. Teasing without being cruel. Okay, without being too cruel. Good-natured, that was possibly the word for it.

“You’re lucky I was out here, your boyfriend was getting choked when I showed up.”

There was a vague part of him, imbued with masculine pride, that wanted to argue that he’d been doing just fine and hadn’t needed her help. But, that would’ve have been lying. Instead, he let the explanation slide. Then there was that whole boyfriend thing, and he didn’t even need to handle that, because Faith would. John didn’t date women that could crush him with their thighs – which took both Faith and Teyla off the menu. Risking your life for the betterment of Atlantis was one thing, risking it in bed for a nice hard screw? Hell. No.

He wasn’t disappointed, either. Faith snorted loud enough that his wounded pride was wounded a bit more. “Please – I don’t share my toys with others and flyboy here doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants.”

“Hey!” John said, indignant, then shut his mouth just as quickly as he’d opened it at the outright look of challenge in Faith’s eyes. When he got back, he was having a talk with McKay about what they did and did not tell new people. Top of that list was going to be no spreading rumors about Colonel Sheppard’s sex life…or lack thereof. In his head, John could even imagine that McKay might very well pay attention and stop doing it.

Fantasies were nice like that. Too bad reality, most of the time, didn’t play along.

Jo rolled her eyes. “C’mon. Momma said that if I didn’t drag, and I’m quoting here, your ‘sorry ass’ back to the Roadhouse, she was gonna ‘sic the Winchesters’ on you.” Jo paused, grinning in a way that reminded John of some of the more evil people he’d met before. “Again.”

“Shit,” Faith swore, her cheeks flushing. Huh. Faith was blushing? That was a new look on her.

John turned and favored Jo with another one of those smiles that had never failed him. “Who are they?”

“Faith’s ex and his brother,” Jo supplied with no small amount of glee.

“We didn’t date!” Faith corrected.

“Right,” Jo’s grin just grew. “So, the guy that Faith used to bang wherever and whenever she could…and his brother.”

The one-finger salute that Faith flashed at Jo was all the rebuttal to that that was needed. With a growl, she stalked off through the headstones, back towards where they’d parked the car. John watched her go, amused and curious.

“So… she doesn’t like this guy anymore, then?” he asked, as he headed out in the same direction. Jo laughed softly, and it was a nice laugh, John decided. Not hard around the edges like he would have expected it to be.

“No, she likes Sammy plenty,” Jo said, tossing her stake end over end as they walked, eyes just as alert for anything creeping up on them as his own were.

“So… why wouldn’t she want to see him?” Confusion was a good look on him, a girlfriend had told him once. Too bad he didn’t agree. Funny thing was, Jo seemed to find it funny. And he sort of liked it when she was smiling at him like that.

“Don’t know, and I’m not gonna be the one to ask her, either. Something happened and ever since, whenever someone mentions those boys, she gets flustered and embarrassed. Tries to avoid them, but inevitably she ends up in the same place they are.”

There was something in Jo’s voice. A little bit of amusement that went beyond what they were talking about, like she had a secret that she was just dying to share.

“Sounds interesting. Almost wish I could meet them. See what kind of guy it takes to make her lose her cool.”

Jo laughed, then leaned in and whispered. “Don’t worry – they’re waiting at the Roadhouse. I was lying when I said my momma sent me to make sure Faith stopped in.”

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