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Secret Lives

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Summary: Dysfunctional Scooby Universe - Daniel hides his true self from the world. When it comes out to play will Dawn survive it? Daniel/Dawn pairing. Possible Dark / BDSM warning.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonlannedFR211136,23747514,59330 Apr 0724 May 11No

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

~I don’t own anything…especially not the wonder of Buffy or Stargate~

Daniel stood in the doorway listening to Dawn talk to another man about sex games and he felt himself go cold. Intellectually he knew he had no right to react in any way to her conversation after what he’d done the night before but emotion trumps intellect every time. The dark side of himself rushed forward and pushed the little bit that was still the old Daniel back into a far corner of his mind. He stared at her and waited for her to finish her conversation or incriminate herself more.

Dawn reached down and hit the button on her cell phone, her mouth working up and down silently as Daniel stalked towards her. His short brown hair was tousled from where he had quickly towel dried it and not bothered with a comb.

Dawn stood frozen as he circled around behind her. He pulled her hair lightly off her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Incestuous sex games? Is that what you were doing at your sister’s?”

Dawn jerked away and turned to face him, “No and ewwww. With Buffy? Oh no no no.” Dawn kept making faces and little shudders of disgust long after she stopped talking.

“Well then who were the sex games with and how were they incestuous?” Daniels voice was quiet and weirdly devoid of emotion. He continued to walk slowly in circles around her.

Dawn began to look anywhere but at him, “Really it was just a joke. We goof around like that all the time.” She began to nibble on the nail on her index finger nervously.

He reached up and pulled her finger out of her mouth, “Are you lying to me, Dawn?” He tilted his head to the side and stared emotionlessly into her face.

“Ummmm…” Dawn began to fidget and her finger drifted back up to her mouth. Daniel reached up and pulled her hand back down to her side.

He grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look him in the face, “Have you fucked anyone since we’ve been talking?”

Dawn made an agonized face and forced out, “Yes, but it was just one time.”

“When?” His hand fell from his face like she had burned him.

“After our fight,” Dawn tried to take a step back but was thwarted as he reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

“How long after?” Daniel stared at her, his beautiful blue eyes hard and cold.

Dawn tried not to answer but the words escaped her mouth before she could stop them, “A couple hours after.”

“So it was okay for you to go out and get fucked right away?” Daniel asked.

“No. I made a mistake,” Dawn whispered. She looked to the floor, no longer able to meet his gaze.

“You were a bad girl, weren’t you?” He reached out and placed one finger under her chin and tilted her head up so she was looking at him again.

Dawn hesitated and then answered, “Yes.”

“Bad girls deserve to be punished, don’t they?” Daniel gazed deep into her eyes.

The strange, cold look in his eyes made Dawn shiver, “Yes.”

“Do you have a leather belt?” Daniel turned and walked away from her.

“Y... Yes.” Dawn stammered out.

He turned to face her again and crossed his arms across his muscular chest, “Go get it.”

Dawn hesitated, licking her full lips, full of indecision.

Daniel arched an eyebrow, “Now. It will just be worse for you if I have to repeat myself again.”

Dawn half ran into her room to grab her belt out of the closet. She ran back out and handed the belt to him.

He looped the belt in his hand and ran the leather lightly down her arm, sending a chill back up to her shoulder that made her entire body quiver. She held her breath until he spoke: “Take your pants off. And your underwear.”

Dawn hurried to obey, unsure of what exactly to expect. Images flashed inside her mind, both arousing and terrifying at once.

Daniel smiled slightly as he watched her scramble to obey, “Lean over the back of the couch.”

Dawn bent over the back of the couch even as a part of her mind screamed ~what are you doing?~ Her hair fell over her face completely obstructing her vision. She felt fingers stroke the globe of her ass and dip down between her legs. She moaned softly. He pushed her legs further apart and she felt his soft lips caressing her inner thighs. Her moans became louder as his lips wandered upward. After tasting her he stood up and leaned over her and whispered, “Shhhh…don’t make a sound.” Dawn bit down on her lips hard to try to obey. There was a slight whistling sound and the belt came down hard across the right side of her ass. She jerked and clamped her lips tighter, trying to keep from making a sound. The next half hour was a haze of pain and pleasure for Dawn. Those images that flashed in her mind only moments ago realized, but it was so much more. In between hard smacks with the belt he stroked, licked and tasted her until she was out of her mind with need for him.

“Do you want to cum, Dawn?” Daniel lightly stroked her ass which now looked red and tortured, exciting him.

“Yes, pleasepleaseplease,” she moaned excitedly, wiggling seductively under his touch. She had long been ready to cum but she suppressed it, unwilling to release in case that signaled for him to stop. She knew better than that but she still feared he would, or punish her for taking the liberty to orgasm. She almost wanted to test that suspicion just to see what form his punishment would take.

His fingers slid between her legs. She was moist and the warmth was like tendrils pulling at him as he stroked her. He whispered, “Come for me, Dawn.”

At his command, she flailed against him as her orgasm shook her to her core. When she collapsed boneless over the back of the couch he helped her to stand and gently kissed her.

“That was beautiful,” he said as he helped her walk around the couch to sit down.

Dawn went to sit and then quickly jumped back up again. She cautiously rubbed her ass and grimaced at the rush of pain that caused. She knew then to be more cautious when sitting down. “I guess I won’t be doing any sitting for a while.” She looked down at his pants and unconsciously licked her lips at the obvious sign of his arousal. She reached for his pants and he jumped back from her.

“But you haven’t…” Dawn pulled back confused.

“That is my punishment. You weren’t the only one who was bad.” Daniel sat down on the couch and looked up at her. She couldn’t read either guilt or shame in his eyes.

“But I…” Dawn gestured helplessly at his erection, licking her lips unconsciously, wanting to taste it. If she wasn’t still partly reeling from her orgasm or feeling the surprisingly pleasing burn on her buttocks, she’d have noticed her sudden oral tick.

Daniel looked at her through hooded eyes and said in a stern voice, “Dawn, I said no and I meant no. I will not argue with you about sex, understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Dawn looked down defeated as he stood back up and placed his arm around her shoulders.

“Good,” he gently kissed her forehead. “Now let’s talk about the conversation I overheard. Tell me about these incestuous sex games you play. You were on the phone with Xander? I didn’t think you were related to him.”

Dawn tried to explain, almost having forgotten all about that conversation. “Well you know we all think of ourselves as one big family. Xander and Willow helped raise me.”

“So you’re having sex with Xander and Willow?” Daniel asked intrigued and a little disturbed.

“Well Willow’s cute and all but she’s not really my type, too much with the earth mother hippy vibe… which is wonderful for an aunt slash sister but not what I look for in a lover.” Dawn tried to sit again forgetting and then hurriedly jumped back up. She wished for a bucket of cold water to sit her still burning butt in.

“So it’s just Xander then.” Daniel sat down and drew Dawn face down across his lap and lightly stroked her bruised ass.

It tingled, painfully, but pleasurably all at once. She could feel his erection under her. ~Just a little taste!~ she thought. Dawn turned her head to the side so she wasn’t suffocating in the couch and sighed softly in pleasure before she answered, “Yes, it was Xander on the phone and yes sometimes I have sex with Xander. Goddess I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.”

“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition,” they both said simultaneously. A big, braying laugh burst out of Dawn and even Daniel failed to suppress a smile.

“Is it just Xander and you then?” Daniel asked again.

“Well no. Sometimes its Xander and Faith, or Faith and I, or Xander and Giles, or Giles and Faith,” Dawn answered and then said in horror, “Ohmigod…we all sound like such sluts!”

Daniel ignored her outburst. “Not you and Giles?”

“Noooo…he’s Buffy’s and he’s too old,” Dawn shuddered in disgust, thinking of having sex with her father figure. She could only go so far.

“Why are you having sex with people you consider family?” Daniel continued lightly stroking her, staring off into space.

Dawn tried to twist around so she could see his face while she tried to explain. Unable to see him she jumped up so she stood facing him. “You don’t understand growing up with all the vam… gang activity we had to stay close to keep each other safe. Then those of us that made it out alive stayed close and it was so hard to let other people in.”

Daniel stood up and walked around behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder, “Are you going to let me in, Dawn?”

She spun around in his arms and stared into his eyes, “Oh yes.” She leaned up and kissed him. His lips remained closed for a few brief seconds then his mouth relaxed and returned the kiss. The thought of whether he was going to let her in never crossed her mind. He ran his fingers through her hair and cupped the back of her head kissing her harder. He ground himself against her hard and then backed away.

“More punishment for me,” He panted, forcing himself away.

“I take it you’re something of a masochist?” Dawn grinned.

“A little.” He smiled, “Lately more of a sadist though.” He reached behind her and lightly smacked her ass causing her to jump away from him in pain. He made a slightly scrunched up o-face at her. She couldn’t tell if he was being playful or mocking her.

Daniel glanced down at his watch and realized he was going to be late for his psychiatric evaluation. He shrugged inwardly to himself. He just really didn’t care anymore. The little bit of who he used to be was screaming in the back of his head but the darker Daniel was more interested in the beautiful half naked girl in front of him.

Daniel laughed as he heard Dawn’s stomach growl loudly, “Now I think I owe you breakfast, don’t I?”

Dawn blushed, “I think you did mention food and now I am extra hungry as you can hear.”

Daniel smiled evilly, “Well we could go out. It would be amusing to watch you try to sit through a meal in public.”

Dawn gave him a feigned angry look at him but thought better of it. She knew she wanted that pain – no, that pleasure – again. “Amusing for you, maybe.” Dawn reached back and rubbed her ass cheeks while frowning.

Daniel took pity on her, “Or I could run to the grocery and grab some supplies and cook for you to make up for bruising you.”

“Bruising?” Dawn spun in circles several times trying to look at her ass.

Daniel laughed as he replied, “Yes, you are black, blue and red all over.”

Dawn spun around again trying to see her ass. Being black, blue and red all over wasn’t new to her, except the vamps and demons weren’t as interested in spanking her ass as they were at kicking it.

Daniel laughed, “You look like a dog chasing its tail.”

Dawn, blushed as she realized what she was doing, “I’m glad you find me so entertaining.”

He pulled her close and kissed her, “I’m glad I find you entertaining too. Since I plan on spending a lot more time with you, that definitely makes it easier. I mean we can’t have sex all the time.”

Dawn pouted, “Why not?”

Daniel chuckled, “I’m an old man, remember? And I don’t own stock in Viagra.”

Dawn started to rub against him, thinking she could improvise, and then blushed brightly as her stomach growled loudly again. There went that plan.

Daniel laughed again, “I will go get you food, my lady.”

“Am I? Your lady, I mean?” Dawn asked hesitantly, looking up at him through her thick lashes.

Daniel stepped back and stared into her big, yearning eyes. “Do you want to be?”

“Yes,” Dawn said with a sigh. It felt like she had never said anything she meant more.

“For how long?” Daniel asked reaching out to push a strand of hair back behind her ear.

“Forever?” Dawn asked hesitantly? She was pressing her luck, she knew.

“Sounds good to me.” Daniel said as he stepped up and pressed his lips to hers.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Secret Lives" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 May 11.

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