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Secret Lives

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Summary: Dysfunctional Scooby Universe - Daniel hides his true self from the world. When it comes out to play will Dawn survive it? Daniel/Dawn pairing. Possible Dark / BDSM warning.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonlannedFR211136,23747514,59330 Apr 0724 May 11No

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Chapter 2

I do not own Dawn or Daniel or any of the others. I’m only borrowing them for a while.

Secret Lives

Chapter 2

~bbb~ = thoughts

Dawn was not having a good day. First she totally humiliated herself with her extremely hot neighbor. Buffy was a dead woman when she got a hold of her. Slayer or not she was going down. Then the whole ranting phone call after her embarrassment of the year made her late for her class in abnormal psychology. Why did a linguistics major have to take a social science class anyway? Stupid liberal arts college...not only was she late she left her term paper sitting on the counter in her kitchen under that blasted cup of sugar. Fortunately the professor was a bit of a perv and gave her an extension after she stretched and bent over a couple of times. Good thing she wore a skirt to class today. Then she received a phone call from Willow. Willow had obviously talked to Buffy and her attempts at being sympathetic had been undermined by her inability to stop giggling. Dawn had cut off Willow’s third giggle filled attempt at saying “It could have happened to anyone and I’m sure he’s forgotten about it already” by asking Willow if she’d heard about the rain of frogs in that small South American town not far from where Willow was staying. Willow ended the phone call with a shriek of fear and a hurried “I’ve got to go”. Dawn tried to make cookies following the recipe Willow had e-mailed her (along with a lecture about not joking around about frogs) but they had burnt to a crisp because she left them in the oven while she took a totally deserved bubble bath. She hadn’t meant to stay in the tub that long but she couldn’t quit thinking about Daniel and how long it had been since she’d gotten close to someone in a good, naked kind of way. Now her apartment smelled like charcoaled cookies but she did finally manage to get the smoke cleared out and she was clean for her date.

~No, Dawn. Not a date.~ she thought to herself. ~This is a try to keep the crazy neighbor girl from stalking you kind of peace offering.~ Though she had to admit she was looking good, even if it was a pity date. Her hair was down and loose and wildly curly and her makeup made her look sultry if she did say so herself. If it wasn't the middle of winter she would have totally worn this hot pink spaghetti strap top that was smoking up her closet (stupid snow...stupid Colorado) but she had to settle for a light pink cashmere sweater that hugged her less than impressive bosom. "I had to be made from someone that was beyond flat chested" she said out loud to herself, "but at least I didn't get her midget height." Her jeans were tight and hugged her admittedly fine ass. "When did I start thinking that way about myself? Stupid Faith." she thought and then "When did I start thinking everything was stupid?"

"Okay, need to focus. When did I start talking to Dawn...I mean myself? When did I start refering to myself in the third person? Dawn get a grip!!!"

She put back her head and screamed for the tension release. Unfortunately that was right when the knock sounded on her door followed by cries of "Dawn! Are you okay?"

Dawn stopped in mid-yell and looked wide eyed at the door. She hung her head, all earlier confidence in how she looked gone as she opened the door.
"I'm fine, Daniel." she said to the floor.

"Dawn, are you going out tonight with me or my shoes?" Daniel asked as he put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up.

"You?" Dawn suggested hesitantly.

"I would hope so unless you have an unnatural fascination with footwear." Daniel replied with a smile.

"Nope, no footwear fetish here." Dawn replied smiling back into his amazing blue eyes ~Down girl~ she thought to her self. She tried to discreetly check him out. His jeans were tight but not too tight. His sweater was patterned in shades of blue and he just looked edible. ~I would definitely take a bite out of that.~

"Well then let's start over. Hello, I'm your neighbor Daniel Jackson," Daniel said smiling holding his hand out.

"Hi, I'm Dawn Summers," Dawn returned his grin and shook his hand.

"That's quite a grip you've got there, Dawn. Do you work out?" Daniel asked as Dawn gripped his hand extra hard.

"No. But I've got a freakishly strong sister so its a defense mechanism," Dawn said laughing.

"I see. I have a friend with that same problem," Daniel said thinking of T'ealc.

“Is your friend a midget? ‘Cause my sister is…okay, she’s not really a midget, she’s just really small so no one expects the super-grip.”

“No, my friend is actually rather large and intimidating so the super-grip from him is not a surprise.”

“So, where are we headed?”

"I know a great steak house, unless you're a vegetarian."

"Nope, not me. I'm a meat the meat," Dawn said smiling and then her smile faded as she realized how that would sound. "That didn't come out quite right," she said softly frowning.

Daniel smiled, "Come on, let's go. There's a steak and a nice glass of red wine waiting for us."

"After the day I've had make that several glasses and you've got a deal," Dawn said grabbing her coat.

"I'm not usually such a spaz," Dawn said as they got in Daniel's car.

"Spaz?" Daniel asked only half paying attention as he pulled out into traffic.

"You know, socially inept...suffering from severe foot-in-mouth disease, tucking my dress into the back of my panty hose...that kind of thing."

Daniel glanced at Dawn out of the corner of his eye and with a slight smile said, "Dawn, you're not wearing a dress."

"I's a figure of speech...and you're just giving me a hard time, aren't you?" Dawn reached over and smacked him lightly on the arm, "That's nice make fun of the socially retared girl...its okay...I may be socially retarded but at least I'm pretty."

"Yes, you are that," Daniel said quietly.

Dawn felt her cheeks go warm as she blushed. ~Did he just say I was pretty? Maybe this is a date…not a be nice to the idiot across the hall dinner but a real date! How do I find out? If I ask him I’m just going to sound stupid. What do I do? Oh no, how long have I been sitting here not saying anything?~

"So, Daniel," Dawn asked her voice high and a little squeaky, "How long have you lived in Colorado?"

"Several years. I moved here for work," Daniel replied as he pulled into the parking lot of the steakhouse. "How long have you lived in Colorado?"

"All of three months, I just started school here. I was living at the dorms but that wasn't working out for me."

"You're not a freshman, are you?" Daniel asked looking appalled.

"No, I transferred from another school." Dawn said as they walked into the steakhouse.

"Really, which one?"

"Oxford. I was living in England with my sister and her new husband but that whole honeymoon thing was really getting to me so I had to escape."

They were shown to the table by their waitress and ordered their drinks.

"The University of Colorado is a bit of a step down from Oxford. What are you studying and why did you pick Colorado Springs of all places?" Daniel asked as he studied the menu.

"I'm a linguistics major and I threw a dart at a map."

Daniel put down his menu and stared at Dawn, "No, really?"

"Okay, I didn't throw a dart...I more like closed my eyes and pointed..."

"No, I mean the lingustics major part."

The waitress brought their drinks and they ordered their dinner.

"Yep, that's me...tongue girl." Dawn said and when Daniel raised his eyebrows at her comment said "Still the social spaz...need more alcohol."

"I'm just surprised because I'm working as a linguist now for the government."

"Really?" Dawn bounced in her seat excited "How many languages do you speak?"

"How many do you speak?" he shot back a little troubled by the coincidence.

"I speak Italian, cause we lived in Rome for a while and French and Spanish and German and enough Portugese to get by and I can read Latin and Egyptian hieroglyphics."

"How did you learn to read hieroglyphics?"

"My sister has worked for this antiquities research company for forever and there were always these books lying around and I got curious."

“You must really have a gift with languages to turn a feeling of curiosity into a degree.”

“Yeah, I guess so. It seems to come easy for me. How did you choose linguist as a career?” Dawn asked.

“I sort of fell into it. I was working as an archaeologist and I caught the attention of a lovely woman who needed some inscriptions on some artifacts translated and then it grew into a career from there.”

They stopped talking for a while as the waitress brought their food and a bottle of wine.

"Mmmmmm. This steak is really good." Dawn said her eyes rolling back into her head.

~I want to make her make that noise and look just like that~ Daniel thought to himself as he watched her ~and then I want to make her helpless and screaming.~

“Most people react like that over dessert…isn’t chocolate usually the cause of food related moaning?” Daniel teased.

“Oh not for me, I love the meat…and I have so got to stop saying that,” Dawn smacked herself in the head.

“There’s nothing wrong with liking “the meat”. I think its great that you like “the meat,” Daniel said with a slight sexy smirk lighting up his face.

Dawn leaned forward and looked into his eyes and then let her gaze drift slowly down his torso, “Well some meat is definitely better than others.” ~ohmigod, did I just say that? Are we flirting? This is definitely flirting. He likes me, he likes me woo hoo!!! Oh no, how long have I been sitting here staring at him?~

"Is there any wine left?" Dawn asked noticing her glass was empty.

"No, I think we drank it all."

"Oh," Dawn said clearly disappointed.

"Don't worry. We'll just order another bottle." Daniel signaled the waitress and another bottle was brought to the table.

By the time Dawn and Daniel left the restaurant they were both rather intoxicated. Daniel placed his hand on Dawn's back to guide her out of the restaurant and it took everything she had not to jump him right then and there. It felt like he had wired her with electricity to all of the good spots on her body and she wanted to hum with pleasure and excitement. ~I'm such a slut.~ she thought happily to herself ~I'm so going to get some tonight. Faith would be so proud.~

Daniel didn't say much on the drive home. He knew he'd had too much to drink to be driving but he didn't want to leave his car at the restaurant and risk questions from his teammates later. Anyway its not like he hadn't driven drunk before. ~Just one of the many perks of the new and improved Daniel~ he thought sarcastically.

Daniel walked Dawn up to her apartment and she turned to face him nearly bouncing with excitement. The look in his eyes caused her to back up a step and the smile to fade from her face. Where his eyes had been warm and smiling all night now they were cold and distant and possessive. He walked towards her until she backed into her door. He stepped close until she could feel the heat from his body and he placed his hands on either side of her head, trapping her. He leaned down until his lips were a hair's breadth away from hers. She stood still staring into his eyes waiting for him to close the distance and kiss her but he whispered instead "Good night, Dawn," the breath from his words heating her lips and then he turned and walked into his apartment and shut the door.
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