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Secret Lives

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Summary: Dysfunctional Scooby Universe - Daniel hides his true self from the world. When it comes out to play will Dawn survive it? Daniel/Dawn pairing. Possible Dark / BDSM warning.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonlannedFR211136,23747514,59330 Apr 0724 May 11No

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Chapter One

I do not own anything Buffy or Stargate. I am just playing with these characters for a while.

Secret Lives

Chapter One

It had been a long time since he had recovered from his sarcophagus addiction. Well that was a lie. He never recovered. Like an alcoholic he craved it constantly. It really was one day at a time. Sometimes he wondered if the G’ould had a 12 step program for the problem. He kept this craving to himself though. He let his team think he was over it but he wasn’t. It had changed something inside of him too. The part of him that was an innocent soul, sweet and caring had been snuffed out with barely a fight. He was filled with something darker now but he knew his team, his friends would never accept it so he buried it in work and on nights when he was home alone he buried it in drink. He realized he was just replacing one addiction with another but since Sha’re had died he had lost the ability to care either way. Though he didn’t let his team know that either.

Lately his dreams had been darker than normal. Sexually charged, filled with pain and torture…just wrong. The part of him that was still Daniel hated this, hated all of it., the BDSM dreams, the drinking, the craving for something “bad” that filled him every day. He wanted to ask for help but he remembered his time in the asylum when he was infected with Machello’s g’ould killers. He wouldn’t go through that again.

It was approaching Sha’re’s death day again. The dreams got worse around this time every year. The dreams last night had featured his new neighbor, a pretty, young brunette. He had just seen her in passing and hadn’t bothered to introduce himself. In fact the only two times he’d seen her he had been “three sheets to the wind” and carrying more alcohol besides so she was probably giving him a wide berth.

It was funny. Sam and Jack (when he was in town) still thought Daniel couldn’t hold his alcohol. Who would have known he was such a good actor? But sometimes he would catch Teal’c watching him. He thought Teal’c knew it was an act but Teal’c being well, Teal’c never said anything.

Well he had to snap out of it for now, they were going on a mission today to PX…he couldn’t remember. When was the last time he couldn’t remember the designation of the planet they were going to? He was drinking too much, he knew that but he also knew he couldn’t stop.

“I just go round and round…sarcophagus, Sha’re, too much drinking, sick dreams, want to tell someone but can’t, sarcophagus, etc.” he thought to himself, “I am in a rut”.

He jumped slightly at the sound of the doorbell though he was expecting it. Sam always stopped to pick him up on the way to the base. He stared at himself in the mirror and put the distracted look on his face like a mask. After all, it looked much better than the look of total despair he wore without trying.

He opened the door without bothering to see who was on the other side. “Sam, I’m almost ready to go. I just have to find…” He trailed off realizing the person at the door wasn’t Sam.
“You’re not Sam.” He stared at the girl who had figured so prominently in his dreams the night before. He felt a swift rush of lust as scenes from the dreams rushed through his brain. Her pretty pink mouth wrapped around a ball gag…her long legs tied wide apart ~Stop it, Daniel~ he thought to himself.

“Ummm…no. Last time I checked not a guy.” She blushed slightly at the intense look he was sending her way.

“Well, Sam’s not either…short for Samantha. Never mind, not important. May I help you?” He realized he was staring and forced himself back into his role of absent-minded scientist.

“Oh yeah. Hi, I’m Dawn, your new neighbor. And this sounds so lame but I was wondering if you might have a cup of sugar I could borrow. I was making cookies and I don’t have enough sugar and I really need these cookies today and I don’t have time to go to the store…” she trailed off as she realized he was staring at her. “Yeah, that’s me…big with the cookie making.”

“I’ll have to check. I haven’t been to the store in a while but I’m sure at some point I’ve bought sugar. I’m Daniel, by the way.” He wandered into the kitchen and started digging through his cupboards. “I’ve seen you in the hallway a couple of times.”

Dawn stepped into the apartment so she could watch him in the kitchen. “Yeah, I’ve seen you too. Listen, I want to apologize. I really don’t party all the time, it’s just that I’m new in town and the people who are showing me around like to get with drinking whenever there’s a day that ends in ‘Y’. “

Daniel pulled his head out of the cabinet he was digging in “Excuse me?” She had been drunk when he passed her in the hall? She didn’t notice he’d been drinking at all? He almost laughed out loud.

Dawn turned a deep shade of red and started talking at hyperspeed, “I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t mean to grab your ass when I passed you in the hall last night, I wouldn’t do that because like you’re way older than me and I’m not a skank not that you’re old or ugly or anything because you are really, really hot and not old at all not like some of my sister’s boyfriends,” at this point her mind caught up to what her mouth was saying and she clapped both hands over her mouth to stop the flow of talk.

Daniel stared at her eyes wide for a minute before he softly chuckled, “I’m sorry. You must have me confused with someone else. You didn’t grab my ass last night.” He poured the sugar he had dug out of the cabinet into a cup.

“You mean I dreamed it?” Dawn asked, eyes wide, expression horrified.

“I wouldn’t know about that but I think I would have noticed if something like that happened.”

“Oh goddess.” She let her head drop so her long dark hair fell and covered her face. “Sugar?” She squeaked. She held her hand out without looking.

He chuckled again and handed her the cup. “Listen, this has been a little awkward. Would you like to have dinner tonight and try this whole thing over again? So we don’t have to avoid each other’s eyes every time we meet in the hall?”

“Okay,” she nodded her head still not looking up from the interesting spot she’d found on the floorboards near her feet. She decided she may never look up again. It was pretty interesting down at floor level, why would she ever need to look up into gorgeous faces with bright blue eyes that were laughing at her because she was an idiot and listened to her stupid sister. She was going to kill Buffy.

“How about I come by your apartment at 8:00 and we’ll go out and get a steak or something.” He bent over and craned his head up so he could see into her face.

She was startled when his face moved to block her interesting view of the floor and she “Eeeped” in surprise. She tried to clap both hands over her face, still too embarrassed to look him in the face and almost spilled the sugar all over herself. She spread out the fingers of her empty hand and tried to hide behind it. She nodded and mumbled through her hand, “Yeah, that will be great. I’ll see you then.” She turned to flee and ran right into Sam. “Sorry,” she mumbled as she rushed out the door.

Sam opened her mouth to respond but the girl was already gone.

“What did you do to that girl, Daniel? I’ve never seen anyone that shade of red before.” Sam asked curiously.

“Well apparently she was drinking last night and had a dream that she made a move on me and when she woke up this morning she became convinced it really happened. She came over to apologize and got a little embarrassed when she realized she had nothing to apologize for.” Daniel was gathering up his things as he quickly filled Sam in on his amusing morning.

Sam laughed, ”That poor girl. I would not have survived that at her age.”

Daniel sighed, “I don’t think I ever was that age.”

“Me either,” Sam said as they walked out the door.


Dawn stormed through her apartment door, closing it hard enough to rattle the pictures she had just finished hanging on the walls the day before. She slammed the sugar down on the counter and grabbed her cellphone and screamed at the person waiting on the other end. “Buffy, I’m going to kill you!”

“Why? What happened?” Buffy chirped from the other end of the phone.

“It really was just a dream. Why did I listen to you? Now he thinks I’m some kind of freaky skank who gets drunk and thinks she grabs people’s asses.” Dawn yelled into the phone.

Buffy couldn’t help it. She busted out laughing. She laughed so hard she dropped the phone and fell off the sofa she had been perched on in Giles office.

Giles raised an eyebrow at her and walked over and picked up the phone. He listened to Dawn yell for moment before he said, “Hello, Dawn. How are you today?”

“Giles, your slayer is a bad, bad person,” Dawn spat out through gritted teeth.

“Yes, quite. But what did she do this time?” Giles eyed the tiny blonde woman rolling around on the floor laughing.

“I have this new neighbor and he’s very much of the hotness, if you know what I mean?”

“No, I’m quite sure that I don’t.”

“Giles. Anyway I was out drinking with some of the guys in my comparative religion class and I had a little too much. When I got home I passed my new neighbor in the hall and he looked quite yummy. So when I got to my room, I had a dream about him…”

Giles took his glasses off and began to polish them. “Dawn, I am fairly certain that I want you to stop right here. I have no need to hear about your fantasies.”

“Ewww Giles. Like I’d tell you those anyway and I certainly wouldn’t tell Buffy. All the dream was about was me passing him in the hall and grabbing his ass. So when I’m talking to Buffy this morning I mention it to her and she convinces me that I really grabbed his ass so I went over to ask for sugar and apologize.”


“Buffy’s idea…stupid Buffy. Now I have to make cookies cause I told him I was making cookies and I’m not Willow and I don’t know how to make cookies. I don’t even have any stupid cookie recipes.”

“I’m sure if you call Willow she would give you a recipe.” Giles nudged Buffy with his foot where she still was rolling around on the floor and shook his head at her when she looked up. This set her off into a new peal of giggles.

“And have her laugh like a hyena at me too? No thank you. I’m sure I’ll get enough phone calls over this as soon as chuckles can stop laughing enough to tell the others. Daniel laughed at me too.”


“The guy, my neighbor…his name is Daniel. He has the most beautiful blue eyes…”

“Yes, well I’m sure he does but Buffy and I have a dinner meeting to get to with the Prime Minister and it will take her forever to fix her hair and makeup from her little jaunt on the floor.”

“What!!!!” Buffy shrieked and with Slayer speed jumped off the floor and ran for the mirror.

“I will have her call you later and I am sure everything will be fine. Just remember we all love you.”

“I love you all too. Bye, Giles.”

“Bye, Dawn.” Giles shut the cellphone and turned to look at Buffy as she came back into the room. “Why must you torment her like that?”

Buffy smiled and laid a gentle kiss on Giles lips. “I had to put up with the crap of having a little sister messing with my things and being a pain, I should get to have the fun stuff too.”
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