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Family Secrets

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Summary: What if Dawn hadn't been sent to Buffy and instead grew up as Anita's little sister? But, unfortunately, both Blake girls have hidden secrets. Now they've decided to come out to play...

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredMariaFR1322,2030104,66627 Jun 031 Jul 03No

Little Sister

Disclaimer: Laurell K. Hamilton owns Anita Blake and Joss Whedon owns Glory and Dawn. I own none of the above or below.
A/N: This is the challenge I used to begin this fic.

I'm too busy to write this myself so I thought I'd send it out to
the lists and hopefully someone will pick it up. This is a Dawn
crossover challenge. What if the monks sent Dawn to someone else to
protect? You don't have to use Glory or anything else from Buffy if
you don't want to. In fact, some of these ideas would probably work
better if you only used Dawn. This can be a crossover with anything
you can think of, but here are a few suggestions:

1. Harry Potter: What if she was Harry's daughter in the future or
his sister? Snape's daughter? A Weasley? Dumbledore's granddaughter?

2. Anita Blake: How about making her Anita's cousin? Edward's
younger sister?

3. X-Men: What if she was Rogue's sister? Wolverine's daughter?

4. Roswell: Max Evan's adopted sister? Liz's younger sister? How
about Michael? Dawn could be his foster sister?

5. Smallville: Who better to protect her than Superman himself?

6. Angel: Admittedly he doesn't keep good track of his own children
but why not place Dawn with him?

7. Star Wars: Ok this one is kind of out there as an idea but I'm
throwing it out anyway.

8. Labyrinth: I'm not sure how you would do this one either but it's
a suggestion.

9. Charmed: I don't watch the show personally but someone might have
a good idea for it.

10. Heralds of Valdemar: Don't know if anyone on the lists reads
these books by Mercedes Lackey but me but I think this would make a
great world to introduce Dawn into.

11. The Mummy: I love this movie and the sequel so I would love it
if you used this one. Send Dawn to the Medjai or the O'Connels for

12. Highlander: How about sending her to Methos or Duncan?

Well there you go. I can't wait to read what you guys come up with
using this.


The Executioner only wanted to take a shower and then take a nice, peaceful nap. That was it! Instead, as she ran into her house, Micah grabbed her arm. “Anita, this girl showed up claiming she was your sister.”

Anita blinked before enveloping the girl in a hug. “Hey, baby sis. What the hell are you doing in St. Louis?”

The tall brunette offered sheepishly, “I was just passing through?”

“Dawn, you live in San Francisco, you’re too young to drive and if you flew, I don’t want to know where you got the cash!” Anita knew well why her fifteen year old sister was there; it wasn’t like she hadn’t run away at seventeen for the same reason.

Dawn Blake sighed. “I hacked into Dad’s bank account, alright? I’d already saved nearly three hundred dollars, so I didn’t have to take that much.”

Micah and the rest of the pard gaped at their nimir-ra. They’d often seen her mad at petty offenses, and yet she wasn’t blowing up at this young woman.
Besides, she’d never told them that she had a sister.

As though she’d read their minds, Anita turned to them with a sigh. “We’ll explain later. For now, however, I have to go petition the court for legal custody and Dawn needs to sleep. Especially if the last time was really bad.”

“It wasn’t as bad as some of the shit he used to put you through,” Dawn muttered.

“Dawnie, don’t swear. Now go sleep. We’ll talk later, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As Dawn walked off, Anita shook her head. “She is far too much like me.”

And with that, the Executioner walked over to the phone and dialed a number. The next thing she said was, “Jason, it’s Anita. I have to speak to Jean Claude right now…Thank you…Hi, Jean Claude…Could you help me gain custody of my 15 year old little sister?”

After a few minutes, she continued. “My father’s bad news. I ran away during my senior year and now Dawn has as well…Trust me, Edward is pleasant compared to him…Thank you, call me when you have details…I love you too. Bye.”

Nathaniel watched his nimir-ra closely, trying to get the courage to ask her about that final comment. Finally he couldn’t help himself. “What did you mean by saying he was bad news?”

Anita sighed, thinking about all the things she’d gone through before finding herself at the end of her rope and running to her aunt and uncle. The abuse had been constant, and it had only gotten worse when her mother died. In some ways she had blamed Juanita Blake for dying and leaving her twelve year old to deal with a six-month old. True, she’d gotten past that, but it had taken a long time. How was she supposed to explain that to her pard? How was she supposed to explain that she had never felt love until she’d found Jean-Claude, Richard, the pack, and the pard?

And how the hell was she to explain about Dawn? Dawn was, as far as she’d always been concerned, her sister. Besides, the Hell-Goddess, Glory, would never come after Dawn. The remaining monk, Juanita, had seen to that when she sacrificed herself to save the world.

A/N: Reviewing and giving me ideas is a very good idea. Please, do. This will be updated only when people give me more ideas. For instance, who should I have Dawn with? Anita will be with both Jean-Claude and Richard. Please recall, this is AU and that means I can do what I want so don’t yell at me about not getting details right.
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