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Nine Kingdoms the Scoobies Never Visited

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Summary: Nine drabbles in which the BtVS characters experience the difficulties of each of the Nine Kingdoms.

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Movies > 10th Kingdom, TheLaureaFR74504042,8271 May 072 May 07No

2nd Kingdom - Hansel and Gretel

Nine Kingdoms the Scoobies Never Visited


2nd Kingdom


            “Again? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

            “No tricks from you!” one of the girls snapped, slapping Amy as they dragged her forward. “We know how to deal with witches here!”

            There came a cheer from the throng that still called itself Gretel’s army even though the original Witch-Killer was long dead.

            “Okay, this is just ridiculous,” Amy said as the girls prepared to shove her into a giant oven. That was the last straw. She crossed her fingers and began her favorite spell.

            Moments later, an army of rats scrambled to be first to devour the nearby gingerbread house.
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