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Nine Kingdoms the Scoobies Never Visited

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Summary: Nine drabbles in which the BtVS characters experience the difficulties of each of the Nine Kingdoms.

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Movies > 10th Kingdom, TheLaureaFR74504042,8461 May 072 May 07No

3rd Kingdom - Trolls

Nine Kingdoms the Scoobies Never Visited


3rd Kingdom


            “Last chance to let her go before I kick all of your asses,” Buffy said, cold fury in her eyes as she prepared to destroy the three trolls holding Dawn.

            The orange-haired female stepped forward. “We are prepared to make a deal.”

            “My sister for you keeping your heads is the only deal I’m interested in,” Buffy snapped.

            The two male trolls tightened their grips on Dawn. “I think we are in a position to make demands,” Blabberwort countered with a smirk. “And we want those.” She pointed.

            Buffy frowned. “My feet?”

            “No.” The trolls’ eyes gleamed greedily. “Your shoes.”
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