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Nine Kingdoms the Scoobies Never Visited

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Summary: Nine drabbles in which the BtVS characters experience the difficulties of each of the Nine Kingdoms.

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1st Kingdom - Cinderella

Nine Kingdoms the Scoobies Never Visited


Disclaimer: Buffy characters, settings, and ideas belong to Joss Whedon, while 10th Kingdom characters, settings, and ideas belong to Hallmark. Please assume that this disclaimer applies to all following chapters.


Note on canon: For The 10th Kingdom, I will be drawing on the movie, the novelization of the movie, and the DVD extras as information seems useful. Some of the kingdoms have interesting histories that weren’t mentioned in the movie.


1st Kingdom


            “You’re supposed to throw your shoe,” Wendell said. “It’s a lovely tradition.”

            “It’s a good way to ruin a shoe,” Cordelia said, glancing protectively at her stylish heels. “Lose one, and hope some guy was paying enough attention to return it? Uh, no.”

            “It might not be so bad,” Wendell protested. “That is, some gentlemen position themselves to catch the slipper of their favored lady. And –” He blushed.

            “Why didn’t you say so?” Cordelia gave him a dazzling smile, holding out her hand. “The dance isn’t over yet. And if you’re good, maybe I’ll throw my shoe at you later.”

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