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The Witch and the Vampire's Ghost

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Fan Art

Summary: Photomanip for story of the same title

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Harry Potter > FanartamazonsummonsFR183295013,5091 May 0728 Nov 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of J.K. Rowling, BtV, Angel and friends are property of Mr. Whedon. I don't own, I just like to play with other people's toys.


Photomanip of our Favorite Ghost/Vampire with a soul and my own OCF, Maeve Flynn, Graduate of Hogwarts class of 1999, Ravenclaw House and Liaison of Albus Dumbledore to Wolfram and Hart and the Newly reformed Watcher's Council under Rupert Giles. It's a little difficult to tell but the thing by Spike is the Amulet he wore in the BtV episode Chosen that made him a crispy Vamp. The actress I chose for Maeve is Rose Bryne of Troy fame, I thought she had a sort of tragic beauty about her that fits the character, plus she matched my descriptions of her as well. I hope to have the first chapter up in about a month, give or take, life a bit busy right now so we'll see. I love reviews and comments, this is one of my first manips so I'd love anything you guys have to say!

I know that you can't see the Manip, I'm trying to fix it so here's a link : Photo Manip Here!!
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