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This story is No. 5 in the series "Powerless". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to "Real" and "Powerless": Buffy, Johnny and Angel have changed the world, but now the world is changing to something far worse. Can they stop the events they have set in motion?

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Legal Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all characters belong to Joss Whedon, Fox, UPN and the WB. The Dead Zone and all characters belong to Shawn & Michael Piller, Stephen King, Lion's Gate Television and USA Network. No profit is being made off of this and no copyright infringement is intended.

10: Attack

Andrew sat back firmly in his seat as he held a small, golf ball-sized, blue orb in his fist. He slowly breathed as he glanced over to Dawn who was staring around at the rest of the passengers on the airplane with a pensive expression. They had been flying around for far too long. Something was wrong.

The plane kicked ominously with a jolt of turbulence that disturbed all of the passengers on board. Andrew gasped as he closed his eyes for a brief second. “Hasn’t that been happening a lot?” he whispered fearfully.

“No,” Dawn stated with a sigh. “It was only like the third time on the whole way here. That’s actually not bad.”

“We should’ve been there by now, right?” said Andrew.

“It’s a long flight,” she shrugged. The cabin bumped again as Dawn glanced passed Andrew at the wing of the airplane as it coasted through the morning clouds over the northern United States. She looked down at Andrew’s hand. “What is that thing you’ve been holding?”

“Don’t worry,” he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a duplicate. “I got one for you, too. Willow gave them to me for a birthday present—”

“Yeah, but what do they do?” she asked impatiently.

“They’re teleportation orbs,” Andrew explained. “Think of them in this case as parachutes. If the plane goes down we’ll be using these thingies to get the hell outta dodge. Whatever that means.”

“Andrew, there’s not even a storm outside,” she stated. “Nothing but light cloud cover. I seriously don’t think the plane’s going down.”

“Maybe not. But better safe than sorry.” He stared at both of them in the palms of his two hands. “Statistically, it’s the safest way to travel,” he added nervously. “You’re more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to die in a plane crash. But should something happen, I’m gonna be clutching these balls tighter than—”

An enormous explosion shocked the cabin as a flash of light blinded those inside, pouring in from the windows. The boom was heard a half-second later as the light disappeared and the frightened passengers covered their ears. The plane rocked violently as the orbs slipped from Andrew’s fingers.

“No!” Andrew shouted. “The orbs!” Screams rang out all around them as Dawn glanced up and saw the lights of the service panel above her flicker and go out as they were thrown around. The flight attendants still in the aisle were knocked to their faces as carry-on bags fell from storage bins above.
As pandemonium filled the plane, Dawn glanced down and saw the blue stones rolling away up the aisle. She jumped out of her seat to the floor as the plane began to pitch and stomachs heaved upwards from the downward angle.

Dawn crawled on her elbows, dragging her legs as the oxygen masks fell from above. She chased rapidly after one of the tiny orbs as she stopped at two feet standing in the middle of the aisle. Dawn grabbed onto the stone ball and looked up to see a somewhat familiar face in a terrifying setting. The face brought her less comfort and more fear.

Whatever was happening, the only thought that ran through her mind is that she wanted out.

Buffy sat back on the couch with her feet up in the seat and her arms wrapped around her knees as she glanced curiously around the cabin. A few feet away from her, Walt Bannerman sat in a wicker chair tapping his fingers on the arm rest as he stared down with a bored expression. They had all of nothing to discuss with each other, which made for a significantly awkward half-hour for both.

Finally after a sea of silence and boredom, Buffy’s eyes found Walt and studied him carefully. “So… let me get this straight… you’re all from Maine?”

“Uh,” Walt began, clearing his gruff throat, “yeah. Well, some of us. Johnny, Bruce and I. And you. Well, you… more recently than anyone. I think you lived in California most of your life.”

“Okay, and… um, Johnny?” she continued, struggling with her foggy memory. “How did you meet him?”

Walt sighed deeply as he reached back into his own memory. It had been at least five years that had changed his whole life. “When I was the sheriff back in Cleaves Mills, I met Johnny when he came forward to the police with information about ongoing investigations.”

“Because he was a psychic?”

“Exactly,” Walt nodded. “When he turned out to be the real deal we started seeing a whole lot of each other.” He swallowed as he glanced down at the floor. “Partly because of his abilities and partly because I was raising his son.”

Buffy’s eyebrows raised a bit. “And the plot thickens. What gives with that?”

Hesitantly, he explained as politely as he could, “Before Johnny had his car accident he used to be with a woman named Sarah. She’s… you’ve… you’ve met her, too. When Johnny went into a coma, she was already pregnant with his son, J.J.”

“And now you’re married to Sarah?” Buffy asked confusedly. “She didn’t wait?” Walt swallowed hard again as Buffy retracted her statement, noticing the discomfort in his disposition. “I mean, not that… you know, it was rushed, or… I’m sorry, I hope I don’t do this all the time.”

“Johnny was never meant to wake up,” Walt declared. “But he did because sometimes… destiny has a bigger plan.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Buffy asked in confusion. Walt blinked at her response – to think that the girl who was a Slayer knew nothing of destiny now.

“One of the things I learned from Johnny… and from the stories you’ve told, is that you have to sacrifice some things in your life to fight the good fight because the fight itself is bigger than you are. Believe it or not, it’s more important than the things lost.”

Buffy stared closely at him as she studied his words. Darkness filled her expression as if she began to see in her mind the shadows of her former life. “Were Johnny and I...” The words faded away as she nervously asked the question, “Was there a thing between us?”

Walt uncomfortably blushed a bit and then nodded. “Yeah, there was.”

She looked down at the floor for a second as she tried to piece together her past, having much difficulty. “And the other guy… Angel?”

“I don’t really know much about him,” Walt shrugged and shook his head. “I imagine he’s an okay guy.”

She squeezed her eyes closed as she fought to remember and explain the positive and negative reactions inside of her. “I think,” she said, half to herself, “I think I was in love with him, too.”

Walt stared at her in silence as she descended deep into contemplation. With a buzz which hadn’t been heard in a while, Walt’s cell phone rang in the pocket of his jeans, causing him to stir and jump up immediately. He reached in and stared down at the name on the call. “I’ll be right outside,” he said as he flipped the cell phone open worriedly.

“Sarah,” he declared with a hint of shock and excitement as he rushed out of the cabin and stepped out onto the porch outside, closing the door behind him. What followed was the barrage of complaints that he knew were inevitable.

“Walt! Where the hell have you been? Why haven’t you called? What’s going on?”

“Sarah, Sarah, slow down,” he answered, trying to save his sinking ship. “You don’t understand; I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for hours…” Another wash of static flooded the airwaves as her voice crackled and was almost lost.

“What?” she replied. “It’s hard to hear you; are you in a tunnel?”

“No, honey,” he said louder. “I’m in a cabin north of Los Angeles.”

“Did you say a cabin?” she exclaimed. “What are you doing in a cabin? I heard about that explosion at the hospital on TV and I’ve been worried sick and you’re in a cabin? Where’s Johnny and Bruce? Weren’t they with you…?”

“Slow down,” Walt declared. “I can explain.” He took a deep breath and realized that was a whole lot harder than he imagined.

“Well, I’m waiting.”

“Okay, maybe, I can’t explain. Look, we’re all safe… the explosion – we weren’t in it. We’re fine.”

“Fine?” Sarah repeated.

“Yes, honey, we’re…” Walt stared around the clearing of the woods as the got the feeling that he was somehow being watched through the trees. “How’s J.J.?” he asked as he kept his eyes alertly on the trees around him.

“He’s fine,” Sarah sighed. “We’re in the car right now on the way to school.” She began to ramble on, nervousness and exhaustion in her voice, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, Walt, I’ve been waiting for you to call and then I thought it was the phones at the house. I swear to god the second you’re gone every single appliance we own just breaks at once. And then I’ve been trying to get a hold of Johnny because I know he just must be devastated…”

“Devastated?” Walt repeated with confusion.

“Of course!” Sarah exclaimed. “His fiancé just died, did she not?”

“Well…” his words faded away uncomfortably. “She’s kind of, not dead.” Sarah nearly slammed on her breaks as her jaw dropped wide open. Sure enough, another bewildered WHAT? burst out of the phone. But before Walt could explain, another wash of static ripped through their conversation and disconnected their call. “Sa-Sarah?” Walt called as he glanced at his phone in frustration. “Damn, she’s gonna be pissed.”

Angel stepped across the fresh green grass of a side yard in a suburb. It was a path he had walked before and he had spent nights retracing every step. He emerged from beneath an elm tree as he gazed carefully around the corner of a lovely white house with maroon shutters. It wasn’t a path he was used to taking in the daytime. Of course, there wasn’t a path he was used to taking in the daytime.

He slowly approached a window looking into a small kitchen. Slowly, he moved towards it with his eyes intently staring through the pane inside. Angel watched carefully, moving slowly, as he saw Mr. Riley sitting at the kitchen table, reading over the morning paper.

Angel looked quickly to his side to see a small, Jack Russell Terrier bound up with a wagging tail and a panting tongue. Excited to greet Angel, the dog leapt up and licked him on the back of the hand. The second the dog’s tongue reached his hand, Angel flashed back to a familiar vision.

Angel was in the lobby of Wolfram & Hart and the building quaked dangerously. He glanced around, then stared forward at his son, who stood bravely in front of him with a fiery determination in his eyes.

“They’ll destroy you!” Connor shouted over the sounds of the collapsing structure.

“Not if you’re okay,” Angel calmly answered. Connor stared his father in his eyes with all the torment in the world for another moment. Hesitantly, he spun around and ran for safety out of the building, leaving his father to face the wrath of the Senior Partners for destroying their apocalypse.

As quickly as it came, the vision was gone. Angel understood now the benefit of being psychic, because for a brief moment it felt as if he was there in front of his son again. Angel looked up from the dog and stared back into the window just as Connor, now almost two years older, emerged from another room.

He was no longer able to hear their talking from inside the kitchen, having lost his sensitive hearing ability with his vampiric nature. He watched Connor sit down at the table with his “adoptive” father, a deck of cards in his hands.

As Angel watched his son, he silently reconsidered all of the deeds and decisions he’d made in his past. He could stand there for the rest of the day thinking about these things, and all of the things he could have had in his life, as well as what he could have now that he was human. However, he only allowed himself a few more seconds of the satisfaction of knowing that your son is still alive after a horrific battle (and not being able to fully remember if you’d seen him since then).

Now that the deed was done, Angel turned around and walked away from the house, disappearing into the shadows of the trees.

Inside the house, Connor froze in place as his eyes drifted upwards off of the shuffled cards. He glanced around the kitchen as Mr. Riley stood up and exited for a moment, leaving Connor to himself. He looked around with an eerie feeling as he glanced out of the kitchen window to the side yard.

He could not see anyone, but inside he knew.

Inside the Watchers Council, a metal door quaked and slid open after being stuck in lockdown mode for hours. On the other side, Johnny, Dana, Oz and Bruce glanced and the burning hot doorway warily. “Nice work,” Johnny commented to Dana as she placed her hands back in her pockets, having melted locking mechanisms on the door.

Inside the darkened castle, things were quieter than death, and just as unsettling. The lights overhead flickered on and off weakly and at a closer glance one could tell that things inside the building had been destroyed.

“I love what they’ve done with the place,” Bruce declared as he gazed around cautiously.

Johnny stared closely around the area and stepped inside. “Please tell me the place is just being remodeled.”

“They need to fire whoever’s doing the remodeling,” Bruce noted.

“No,” Oz declared uncomfortably. “Something’s wrong.” He bounded down the hallway cautiously with the others in tow. They ran down a hallway into a central command post area to find most everything trashed.

“What the hell happened here?” Dana asked nervously.

“That’s beginning to sound like our new motto,” Johnny declared as he glanced around the area and his eyes froze towards the floor. He rushed over behind a desk with a destroyed computer on top of it to see the broken body of a woman on the ground.

Oz rushed over as Johnny lifted the woman’s lifeless body and studied her blood-stained face. “I know her,” Oz declared as he stared down at the red-haired woman. “Her name is Vi. She’s the one that… tried to send me a message.”

“Slayer?” Johnny asked.

“Yeah,” Oz declared. “I’ve been… keeping an eye on this place.”

Johnny respectfully lay the woman’s body down on the floor and gazed around the area. “There are more bodies outside,” Dana gasped as she stared out the doorway. “Oh my god…”

“They’re all dead,” Oz sighed. “Everyone here.”

“They’ve been slaughtered,” Bruce stated as he stared down at another dark-skinned woman with long braids not far away from Vi. “What could’ve done this?”

Oz stared at the walls surrounding them, studying the horrible burn marks scarring them. “Whatever it was, magic couldn’t stop it.” He swallowed hard as another fear filled his heart.

Johnny stepped out of the command room and gazed around the hallways. “There are more dead bodies in the other rooms.”

“I know,” Oz replied as he swallowed hard. “I can smell the blood.”

“Do you think what did this is still here?” Dana asked fearfully.

“No,” Johnny shook his head. “Whatever did this is long gone.”

Bruce stared around at some of the undamaged computers, one of them still on. He glanced up in the corner of the room to see an undamaged surveillance camera peering down on them. “Is there any way to see what happened here?”

The four of them looked at each other as Oz moved towards one of the computers and browsed around until he found a program that loosely resembled what he was looking for. After several failed tries, he was able to bring up the surveillance footage.

“You’re pretty good at that,” Dana nodded.

“Thanks, after this I’ll sign up for the Geek Squad.” He began to rewind the past footage to the minute before the blackout. The video showed a mass of people running for their lives, terrified – thankfully without sound. For a brief second, there was a flash in the doorway, but the image was gone before it could be registered or recognized. The people in the command room were then seen being torn apart one by one by the unseen force.

“Ugh, stop it… can… can you rewind and play it back slower?” Johnny asked.

“Uh, sure, let me try,” Oz replied. After some difficulty, he was able to rewind and slow down the frame rate. A blurry shadow could now be see wielding an axe-like weapon doing the damage as it popped from area to area, killing everyone in its path.

“Can you zoom in on the weapon?” Johnny asked.

“Okay, keep in mind,” Oz complained. “I’m just pressing buttons here.”

“And we’re amazed with every push,” Johnny answered. “Just try.”

Oz sighed and went back to pressing until he was able to center-in on the weapon and enhance the image. “I think that’s as good as it gets,” Oz stated.

“That’s good enough,” Johnny replied with a darkened tone of dismay. Bruce, Dana and Oz stared at what Johnny was seeing.

“What?” Dana asked as they stared at an enhanced version of the weapon – the silver and red weapon which Johnny had seen in past visions: the Scythe of the Slayer.

“Buffy?” Johnny said with disbelief as he gazed at the shadowed figure holding the blood-stained weapon.

“What?” Bruce blurted. “No way, that’s not—”

The image began to move again as the video slowly played as the figure moved left and right, taking out people mercilessly. The group stared closer with more trepidation and fear as the horrifying reality came to light.

“It is her,” Oz stated, bewildered. An angry tone set into his voice. “She did this.”

“Why?” Dana declared. “And how? I mean, we were there.”

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Johnny shook his head, feeling betrayed.

“She came back from the dead again,” Oz stated. As he was talking, the image on the computer screen stopped as the shadowy image turned around and popped to the center of the room… a face staring up at the camera. It was Buffy’s face, with eyes blacked out with evil power. This shadowy Buffy-like figure gazed up at the camera, almost as if she could see the four of them standing in the room staring at the screen hours later.

There before them was the proof, and yet something seemed different. It was Buffy’s image to the slightest detail, but there was something very wrong.

“It’s not the real Buffy,” Oz summarized what they were all thinking. “It’s something else.”

Something evil, they thought.

As the image continued to stare at them threateningly through the camera, they stepped back away from the computer. “Bruce, you need to get us home,” Johnny ordered. “We need to go. Now.”

Buffy lay on the couch in the cabin, nodding off to sleep as she stirred suddenly and sat straight up. She glanced around to see that Walt was still gone and she was by herself in the cabin, but she certainly did not feel alone. A green light began to glow from somewhere, lighting the whole cabin up in green. Buffy glanced down fearfully at the Armageddon Symbol on the floor as it shined brighter by the second.

“Oh, great,” she breathed worriedly. Seconds before she was about to bolt out of the door away from the radiating symbol, a loud, ear-bursting shriek rang out as if it was coming from some distance nearby. Buffy screamed and clutched her ears as the shrill sound shook her bones and nearly burst her eardrum. Without even thinking, she sped off… but much faster than any human could run. It was almost as if she was flying out of the door to find the source of the sound. She was running faster than any human eye could catch – faster than the sound itself.

Sure enough, not far from the cabin in the woods, Buffy found the source of the sound. The screaming, shrieking howl was coming from deep within an old stone well – the same that Malcolm Janus had activated for her to find. With the sound still crashing inside her skull, she stumbled forward and grasped the edge of the well. Suddenly, more green energy erupted from inside the well in a beam of light, consuming her within.

Tiredly, Walt rushed back into the cabin after several failed minutes of searching for Buffy after he heard the explosion. He rushed over for the wall and found an old landline telephone with almost frayed wires sticking into a telephone jack in the wall. He grabbed the phone and heard a weak dial tone.

After dialing several numbers, he finally got a hold of Robin Wood. Of course, they could barely hear each other over all the distortion on the line. “Robin, it’s Walt, I’m back at the cabin. I can’t find Buffy.”

“I know,” he declared, “I just got word from Giles that Buffy’s been compromised.”

“What? How?”

“You need to tell Johnny that Buffy is a threat, do you understand?”

Walt rolled his eyes with frustration. “He’s not here!”


“He and the others went to Scotland to see the Watchers Council. I’ve been here with Buffy alone.”

Several seconds of static and silence went by as Robin declared with a deathly-serious tone. “Look, my team is already en route. You’ve got to get the hell out of there. Do you copy? Just run!”

Without another word, Walt hung up the phone, rushed out of the door, and began a three-mile run down the road towards the nearest gas station.

Sarah continued the curvy drive through the hills past walls of spruce and pines. She glanced over at J.J. who fiddled with his PSP in silence. “When’s Dad coming back?” J.J. asked.

“Honey, I don’t know,” she sighed worriedly, bags forming beneath her eyes as they had steadily since Walt lost his job.

“What’s Johnny doing?”

“Sweetie, look, I really don’t know anything right now. Just… no questions.”

“Gosh,” the ten-year-old boy sighed, rolling his eyes. “I was just asking.”

“I know,” Sarah softened her tone as she glanced over at him, “and I don’t mean to snap, it’s just—”
“Mom, watch out!” J.J. shouted as Sarah whipped her head towards the road to see a young woman rush out in front of her car. She slammed on the brakes as the car screeched to a stop just a few feet away from the strange, wild-eyed woman.

“Oh, my god…” Sarah breathed. “J.J., stay here.” Sarah opened the driver’s side door after unbuckling her seat belt. She hopped out of the car and rushed up to the terrified, blonde teenage girl. “Are you all right?”

“We need to run!” Dawn exclaimed. “It’s coming!” The teenage woman ran up to the car, unsettling Sarah and J.J. Sarah looked the woman over to see that she was covered in cuts and what looked like small burns.

“We gotta go,” Dawn ordered.

“What… what happened…?” Sarah’s words fell away as she looked over to the left side of the road up the hill and noticed the bright fire burning through the trees and the enormous column of smoke coming from beyond the ridgeline. A few seconds later she realized that it was a passenger plane that was blazing at the top of the hill. “Oh, my god…”

“Get in the car,” Dawn ordered as she shoved Sarah back into the driver’s seat. Dawn hopped into the back seat. “It’s still coming! Go!”

J.J. looked over across the road towards the trees as he heard the sounds of snapping and crumbling branches. He observed that not only were branches disappearing, but entire trees were being pushed aside like a scene from a monster movie. He braced himself as fear came over him. “Mom!” he shouted as he stared out of the window with wide eyes.

Sarah tried to put the car back in drive, but it something was wrong. She turned the engine back over to no avail. “The car won’t start!” Sarah exclaimed. J.J. glanced down at the dashboard and then suddenly pulled his hands off of it, an unsettled expression across his face.

“There’s no time,” Dawn breathed as she heard it coming closer. She pulled the second orb from her pocket and grabbed Sarah and J.J.’s shoulders.

Dana and Oz rushed across the front yard of the cabin towards the barn. “We must have gotten separated somehow,” Oz declared. “Are you sure no one’s in the cabin?”

“It’s empty,” Dana declared. They headed towards the barn with the hope of finding Walt or the rest of their group. Suddenly from the side, Robin’s team, led by Renee rushed up to them.

“Where’s Buffy?” Renee asked.

“We don’t know…” Dana declared.

“Get the barn door open,” Renee ordered as two of her team pulled the doors apart. Oz and Dana stood back and glanced around, seeing no one as the team spilled inside with rifles drawn.

“Dead end,” Oz sighed.

Dana began, “I think we need to—” They both heard a crash from the other end of the barn as a flash of light shined out. Before anyone could register what was happening, Dana gasped and reached for her throat, blood spilling out through her fingers. Oz looked over to see a circular saw sticking out of her throat, stealing the life from her eyes. They watched as she fell lifelessly to the floor in shock.

Within seconds more rusty tools began flying through the air as the five members of Robin’s team opened fire on the unseen force. At least two shears flew through the air and fatally stabbed two of the team members. A simple lumber axe cut down another team member as Oz’s eyes darted from corner to corner, trying to find the culprit. From the side, Oz spotted one of the team being struck from behind and decapitated by something which appeared to be a garden hoe.

“Oz, get out of here!” Renee screamed as suddenly, she, too was killed. Oz rushed for the door, but he already knew it was too late. He glanced back to see Buffy standing at the back of the barn, her eyes black with evil.

As Oz turned back towards the door, Buffy was standing in the doorway staring at him with a twisted pale smile, looking more dead than alive and more demon than human. He froze with fear as he gazed at the demon, and felt a sharp pain in his chest. He stared down to see a slick black knife fashioned from the Ununoctinite stone sticking out of his heart.

An explosion of light erupted from the mortal wound in his chest.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Doomsday" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 07.

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