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Five Times Faith and Giles Woke Up Together

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This story is No. 7 in the series "All Things Faith/Giles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: There is something about those first moments of wakefulness that preclude the usual walls and defenses. Faith/Giles

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Faith/Giles(Past Donor)VesicaFR131586111,4452 May 072 May 07Yes
Title: Five Times Faith and Giles Woke Up Together
Author: Vesica
Rating: PG-13/FR15
Pairing: Faith/Giles
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowed them for a bit. I promise to put them back like I found them.
Summary: There is something about those first moments of wakefulness that preclude the usual walls and defenses.
Word Count: 555
Author’s Notes: Written for Blueanddollsome’s request.

Five times Faith and Giles woke up together

First Time: It was just Giles waking up and actually, it was more “coming to” than waking up. The world swam into focus and there was Faith kneeling beside him, worry lines creasing her brow. She’d let go of him fast enough once he assured her he was fine, but she couldn’t erase the lingering warmth where she’d been cupping his head, nervously tracing along his jaw with her thumb.

Second Time: Magic concussions were a lot like regular concussions except that everyone got in on the “out like a light” fun. Willow had immediately started protesting it wasn’t her fault (which it wasn’t) and Faith sorta hoped everyone was too busy reassuring Willow to notice (though Xander could tell her they weren’t – he’d seen). The first thing she’d felt as the pounding in her head subsided was a warm hand holding hers and long after she should have, she just couldn’t manage to make herself let Giles’ hand go.

Third time: That time it was just Faith, backpedaling frantically – all nervous stammers and nibbling at her bottom lip to find she’d managed to fall asleep ON Giles during the Baby Slayer’s movie fest. She’d hazily made it back to wakefulness only to find her head on his lap, hand tucked under her cheek and the other hand holding his arm around her waist with a grip she was afraid probably hurt a little.

Of course, he didn’t exactly tell her he could have moved her or more specifically her hand from where curled around his upper thigh anytime he pleased. Then again, he was never sure any of the girls (women, his mind corrected automatically for Faith and Buffy), realized Slayers were just as vulnerable as anyone else when they slept – that her death grip only stung as she started to wake.

Fourth time: It was her birthday and after an entire night of faking a smile for the Scoobies, she just didn’t have any more fight left in her. Her first decade as a Slayer and hell if it wasn’t eight years more than she’d ever expected to live - as Slayer or otherwise. Her birthday whiskey went down like liquid fire, but the coldness in her belly continued to spread. He didn’t say no when she invited herself into his room, curling around him, and letting silent sobs shake through her until sleep finally came. She was gone when he woke and he doesn’t need to be told that it’s like it never happened.

Fifth Time (First Time): She had no idea where she was as her eyes opened, the feel of his sheets, his warmth, his arm around her waist utterly unfamiliar. And then she remembered. There’d been the usual winks and sly little offers, but he’d actually said yes. Technically, “yes, but…”.

He hadn’t said so outright – but he hadn’t needed to for her to know that stepping through his doorway meant she was agreeing - no quick ride and then she was out of there, no sneaking off in the dead of night, and you know, she was as shocked as anyone at just how okay that was with her.

She closed her eyes against the sun and snuggled back into the pillow, lacing her fingers through his. It was early and she didn’t feel like moving just yet.


The End

You have reached the end of "Five Times Faith and Giles Woke Up Together". This story is complete.

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