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Hearts Uneaten

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Summary: Hannibal meets Xander while on a walk. (first attempt at slash)

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Movies > Silence of the LambsSioFR1811,97213455,8232 May 072 May 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Hannibal in any shape or form and I am not making any money from this fanfiction. Please don’t sue me.

Warning: Slash…very first attempt at slash…also Xander’s a ‘little’ out of character… not beta’d

Rating: R


Author: Sio (aka Sio-99) *shakes head* I am bad at names…

A/n: The Hannibal in this fanfic is more from the movie verse after the movie Hannibal than the books. Now on with the show.

Hearts Uneaten


He’d been watching the boy for a while now; as the young man reconstructed the front steps of an old Victorian home. He couldn’t help it, something drew him to the one eyed man. Perhaps it was the pain and suffering in the lines of his face? No, that wasn’t it. Could it be that even having lost an eye the young man still observed his surroundings with much more intensity than most two eyed people? Yes that could be it. Unable to deny his curiosity Doctor Hannibal Lector had taken a chance and approached the young man or ‘Xander’ as the boy preferred.

Xander had been immediately on edge as if he could sense the predator lurking be hide the doctors façade. Visible goose bumps rose on Xander’s arms, but there was no recognition of who the doctor truly was. Xander did not recognize him from the FBI’s top ten, no he rather that the boy recognized his soul (if such a thing exists). Xander had been polite answering the doctor’s inquires as best he could but even then he had always been watching, waiting. Perhaps for the mask to slip and reveal Doctor Lector.

Xander had been kind enough to share his shade and the last can of soda-pop, the boy really was generous to a fault. They began to converse, first about the repairs on the house then onto other subjects. Xander allowed the doctor to control the subject matter, the conversation flowed with an ease that Hannibal found remarkable. Xander mentioned that the home had belonged to his late ex-fiancée, who had left it to him, he in turn was giving it to a friend ’free and clear’ after he had ’spruced it up’. Such a generous Heart. Hannibal had to wondered what it would taste like. That had been his first meeting with Alexander Harris but not his last.

It was four or five days later when Hannibal went walking down the street he had first met Xander on. It was just after dark the street lights illuminating the sidewalk and road, He heard Xander’s voice call out in anger.

“What do you THINK I’ve been doing here Buff? Hmmm?” No reply was forthcoming from ‘Buff’ “I’ve been getting this damned house ready for you and I don’t even get one single solitary thank you. I am tired Buffy, I can’t do this any more, life is to short for this shit.” By this time Hannibal could see Xander’s back , his shoulders slumped in defeat. The air around him vibrated with misery.

“Well Xander it was the least you could do, I have saved your life you know!” Cried the enraged Buffy. A humorless laugh escaped from deep inside Xander, his entire body shook with it.

“Well Buffy the next time you drown I’ll leave you there.” Buffy raised her hand as if to strike him. “That would be a mistake Buffy” said Xander in a tone that could freeze steam. It was as if Xander had let something out, unlocked apart of himself that he had strictly controlled until that point. “Leave Buffy” The blonde turned with a huff stating who needed Xander anyway? (Hannibal just might) “Hey” Xander called quietly without turning around as Hannibal approached “sorry you had to hear that”

“No harm done.” Hannibal had replied “Everyone becomes angry occasionally.” Xander didn’t look appeased but he nodded anyway.

“So what brings you this way at this time of night? Asked Xander curiously.

“Just out for a walk, as well as a bite to eat.” replied Hannibal, Xander grinned his whole face lighting up.

“Well far be it from me to keep someone away from food” amusement dripped from Xander’s voice but it was not a mocking amusement, but genuine joy probably at the thought of Twinkies. Xander’s black mood had quickly been forgotten. Hannibal said his goodbyes and walked on in the direction that the blonde had stomped off in. Hannibal hated rude people and the blonde was definitely rude.


In the next weeks Hannibal congratulated himself in suppressing his impulse to eviscerate the blonde. Xander was an interesting person to get to know, he was so open with himself. That could have changed if he'd dined on that blondes brain and sweet breads when he had wanted to. Hannibal noticed that the boy never asked him personal questions, he seemed content with the fabrications that Hannibal volunteered to him. Xander made Hannibal want to be a better person, or at the very least not get caught.

Their acquaintance had progressed into friendship, to the point where they felt comfortable inviting each other over for dinner. It was on one such occasion that Hannibal met a friend of Xander’s named Spike. On their first meeting Spike and the doctor had stared at each other for a good five minutes before Xander or 'Xanpet' had interrupted them. Spike recognized a predator just as Xander had.

Dinner was filled with chatter and much laughter. When dinner was over Hannibal left and Spike stayed. Of course Hannibal had bugged the house so he was privy to their conversation.

"That's a dangerous one, pet" commented Spike while clearing the table.

"I know Spike" replied Xander with a sigh.

"I don't think you do luv, your Doctor friend is a man eater" replied Spike "I can smell it on 'em"

"Glass houses Spike" Xander growled " your not exactly a vegan at the best of times"

"At least I'm honest 'bout it" replied Spike.

"I am not having this conversation with you" said Xander

"You bloody well are pet, I don't want ta see you eaten" growled Spike who unknown to the listening Hannibal had vamped out "I'll kill 'em before I'll let 'em 'urt you"

"Spike" was said with an exhausted sigh "Doc's had weeks to chop me up into bite size pieces, and he hasn't, hell you tried to kill me several times before we became friend."


"Leave it Spike. Doc's a friend, and until he tries to eat me in a non-fun way, I say give him the benefit of the doubt, and don't tell the gang. That includes Giles and Angel."
Spike sighed, humans were so hard to take care of.

"From one accidental man-eater to a somewhat reformed man-eater will you let it go?" Xander asked with a good deal of dark humor.

"Fine pet, but when you get eaten don't come crying to me!" grumbled the vampire.

"I'll be sure not to" Xander said as he erupted into carefree (manly) giggles "come on Fang-junior I'll set up the basement for you and you can spent the day."

Hannibal sat rim-rod straight in his classic car. 'accidental man-eater?' 'reformed man-eater?’ both men discussed cannibalism as if it was an every day occurrence. Hannibal‘s interest was peaked. Apparently Xander was not as open about himself as Hannibal had thought. The Doctor wasn't overly concerned about Xander knowing that he ate people (and enjoyed it), even the bleach blonde English man didn't concern him. Xander appeared to accept a part of him that very few ever had before.


"Hannibal" his name was said with a grin and not one ounce of fear as Xander sat on the front steps his hands hanging loose and relaxed in between his knees.

"So, you know" replied the doctor quietly. Xander nodded but his expression didn't darken.

"Come inside, I have a story to tell you, which you probably wont believe." Xander stood in one smooth motion and moved to the door waiting for Hannibal to mount the steps.
Once inside the men moved towards the living room. "Alright lets get this started, first I want you to know that I don't plan on turning you in."

"The fact that I eat people does not upset you?" asked Hannibal

"No, not really, are you going to eat me or my friends?" asked Xander

"No. Well maybe the blonde girl" answered Hannibal who found himself looking at a grinning Xander

"Wouldn't be the first that tried" said Xander as he settled more firmly against the couch Hannibal raised an eye brow. "Now for the stuff you really wont believe" and so Xander told him all about vampires and demons and after when Hannibal was still skeptical he took the doctor out and showed him first hand. Xander also told him more about Anya the 1100 year old ex-vengeance demon who's specialty was torturing unfaithful men in very inventive ways.

He also told Hannibal about the hyena possession and how it never really left, that he walked around day after day seeing people as prey and food. Xander also admitted to a few kills He didn't try to rationalize it saying that the people he had hunted (and eaten) had been evil. Xander new he had hunted because he had enjoyed it, enjoyed doing it under Willows and Buffy’s noses while they had been in college. Xander also told him of the thrill of hunting with Spike, though he wouldn’t tell Hannibal why a vampire would be hunting with a human. Hannibal had then volunteered a few pieces of his own background to which Xander paid rapt attention.

Hannibal did not know why he did it, and he was not going to waste time wondering. In the blink of an eye he was kneeling in between Xander’s leg’s encroaching on the young man’s personal space. He leaned further forward and paused watching Xander watch him. Hannibal rushed forward as if to bite Xander. The young man didn’t flinch and Hannibal grinned before he pulled Xander into a slow leisurely yet heated kiss, Xander groaned and opened himself into the kiss to give Hannibal better access to his mouth. Hannibal’s hands snaked under Xander’s shirt to play with his nipples. Xander’s body arched against Hannibal, even as he pulled away to breath heavily. Hannibal loved the flushed look on his companion’s face and how the reddened skin disappeared down his shirt collar. Hannibal’s other hand rubbed against Xander’s clothed erection causing Xander to moan loudly.

“Shall we move to the bedroom?” asked Hannibal who received a shaky nod from Xander. Once in the bedroom the Doctor helped Xander remove his shirt while running his hands over the young man’s chest and back. Xander’s trembling hands unbuttoned Hannibal’s dress shirt, letting gravity pull the shirt to the floor. Hannibal backed Xander up until they both fell on to the bed. Xander was quickly relieved of his jeans and underwear. Hannibal explored Xander’s body trailing feather light touches and ghost kisses down his flanks and torso. Xander squirmed and gasped in pleasure when Hannibal finally paid attention to his neglected member. Xander gathered what little was left of his self control and unbuttoned and unzipped Hannibal’s pants. Together they wrestled the pants and underwear into submission freeing Hannibal’s erection to Xander’s hungry gaze.


When Xander woke it was to an arm around his waist and a hand spread flat against his stomach. Xander wriggled and stretched cataloging the pains he felt after the night of pleasure. The arm around him tightened and the lips against Xander’s neck smiled with smug satisfaction.

The end…

And they all lived happily ever after, except Buffy who was eaten…



A/n: eeeek! Okay, that wasn’t too bad was it!?!?!? Please review….but if you absolutely hated it, could you please stew in silent disgust and not shatter my world? Thanks!

The End

You have reached the end of "Hearts Uneaten". This story is complete.

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