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Izzie and Isabel

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Summary: Roswell/Grey's Anatomy Crossover. The last thing Izzie Stevens expected to see in the hospital bed was a teenage version of herself.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Grey's Anatomy.

Timeline: In between seasons 1 and 2 of Roswell. Season 3 Grey's Anatomy, set right after the three-part episode where Meredith "dies" and AU from that point onward.

If you haven't seen both shows, this might get a little confusing, but basically what you need to know is that Isobel "Izzie" Stevens is a doctor on Grey's Anatomy, and Isabel Evans was a teenage alien on the show Roswell. Both characters are played by the lovely Katherine Heigl.


Isobel Stevens was on her game. The week before, she'd drilled a hole into a man's head with a freaking power drill, and today, she was back, really back, for the first time since she'd been put on probation. Today, she felt like a doctor, and she was ready for whatever came her way.

"Stevens," Dr. Bailey barked.

"Yes," Izzie said, a little too quickly. "I mean, I'm ready, Dr. Bailey. I'm really ready." She smiled broadly.

"Charming," Dr. Bailey deadpanned. "I hope you're ready to deal with a Jane Doe."

"I can do that," Izzie said quickly. "What room number? And what's wrong with her?"

"Well, if we knew that, Stevens, we wouldn't have to send in a doctor to figure it out, now would we?"

Izzie just grinned. "I'm a doctor."

Bailey allowed herself a single smile. "Yes, Izzie, you are. Now go and do your job. The girl's unconscious, but according to the ER file, she doesn't seem to have any precipitating injuries. I haven't seen her yet, so I want a full exam, labs, the works. Find out what's wrong with her, and Stevens?"

"Yes?" Izzie said, a note of nervousness creeping into her voice for the first time.

"Find out who she is."

Izzie nodded, grabbed the file from Bailey and then skipped off to her first real assignment since the day she'd chosen love over the career she'd worked for her entire life, the day she'd chosen love over reason.


Isabel Evans stood in the middle of the New Mexican desert, her blond hair blowing in the heated wind. She watched as two small children walked by, completely naked and holding hands.

Us, Isabel thought. That's Max and me.

Somehow, the realization didn't surprise her. Isabel felt happy here. Content. She was sad when she realized it was a dream, and only mildly disturbed when she found that she couldn't wake up, couldn't dreamwalk to find Max or Michael or someone to come and get her. So instead, she sat down, stretched out, and let the sun beat across her body, the image of her small, five year old self still fresh in her mind.


"Okay," Izzie said under her breath. "Here goes nothing." She walked into the room, clipboard in hand, and with incredible precision, she began by taking her Jane Doe's pulse. She was so intent on doing things right that it wasn't until after she'd checked and rechecked the pulse that she glanced up at the girl's face- and then quickly dropped her wrist.

"Oh." Izzie didn't manage more than that single sound.

Was this Bailey's idea of a joke? No, Bailey specifically said that she hadn't seen the girl, so she couldn't have known...

Izzie stared at the unconscious girl, her eyes devouring the familiar curves of the girl's face: the high cheekbones, the wide set eyes.

This was impossible. Her Jane Doe

Izzie turned on her heels and rushed out of the room. She ran smack into George O'Malley, who glared at her and turned to move on. Izzie grabbed his hand.

"George," she said, her voice a hissing whisper. "I know you're mad at me, and maybe I'd be mad at me too, if I were you, but I'm not you, I'm me, and my Jane Doe... she's me too."

George stared at Izzie, not comprehending.

"I'm telling you, George. This Jane Doe that Bailey assigned me? She looks exactly like me. She's younger, more like me as a teenager than me now, but still... she's me." Izzie gave George her best puppy dog eyes. "Please, just come look at her and tell me I'm not crazy. Just take one teeny tiny little peak and tell me that this isn't just me freaking out because coming back to the hospital was a mistake. Just..."

"Okay," George said. To him, it was simple. Izzie needed him. Their fight could wait.

"Okay?" Izzie repeated, and then she nodded. "Okay."

"Iz?" George said calmly, deliberately resisting his friend's borderline hysteria.

"Yeah?" Izzie said.


Izzie pulled George toward the examining room. "Look at her, tell me I'm not crazy, and then I'll breathe."


George O'Malley was freaked. This was just... freaky. Izzie was freaked and he was freaked, and they still had no idea who their Jane Doe was. So George did the most logical thing.

He went to find Meredith.

"Hello, George," Meredith said, sounded particularly dreamy. Ever since her near-death experience the week before, she'd developed a greater appreciation for life. It was a little unsettling.

"Hey, Mere," George said. "If I tell you something, can you keep it a secret?"

"Secret?" Cristina Yang came up behind them and shrewdly inserted herself into the conversation. "What kind of secret? Is there a surgery? Is it a good one? Who do I need to kill to scrub in?"

Meredith rolled her eyes. "Yes," she said. "I can keep a secret."

George glanced at Cristina, and she gave him a look. "You're telling me whether I can keep it or not. Now, dish."

George sighed. "Well," he said. "There's this girl. A Jane Doe."

"Not interesting," Cristina said. "Unless she's got a two by four stuck through her abdomen?"

"Uhhh... no," George said.

"Not interesting."

"She looks like Izzie," George blurted out.

The girls stared at him.

"She looks exactly like Izzie."


Within the hour, all of Bailey's interns were crowded into the Jane Doe's room.

"Dude," Alex Karev said, looking from the patient to Izzie and back again. "She's like you, only jailbait."

"Thank you for that enlightening take on the situation, Alex," Meredith said, rolling her eyes.

"What? You don't appreciate a diagnosis of clinical hotness?" Alex folded his arms over his chest, daring the others to rise to his bait.

"Can we focus here?" Izzie asked, still freaking. "This is the first case Bailey's given me to handle on my own since I've gotten off of probation, and she's me!. And she won't wake up. This is a disaster."

"Calm down," Meredith said, placing a hand on Izzie's arm. "We'll figure this out."

"For the record, if I need to slap you to get you to snap out of this," Cristina added helpfully, "I will." The others glared at her, and she shrugged. "I'm just saying..."

"Oh my gosh." Izzie brought a hand to her mouth. "I think she's waking up."


The sun was faded. The wind had stopped blowing. It was time to leave this place, time to go back to a world where things were always more complicated than they seemed, a world where Max had been captured and tortured, a world in which their antagonistic Sheriff had turned out to be a valuable ally, the world in which even a trip to Seattle to visit her aunt wasn't safe from alien activity.

Isabel sighed. She would miss it here.


"Can you hear me?" Izzie asked. "Hello?"

"Maybe it would be better if the first thing she saw wasn't... you know... you," George said. Izzie nodded. If she was freaked out by this, she could only imagine what the teen's reaction would be. Unable to pry her eyes away from the girl, Izzie nonetheless took several steps back and let George move closer to the bed.

"Can you hear me?" George asked.

"I'm not deaf," came the answer. The girl on the bed blinked several times, sat up, and took in a sharp breath when she saw her surroundings. "Where am I?" Her voice went up an octave as she threw her blond hair over one shoulder, defiant. "You can't keep me here. I won't let you do this. You can't just cut me up like some, some experiment!"

For the first time in a long time, Izzie felt like the sane one in the room.

"We're not going to cut you up," George said. "You were in an accident. This is Seattle Grace Hospital. We don't cut people up here."

"Technically," Cristina said. "We do. Surgeons, remember?"

Everyone glared at her.

"I'm just saying..."

"Can you tell me your name?" George asked the girl softly.

The girl appraised him, and after a long moment, she seemed to calm down. "Isabel."

"What?!" Everyone in the room spoke in unison.

Isabel gave them a haughty look and did her best to look down on them from her hospital bed. "My name is Isabel Evans. Is there a problem with that?"

At hearing the girl's last name, everyone relaxed slightly, and Izzie decided to risk stepping forward.

"Sorry we freaked," she said. "It's just that my name is Isobel, too." Izzie babbled on. "I spell it with an o. My mom was weird that way. Most people call me Izzie."

Isabel took in all of this information. There was a woman who looked just like her, and they had the same name, except for the freakish spelling, and ooohhhhh, this had "alien-related weirdness" written all over it.

For a long time, Izzie and Isabel stared at each other, and finally Isabel broke the silence. "I need to call home."


"That was the single weirdest thing I've ever seen. I mean, Iz, she looks just like you, ten years from now. She's like the hot, off-limits older woman version of you."

Isabel glared at Michael. Maria smacked him upside the head.

Michael shrugged. "You were all thinking it," he said.

Max had a somewhat different take on Isabel's adventure in the Seattle Hospital. "When they made us... human, they had to have gotten the DNA from somewhere. So what if this Izzie is some kind of relative?"

"A relative with the same name, who looks exactly like me," Isabel said wryly. "I think it says a lot about our lives that somehow, this doesn't surprise me." She paused, and then met her brother's eyes. "Do you think we'll ever see her again?" she asked. There was something about the woman- besides the way she looked- that Isabel found intriguing. There was a sadness there, and Isabel couldn't dismiss the feeling that this woman needed family. Needed her.

"We can't, Iz," Max said. "You know we can't. It would draw too much attention. We can't risk it."

Isabel bit back her reply and let Max think he'd won, but that night, she willed her mind into the other woman's dreams, knowing beyond all knowing that some day, the two of them would meet again.



The End

You have reached the end of "Izzie and Isabel". This story is complete.

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