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Summary: While searching the cave system, where two slayers were found dead, Dawn finds something of interest.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredCassieFR1329560156,0815 May 074 Nov 07Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Chat Rooms

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing so don't sue, pretty please!

Thanks to my beta Methos this story would not be pleasant to read if it weren't for him.

Summary: Daniel comes across something interesting in a chat room.

Chat rooms!

Daniel was watching people interact in a chat room Jack had tipped him about, according to Jack it was really exciting but Daniel didn’t quite understand what was being said.

Finally he decided to look if there where any interesting chats on the site, he found several ones on languages and settled on the one which focused on dead languages.

He wasn’t very interested in anything that was written, he was amazed at how much wrong information was handed out here. People said they were experts and gave out the wrong information and his fingers itched to correct them.

Green Dawn: Hey, I’m writing my thesis in dead languages and I’m having a hard time with the hieroglyphs. So if anyone knows an expert in the subject I would really appreciate the help. Thanks beforehand.

Daniel taught about it and decided that it couldn’t hurt to help this person he was on a vacation after all and it’s not like the general would mind the extended leave if he would have to look at the writings in person.

Dr Space Monkey: Green dawn I know someone.

Green Dawn: Great I’ll open a private chat.

Suddenly a window popped up on Daniels monitor and a question popped up on the window.

Green Dawn: Is it you? Or should I ask for a name and number?

Dr Space Monkey: It’s me. What do the hieroglyphs look like?

Green dawn: They are sorted in groups of seven and I can’t recognize half of them can I email you the pictures?

Daniel just stared at the monitor for a couple of seconds what the person described could be stargate addresses but then again it could be something entirely different. He decided to take a look at the pictures and if they were stargate addresses he’d tell the general.

Dr Space Monkey: I’m not so handy with a computer but you can email them to a friend of mine.

Green Dawn: In the subject should I put a name so your friend knows who the pictures should go to?

Dr Space Monkey: Daniel Jackson.

Green dawn: When you’ve seen them you could email me on Thank you!

The End

You have reached the end of "Hieroglyphs!". This story is complete.

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