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Summary: While searching the cave system, where two slayers were found dead, Dawn finds something of interest.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredCassieFR1329560156,0715 May 074 Nov 07Yes


Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize, unless you’ve never watched Buffy that is because then you wouldn’t recognize it.

Note: I must thank my wonderful beta Methos he really did wonders on this one.


”Dawn, being a watcher has its downsides like every other job…” Giles was walking next to her breathing heavily and cleaning his glasses, the ground was leaning a lot and she was not in the mood for a lecture so she decided to interrupt him.

“Like climbing cliffs when the doctor said you shouldn’t do any heavy bodywork for at least another two weeks.” She gave him a reprimanding look “I can handle this, I’m ready, you should have stayed at home.”

“They demanded we’d both be there.”

She sighed and gave up at this rate she’d never be allowed to do her work by herself.

At the top of the hillside a slayer was waiting for them, the girl was in her late teens and looked like she belonged in a library instead of here by the caves.

“Mr Giles and Miss Summers, I’m glad you’re here. The recovery team has already picked the bodies up but there’s writing on the walls. Faith ordered me to call either of you two in and since the cave system is gigantic I decided to call both of you in” both of them were used to babbling slayers by now, since they were part of the scoobies they were considered celebrities to the girls.

“Well if it’s big then maybe we should split up?” Dawn said hopefully

“You are quite right Dawn, if you go left I’ll go right”

“I know I am, just be careful” when Giles had left she turned to the Slayer and said
“Don’t let him lift anything heavy, go running or something like that. He isn’t near healthy enough to be here and for the love of god don’t let him be killed or I’ll tell my sister.”

A few minutes later she was walking through a tunnel that she had seen in the pictures of the two dead slayers. Now she couldn’t help but think about the pictures and the mutilated bodies that had been laying on the ground covered in blood and their own entrails.

When Faith had noticed that two of her girls were missing she had started a search immediately, and when they were found it was obvious that a demonic ritual of some kind had taken place. They hadn’t found any clues to what might have killed them but they were slayers and they could handle most things but this thing or things had ripped them apart when they were still alive and that did not bode well.

They needed to find this thing ASAP.

Her and Giles were as usual informed as soon as the girls were found, this time there were
pictures so they could start the research for the girls killer.

When she looked closer at the walls she realised that these weren’t normal hieroglyphs, they were all split in groups of seven and there were a lot of them she didn’t recognize from her studies.

“Giles come have a look at this!” she shouted while admiring the walls, they were beautiful but... as far as she could see there weren’t any real words.

It wasn’t long after that that Giles came into the cave Dawn was standing in.
She was sure these were not words it was something else, and she was ready to voice her opinion to her mentor.

“Giles, are you sure these are really hieroglyphs?” She asked as she traced them with her left hand.
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