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Willow The Astrophysicist

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Summary: Response: aarne's Challenge 2439: Xander managed to persuade Willow to dress up as a soldier with him for Halloween and the results were that Willow and Xander weren't just turned into any soldiers; but Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill. (Temporary Hiatus)

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Stargate > Willow-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
pezgirlFR181634,416518792,5117 May 0714 Apr 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this fic, i also don't own most of this Halloween plot or the talking- Joss Whedon and the writers owns that: Certain scenes, such as those between Giles and Ethan, were taken straight from the episode.

Spoiler Warning: Stargate: up to season 4 and then onwards as the story progresses, BTVS: up to season two and some of the later episodes as the story goes on.

Willow shook her head for the hundredth time that evening, why had she let Xander talk her into wearing this thing?

It didn’t even suit her, this shade of green really wasn’t her, neither was the uniform, she had only worn the stupid thing because her bestest buddy ever hadn’t wanted to be the only soldier in the gang.

She huffed; she didn’t even get a gun.

So she was dressed in these army-style pants, a black shirt and a green jacket and also, as if it couldn’t get any worse, this great fat helmet thing.

Willow whimpered and thought that it made her head look big.

“It doesn’t look that bad, Will,” assured her other best friend Buffy, patting her on the shoulder.

Buffy was wearing a really beautiful dress and had a black wig on, she looked good.

“But it’s really not me,” she said wanting to yank the helmet off her head.

“I told you Willow, that’s the whole point of Halloween- to be someone other than who you are.” Then she smirked at her, “Besides, it was either that or the hooker outfit.”

Willow made an indignant sound, going pink-faced and the blonde grinned, “Sorry Will.”

Well, it was definitely better than the hooker outfit- that REALLY wasn’t her.

“Hey, hey! Girls!” they turned and saw Xander running towards them and was also dressed as a soldier and grinning goofily while carrying a toy gun in his left hand.

“Hey Xand!” greeted Buffy enthusiastically.

Willow gave him a weak smile and looked at her uniform morosely, her dark-haired buddy said, “You look- okay- it’s a little baggy on you though.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at Xander’s lack of tact.

Willow glared at Xander and her face went a darker shade of pink, the dark-haired teenager put up his hands in a gesture of peace, “Hey, no offense!”

Buffy snorted, “Xan, it was your idea that she should put on the outfit, besides I think she looks great.”

Buffy and Willow poked their tongues out at Xander who blushed and shrugged and then said, “You want my gun?”

Willow looked at him and smiled in amusement, “Xander! That’s just a toy!”

He looked sheepishly at her, “It kinda looks like a real gun.”

Willow just grinned looking amused and shook her head while Xander blushed.

“Guys?” they looked at Buffy. “I think we should go over to the kids now.”

“Oh yeah,” remembered Xander with a start.

They walked towards the throng of excited children in their costumes and hoped that they wouldn’t get too hyped up on sugar while they were looking after them.

Buffy rolled her eyes slightly; she was going to make Snyder pay for this, that guy was unbelievably evil.

Xander then asked, “You don’t think any demons will you know- attack?”

“I asked Giles, apparently they stay in on Halloween,” said Buffy looking glad. “How strange is that?”

“Well, that’s good ‘cause I was expecting a big bad demon to pop up,” said Xander in relief.

They eventually split up and went with a group of kids each; Willow guided the giggling kids up the stairs to the front door of a house and rung the door bell for them.

The door opened and an elderly woman stepped out, “Oh my, you do look scary!” she exclaimed humorously at the kids.

“I’m afraid I haven’t got a lot of candy left-

Then something strange happened, the kids began swiping and growling at the old lady who gave a fearful little shriek and went back into her house and locked the door quickly.

Willow looked shocked and upset, “Hey stop it!”

They weren’t listening; she didn’t think that sugar was this bad with kids.

Then she gasped and felt something shoot through her and then everything went black, she collapsed and lay on the floor for a moment.

Who woke up next was an entirely different person, but still wearing Willow’s body and was pretty damn confused.

Willow’s form slowly got up off the ground and then looked around at the chaos, there were little demon-looking creatures running around terrorizing people.

She saw one of the creatures run passed her and then stare at her briefly before taking off, the redhead gaped in shock and looked confused.

“I don’t remember going through the Stargate,” she said confused. The she felt a nudge and looked down at a red alien- well, it must be an alien.

What else could it be? Goa’uld’s maybe?

It growled at her, baring its little sharp teeth and its eyes went deep, dark black, “Holy Hannah!”
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