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The Off-World Drabbles

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Summary: Collection of SG1/BtVS/AtS drabbles written for various Livejournal community challenges.

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Stargate > General(Moderator)KaylaShayFR133551062,6299 May 075 Aug 09No

Out of the Ring

Title: Out of the Ring
Author: KaylaShay
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or SG1.
Length: 100 words
Team: SGC
Note: Written for the sg_btvs drabble challenge. Entry #1.

Dawn glared at the offending ring and finally resorted to shouting. “Why don’t you just open up another blue portal thingy to take me home?!”

It had been the longest five hours of her life. There were no signs of life beyond the little bugs that kept biting her arms.

She sat on the ground, using the control looking device as a backrest. She had resolved to give Willow one more hour before she tried out herself.

Without warning, there was a popping sound and a blue substance formed in the ring. Dawn watched with caution as someone stepped out.
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