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New reality, new lives, new family

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: No. 1 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". The PTB decided to reincarnate the souls of four long dead warriors and place them in a reality that would eventually need more heroes to fight a very different but just as deadly threat

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chapter two

19th June 2006

*Elisabeth O’Neill (Buffy)*

Thor of the Asgard stood beside a bundle, a moving bundle, and then he looked at the Tau’ri woman who was lying on a slab that jutted out from the wall of his ship.
Thor had checked for any problems that the baby might have, he found one or two but then corrected them easily, he had had to transport the Tau’ri woman from Earth because he could tell that if she wasn’t given any help quickly she would most likely have a miscarriage.

Earth technology and medicine wouldn’t have detected the problem in time so he had transported her to his ship and had accelerated the baby’s growth inside the mother’s womb and had then instructed her to stay calm for a while and then the birth had started.

So, using Asgard technology he had successfully saved the child from harm, now the woman of SG1 was resting as she was about to be transported back to Earth later.

He was sure that her friends would be worried about her.

He peered at the child curiously, the baby was female and she had blonde hairs on her head and wide hazel eyes and was looking quite like her mother, he walked towards the mother of the child and checked her for any problems.

“Colonel Carter,” it was strange but even though the woman was married she was still called by her maiden name when in the field and off-world, he had heard from O’Neill that when woman came together with a man she changed her last name to the same name as the man.

It confused Thor; he wondered why the women took the men’s name and not the other way around. But then again Earth cultures had always seemed odd.

The Tau’ri woman awoke and then sat up looking confused, “Thor? Where’s-

Thor walked calmly towards the baby and stood beside the bundle showing the woman where her child was, he watched as she slowly got up and sped up her pace to get to the bundle.

She picked the baby up and looked at her daughter and then at the alien, “Thor, i-

“Your daughter is well, Colonel Carter,” informed Thor. “The birth was successful.”

Relieved she grinned at the little alien guy, “Thanks.”

Thor bowed his head slightly before saying, “I will transport you and your child back to Earth, your family will be worried.”

Sam nodded and hoped that Jack and Alex were okay, she saw a blinding white light and then she was back in the complex and facing Jack.

“Sam!” he rushed up to her and hugged her with relief, “What happened?”

“Thor,” she replied and then she showed him his daughter.

“How? What?” he stammered looking confused. “The baby wasn’t due ‘till over five months.”

She told him what Thor had found out and how he had stopped her miscarriage, he shook his head slowly and smiled, “Man, I love that guy!”

Sam grinned and handed the girl to him, he held her carefully and looked at her, “She’s perfect, do we have a name?”

“I haven’t thought of one yet,” she admitted.

“Rhiannon?” suggested Jack. Sam gave him a strange look.

“Alyson?” then he thought for a moment, “Nah.”

“What about…Elisabeth?” Sam suggested hopefully. “She looks like an Elisabeth.”

Jack agreed on the name and Janet found them and was curious and took them over to the Infirmary.

While in the Infirmary they had time to think of Elisabeth’s other name and came up with a name that somehow seemed right to both of them, “Anne.”

Jack grinned, “Elisabeth Anne O’Neill.”

Sam smiled brightly, “I wonder how Alex will react to his new little sister?”

“Ah, he’ll love her.”

October 20th 2006

*Willow Danielle Jackson*

Three year old Alexander O’Neill ran around the room giddily and for the hundredth time his father had cursed himself for not being able to resist his son’s puppy-dog look.

At Alexander’s request everyone had started to call his Xander, which he said he liked better than Alexander.

He had just given Xander his second cookie- and they were pretty big ones…for a little kid anyway.

“Lolly Pop, Lolly Pop, oh Lolly lolly pop, lolly pop, lolly pop, oh lolly lolly lolly lolly pop!” he sang loudly whilst jumping around like a demented rabbit.

Rupert, now two years and seven months old, was playing calmly with his stuffed animals.

Xander skipped out of the room happily and then his dad noticed that Xander’s singing had stopped and felt concern creep up his spine, he moved out of the room and saw that his boy was in the kitchen looking at something that Jack couldn’t see.

“Hey Kiddo, what’s-

Oh, god! Jack told a scared Xander to go into the other room for a while, “Sam!”

He knelt down and checked a very pregnant Janet for injuries, he noticed the dampness on her skirt, as his wife came running in he told her to call the med team out, and she went to the phone immediately.

“Janet? Janet?” he called feeling his concern mount.

Janet was in labor and unconscious on the floor, that combination was bad.

Sam came in looking concerned, “The med team’s on their way over here.”

Jack nodded.

“Momma?” they jumped and saw that Rupert has wondered into the room curiously. “Rupert, go in the other room, sweetie,” said Sam.

The little boy didn’t move, “What’s wong wit momma?” he asked falling over his words.

“Rupert, go into the other room,” said Sam firmly. “Xander!”

“Yes mommy?” Xander appeared next to Rupert.

“Look after Rupert for a while okay?” Xander nodded still bouncing slightly with the effects of sugar.

“C’mon,” the older boy took Rupert’s hand and led him out of the room.

It felt like ages but the doorbell rang and the med team had arrived.

In the Infirmary*

Daniel looked sat down by his wife’s bed and still felt scared, they had almost lost the baby.

The fall might have damaged their little girl, who was now in an incubator because of the premature time of the birth, the due date wasn’t until next month but Janet had went into premature labor.

The absolute fear of what had almost happened hadn’t completely faded away yet, he just hope that she’d wake up soon and know for sure that she was alright.

Daniel heard Janet stirring and stroked her hand affectionately while looking at her face, “Janet?”

“Dan…,” she said groggily, her eyes were only half open. “What happened?”

“You’re okay, Jan,” he reassured her.

“You and the baby, she’s going to be fine.”

Janet looked confused, “What- what are you talking about?”

She moved to sit up but Daniel put a hand on her shoulder to keep her down, “Janet, just relax okay.”

Daniel went to get a doctor, Janet sat up slowly and carefully knowing that she wasn’t listening to her husband’s request.

She looked around the room and saw an incubator with something bundled in white material, she was pretty sure that the bundle was a baby.

Daniel returned with a doctor, he looked worried as he saw his wife sitting up. He didn’t wasn’t any of her stitches to tear and reopen the wound.

They had had to perform and emergency C-section to save the get to the baby and save her.

“Doctor, try not to tear your stitches,” said the senior medical doctor.

Janet looked confused, “Stitches?”

Janet then looked down at her body to check for the stitches, she only saw the white hospital dress; she put two and two together after working out that there was a baby in the incubator and swallowed hard, “The baby?”

Daniel went over to the incubator and wheeled it to his wife’s bed so that she could see inside it.

In the bundle was a very small baby with tufts of bright red hair on her head, she hadn’t woken up yet so he didn’t know what colour eyes she had but she looked so small and beautiful.

Janet rested her fingers on the glass of the incubator and peered inside at the baby, “Is it a…”

“It’s a girl,” said Daniel and he couldn’t stop grinning, he was sure that he looked pretty goofy just then.

“Is she going to be okay?” Janet asked more than a little concerned,

“The doctors think she’s fine,” said Daniel smiling. “The baby wasn’t hurt at all; the doctors are just making sure they haven’t made any mistakes.”

The doctors had decided to keep the baby in the incubator for a while until they were certain that she wasn’t at risk, Janet hadn’t held the baby yet, neither she nor Daniel had.

A few days later Janet and Daniel were allowed to take the baby out of the incubator for a short while and just hold her, as far as anyone could tell the little girl was doing fine.

Janet stroked the girl’s cheek lightly and smiled as the girl opened her eyes and started making baby noises, she had wide bright green eyes just like Janet’s mother.

Daniel asked, “So, what should we call her?”

“Danielle?” Daniel liked the sound of the name, but it didn’t seem like it was her name.

“Danielle could be her second name,” suggested Daniel. Janet nodded.

Janet wasn’t sure why but the name of the child was suddenly on the tip of her tongue, “Willow.”

Daniel looked uncertain, “Why ‘Willow’?”

Janet didn’t know how to answer that, “I- um, it just…popped into my head.”

Daniel looked at their little girl thoughtfully and nodded slightly, “It seems fitting, Willow it is.”

Then Cassie walked into the infirmary and grinned at her two favorite people, “Mom, how’s the baby doing?”

“Willow is doing just fine,” said Janet grinning brightly.

Cassie grinned, “Her name’s Willow?”

They nodded, “It’s a pretty name- unusual though.”

“Do you want to hold her?” asked Janet knowing what her oldest daughter was thinking.

Cassie grinned and went over to the bed, Daniel moved from the chair and she sat down knowing that they would want her to be sitting down when she held her new sister.

“She doesn’t look a lot like you, mom,” she said.

Janet nodded agreeing, “She takes after my mother.”

Cassie held her new baby sister contentedly and then asked, “What’s her second name?”

“Danielle,” stated Janet. “We thought of using the name as her first name but ‘Willow’ suited her.”

Cassie looked at the now sleeping girl and thought that the name definitely suited her.

The End

You have reached the end of "New reality, new lives, new family". This story is complete.

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