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New reality, new lives, new family

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: No. 1 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". The PTB decided to reincarnate the souls of four long dead warriors and place them in a reality that would eventually need more heroes to fight a very different but just as deadly threat

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: i don't own anything in this story

Stargate: after season 5’s Last Stand
Buffy: donkey’s years after season 7

AN: Hammond retired to spend more time with his grandchildren, Jack was made General and Sam was given command of SG1.
Sam and Jack were free to act on their mutual attraction towards each other and they did.
In 2002 Janet and Daniel started becoming closer and then they fell in love in late 2003 they married and in 2004 they had their first child.

AN: Supernatural doesn't exist in this reality- it's a different one, eg: Sunnydale doesn't exist- but SunnyVale does.

11th February 2003

*Alexander O’Neill*

Colonel Samantha Carter felt exhausted, she also felt happier than she had ever felt in her life; even when Jack had became General and had been finally allowed to act on their feelings for each other without the risk of a court-martial

Sure, the air force frowned upon it but they really couldn’t do anything- it’s not like they were on the same unit.

But this feeling of holding her son in her arms had surpassed even that. Their little Alexander Charlie O’Neill was beautiful.

He had dark tufts of hair on his head and big brown eyes, she was sure that he would be exactly like his father; she could picture him laughing and cracking jokes, even if they were lame ones.

She smiled happily and then looked at her husband Jack, he was looking about as happy as she was.

Her friend, Janet, had told her to stay in the infirmary bed until she was officially released by her.

As much as she loved this moment she really hated being cooped up in this bed for days on end, but as Jack began talking about how he was going to teach Alexander how to play baseball when he was older she almost wanted to stay in the bed.

Alexander opened his sleepy brown eyes and smiled, waving his little arms around.

“Sam?” she looked at Jack. “With a wave like that he should be great at baseball!” he grinned at her humorously.

Sam and Jack rested their heads together and looked down at their son.

7th April 2004

*Rupert Jackson*

“Daniel! I’m not having the baby here!” exclaimed Janet looking upset and pained.

Daniel was gathering blankets and woolly towels together, he looked at his wife, “Jan, we won’t get to the mountain in time.”

He knelt down beside her and pulled her onto the blankets that he’d laid out, “You’re going to have to have the baby here.”

Janet was going to speak but another contraction hit her and she tried to speak again but her husband beat her to it, “Janet, I can deliver babies, you know that.”

“Yes, I know, but-

The redhead gasped in pain again and felt Daniel putting his hand on her shoulder comfortingly, “Our baby will be fine- I promise.”

Janet nodded and cried out in pain, the archaeologist leapt up and grabbed a few blankets and then knelt in front of her legs and took a look, “Okay, the baby’s crowned, you going to have to-

“I know, Daniel!” She said through gritted teeth.

“Oh, right,” said Daniel sheepishly. “, keep breathing, okay.”

The doctor nodded looking afraid, she wanted to have the baby in a clean and safe hospital where all the equipment was if the birth went wrong, but it was happening here, in their house.

Twenty minutes later Janet had sweat dripping down her flushed face and her husband was encouraging her to keep pushing, like she could DO anything else!

Daniel heard a car outside and knew it was their friends and the medical team who were ready to help and take his wife back to Cheyenne mountain, he looked at Janet and said, “Jan, SG1 are here and so are the med team.”

Daniel then saw the baby’s elbows, “Okay Janet, we’re almost there, just keep pushing!”

As SG1 and the med team opened the door they all heard the cries of the new baby, the med team were asked to wait in the other room for a second and the Jack, Sam and Teal’c walked up to the couple looking worried.

“Janet, Daniel?” said Sam looking concerned.

Daniel looked dumbfounded for a few moments as he looked at his new baby and then he grinned happily, “Jan, it’s a boy!”

The archaeologist had finished wrapping the baby in a towel and then he carefully gave the boy to Janet for her to hold, she looked happy and completely worn out as she looked at their little boy.

The baby was crying like there was no tomorrow, after a few moments the baby’s cries lessened and then he opened his wide eyes, they were bright blue and he had small amounts of light brown hair on his head.

Sam was on the other side of Janet and she smiled, “He’s beautiful!”

The new parents definitely agreed on that.

Daniel put an arm around his wife’s shoulders and then asked her, “So, what are we going to call him?”

“Luke?” suggested Janet and then they both looked at the boy. “He doesn’t look like a Luke.”

Daniel agreed, then he paused thoughtfully, “How about…Rupert?”

Janet cocked an eyebrow, “Rupert?”

“I had a friend called Rupert in one of the Foster homes, he was a nice guy,” explained Daniel. “He was also one of the few kids who didn’t pick on me and we hung out a lot.”

Janet looked at the little boy in her arms closely, “He looks like a Rupert.”

Daniel grinned, “What’s his middle name going to be?”

“Jonathan,” she sounded really sure.

Daniel licked his lips and thought, “Rupert Jonathan Jackson, sounds great!”

“Jonathan?” questioned Jack his face was unreadable.

Daniel grinned, “How many times have you saved my ass? I wouldn’t even be alive to have any kids if it weren’t for you.”

Jack lost the unreadable expression and grinned back, “Sounds like a fine name, Danny-boy!”

Moments later the med team was helping Janet out of the house and into the ambulance while Daniel carried Rupert, he needed to give the baby to the doctors to have him checked over for any problems.

He looked at his son for a while before putting him in the waiting arms of a doctor.
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