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New Covenant

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Summary: When the Daughter of Gaia meets the Sons of Ipswich a new covenant shall be formed, and the world shall again be saved... again from one of their own.

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Chapter One

Ok... I'm in the middle of class and decided to post this. Never fear! I haven't forgotten White Knight and the Devil's Rider, I just got hit with this. Actually, this came first, but I got sidetracked.

And when I get home, I will repost this with the pic Texasaries made. A huge thank you to you, texasaries!!!!!!

I do not own any of this, promise. Well, the idea.... but nothing else.

Um... not much else... except I don't have an idea for a bridge to my next idea (her getting introduced to the academy) so ideas are welcome. Please!


Willow sighed when she saw the lights on at her house. Xander and she had been out with Buffy at the Bronze and it was now close to midnight. If her parents were home, then she was about to get in some major trouble.

Xander glanced at the light and then down to his watch. “Wills, its only 11:47. Your ‘rents can’t be too mad at you. You’re a senior in high school for Pete’s sake!”

“Yes, I’m a quarter of the way through my senior year, but my parents still think I’m in middle school. I believe the last time they were here; I was told that my curfew was nine sharp. I’m going to be in so much trouble Xander. What am I going to do? If they ground me I can’t help Buffy or you with patrolling, and I won’t get to see anymore of Oz’s concerts, and I can’t help Giles with late night research cuz computer privileges get taken away, and-“

“Shhhh. Calm down.” Xander soothed as he gave her a one armed hug. “Remember all that power you got when you turned 18 a month ago?” he continued when she nodded. “Well, call up that power and use it to fight back the darkness of ignorance!”

Willow giggled and then froze, her eyes on the figure standing on her porch. Xander turned and did the same as her mother opened the door and invited the figure in. The Scooby gang had slayed enough vampires over the three years since Buffy had come for all of them to sense one, and the two friends were convinced that the figure wasn’t entirely human. With a look of panic across both their faces, Xander and Willow ran toward the house as a woman was sent flying out of the front door. Willow ran to the woman and dropped beside her, pulling the woman’s head into her lap. “Mother…”

Xander growled and charged toward the open door and the figure that no longer resembled a human that stood just inside. “Xander!” Willow screamed as he was batted carelessly aside and smashed through the support beam for the porch.

“Willow…” she heard faintly and looked down, even as she began to gather her power inside. She noticed the large gash running along her mother’s side and moved her hand over it without a second thought. As she pushed her magic out to heal the wound, she was surprised to feel a resistance.

“Willow…” her mother called again. Willow looked at her again and her throat chocked up at the love she saw in her mother’s eyes. “Ask Ira…Sons of…Ipswich…Daughter of…Gaia. Fill…what was…told before. And…to you…I give…everything…” A streak of pure energy crashed down on top of her and she was raised into the air. Lightening surrounded her in a cocoon as she was bestowed with all the power her mother had held.

When the lightening receded, Xander, Ira, and the creature saw that Willow hung suspended five feet in the air, her head had fallen back, and her hair had turned completely silver. Suddenly, Willow’s neck strained as she pulled her head forward. Her eyes snapped open to reveal inky black depths. She focused on the creature who had destroyed her mother and, almost quicker than the eye could see, her right arm shot out parallel to the ground. A ball of pure power formed in the witch’s outstretched palm. “Die.” Willow told the being in a voice which was filled with enough raw power to make both Xander and Ira tremble and the creature quake in fear before sweeping her arm in front of herself and releasing the ball of energy.

The ball flew toward the creature and hit it in the chest before growing and consuming the creature, collapsing in on itself and back into the darkness that created it. Willow kept her eyes on the spot where the creature had been as she slowly floated down. As she landed, the darkness in her eyes retreated- returning her eye color to its natural green- and she collapsed into a different type of darkness.


Again ideas are welcome!
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