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Made for Each Other

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Summary: This takes place after the final episode of Angel. Connor is having strange fits that both Angel and Spike are starting to experience.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings
Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter
TexasAriesFR18511,1641358,18510 May 078 Oct 09No


I could feel Giles’s worried gaze as we started to descend and I gently squeeze his hand to try to reassure him that I was ok.

Yes I found the trip stressful due to my heighten scenes but Giles presence help a great deal even though he was not my one true Nafsi Mumewe.

But that is not why I’m clutching Giles’s hand like a life line. The reason is very simple, I am terrified of flying. That’s right, I could face down any demon or vampire but the thought of flying leaves me shaky and weak.

The thing is I have never been on a plane before I started to travel on the Council’s dime. My parents never had money nor the desire to travel so I never had a chance to be on a plane before my first trip all the way to England. Let’s just say if it wasn’t for the nice grandmotherly type woman sitting next to me they would have to have pealed me off the ceiling. As it was I spent the next six hours plus drugged into a happy haze.

So, when I was told that I was going to fly to Africa and Asia as part of my job of locating slayers, I stopped at the doctors and got some pills that will prevent me from freaking out. This worked out perfectly, that is until my senses came on line.

So here I am gritting my teeth and holding on the arm of the seat and Giles hand as we started to land. When the sound of the hydraulics wheel dropping was a welcome sound because that means my torture was about to end.

I listen to each sound as we got closer and closer to landing, and when we finally touched ground, the only thing preventing me from jumping through the roof was the seatbelt.

As we rolled off the landing zone and toward the terminal all the stress and fear drain from me and all I wanted to do was go to the hotel and crashed but we still have to deal with Kennedy.

Kennedy Waldorf of the New York Waldorf’s.

I was happy …. Who was I kidding I was doing the Scooby dance when I heard that Willow and Kennedy broke up. From what I heard from Willow was that Kennedy starting to boss her and the other slayers around, but from the other slayers in South America I heard that Willow was not blameless. It seems that Willow was comparing Kennedy to Tara more and more.

So about a little over a month after the breakup Kennedy started to defining council rules and regulations. Another month later she decided that she wasn’t working for the council anymore and decided to go home to New York. Everything would have turned out ok if it wasn’t the fact that Kennedy decided started to sell her skills to the highest bidder.

That was why Giles and I were flying from Johannesburg to Washington DC to take care of her. Apparently she had been caught breaking into the Smithsonian Institute trying to steal something from the American Indian Exhibits. As to what the guards and the police were unsure of. Because the exhibit was Native American the FBI was called in.

They were there not to help Kennedy to get of jail as she hoped but to remove the power of the slayer from her, which would make her the third slayer de-slayerized. The first of course being the crazed serial killer in London, which made everyone happy in the council as well as those slayers in law enforcement and the victims’s families. The next one was Buffy who believed that since she was called and had face and beat the first slayer she was immune to the lotion and determine to use it on Faith to get her position back. Unfortunately Buffy was so very wrong, the potion took her powers and left Faith’s fully intact.

Buffy had come back a few months after Giles had return to work to tried to worm her way back into the position of second–in-command or the Slayer Queen as she call the position. She did everything she could to under mind Faith once more but this time the Watchers, Witches, and Slayers were not having any of it. So after the second time the council called her in front of them and ordered her to stop interfering or she would be transfer to Alaska. After that public dressing down she decided to use the potion to get rid of her rival. To this end she somehow got a hold of the de-slayerized potion and spread it on her hands thinking if she shook Faith’s hand the lotion will be transferred and no more slayer Faith.

Unfortunately for Buffy, she forgot a very important part of the spell. Only those that the first slayer deemed unworthy will lose their power. Since the first slayer likes Faith there was no way in hell she was going to allow that to happen and instead decided that because of her actions Buffy didn’t need to a slayer.

Currently Buffy was living and working as a Student Consoler in a small Texas town called Happy. To the demon community she was forgotten as if she never was a slayer just as she forgot all about being a slayer or the fact that Dawn was her sister. She remembers Willow and me being friends with her in High School but we drifted away after that.

From the reports I received she is happy and engaged to be married to the local Sheriff’s deputy by the name of Mathew Small. She now has what she always wanted a normal happy life and I am happy for her as well as the other Scoobies even though we missed her.

Giles gently nudge brought me back from my memories, just as the stewardess handed me my jacket. By the look on her face it was like she was handling something disgusting which had me racking my brain trying to figure out what I did to offend her but couldn’t seem to come up with anything. So I just chalk it up as one of the mystical reason women get pissed at men over and move on.

As the doors finally open, I followed Giles and the other first class passengers off the plane and into the terminal. We made good time getting to the baggage area but had to wait and wait a little more for our luggage. At the point that I was thinking that they might have lost our luggage or that it might have been eaten by a demon out they slid. We then made our way to the taxi area only to pause as we realized that it was raining hard. Slipping on our coats we stepped out and were soon on our way to the hotel to drop off our luggage and then to the FBI building to put things right with Kennedy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Made for Each Other" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 09.

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