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Halloween Can Really Suck

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Scooby Gang Vamp-A-Pallooza". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Ethan’s influence on the Scoobies’ Halloween costumes has a much greater effect than anyone could have anticipated.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Cast: Scooby GangGreywizardFR1511,85811710,37611 May 0711 May 07Yes
Disclaimer: All of the really good characters belong to Mutant Enemy and Crack-Head Joss Whedon, although he doesn’t deserve any of them, considering the way he’s destroyed them over the past couple years. I'm just borrowing all of them for a while. There is no intent to profit from this. Only the story is mine.

Time frame: Goes AU during S2's 'Halloween.'

Character Bashing: None.

Author’s Notes 1: Many thanks to Lori Bush, Tim Joy, Bill Haden and Drake the Archr for beta-ing this story.

Author’s Notes 2: My life has gone downhill the past few days. This is something to hopefully help exorcize the bad stuff.

{ word } is thoughts


Ethan grinned with vicious delight as he watched the three adolescents exit the shop, their purchases tucked possessively under their arms, the two girls chattering animatedly about the costumes they’d be wearing the following night while the dark-haired youth listened with a tolerant but affectionate smile.

{ Oh what I wouldn’t give to see your face once the costumes take possession of your children, Ripper, } he thought to himself with malevolent anticipation of the next night’s festivities.

After all, the cameos he’d offered the girls, which they had eagerly accepted, would provide a most eye-opening metamorphosis once his Lord’s magics came into play.

Oh yes. Tomorrow night was going to be very interesting, indeed.


Darla blinked and looked around in confused surprise as she found herself suddenly standing in the midst of what looked to be a masquerade gone wildly askew. Dozens of creatures, both strange and familiar, were running amok amid the scattered crowds of human children and adolescents who filled the streets.

Chaos most certainly seemed to be the order of the night, the vampiric whore decided and smirked to herself as she looked around.

The last thing she could clearly remember before finding herself here was feeling shocked and betrayed as her lost child, Angelus, under the influence of that cursed soul, plunged a stake into her heart to save that wretched little Slayer he had become so enamored of. How she now came to be standing here, hale and whole after being reduced to ash, she didn’t know, but she was, above all, a practical girl and she was more than willing to just accept her good fortune and move on with her existence.

The strident screams of the terrified woman a short distance for calling assistance as she flailed aimlessly at the creatures running by caught her attention and she smiled as she recognized the clearly distraught and seemingly helpless woman as the Slayer for whom she’d been sacrificed by her once-favorite child.

After making sure she’d morphed her features back into their human guise, she hurried to the girl’s aid, heartening words spilling from her lips as the frantic and unsuspecting Slayer frantically latched onto her outstretched arm for security and reassurance.

“Oh, thank the lord for your assistance, good woman!” the traumatized and apparently amnesiac Slayer gushed as she grabbed hold of Darla’s hand.

“What in the name of Heaven has happened to us? It seemed only a moment that I was standing in our hall, overseeing the placement of my Lord’s portrait before the ball, and now suddenly, I find myself stranded in wholly unfamiliar surroundings!” she wailed.

“I, too, have no idea what might have happened, my lady,” the vampiress replied truthfully, as she subtly began guiding the younger woman away from the teeming crowds around them and to a more secluded location.

“I would suggest that the two of us stay together for mutual assistance and safety, and check the area to determine if any of our retainers might be nearby to provide us with additional protection,” she suggested.

“An excellent idea!” the befuddled Slayer agreed. The girl’s name was Buffy, if she recalled correctly, Darla reflected, and at the moment she most certainly was living down to every stereotype and joke that you could think of in connection with a bottled blonde named like that. Not that she was complaining, mind you! The dumber, the better – especially when it came to Slayers and killing them.

Darla had no idea what being might be responsible for her mysterious return, but she gave whoever or whatever they might be a short prayer of thanks as she led her companion towards one of the apparently deserted residences that lined the street.


Sunnydale High School library
Two evenings later

Giles shook his head in mixed sorrow and mystification as he pondered the ramifications of the disturbing and perplexing events of the past two days that Angel had reported to him, as well as the various stories and rumors he’d gleaned from listening to various students’ conversations over the course of the day’s classes.

Angel’s exceedingly upsetting report that he had encountered Willow during the early morning following Halloween and that the young woman had presented herself as a relatively old and very powerful vampire who had immediately attacked him and whom he had been forced to dust in self-defense (an allegation he still personally held some reservations regarding), when combined with the fact that neither Buffy nor Xander had checked in with him during the course of the past two days, had him growing exceedingly more worried with each passing hour that either, or both, of his other two charges might have sustained some sort of serious injury as a result of the holiday’s disorder.

The only thing that he could be completely sure of at the moment was that if Angel’s recitation of that evening’s events was indeed true, then yet one more young soul had joined the long list of the town’s vanished inhabitants who would never be seen again.

Hearing a slight noise coming from behind the stacks, he looked up to see a somewhat disheveled-looking Buffy and Xander slowly approaching him, fatigue plainly written on their faces.

“Buffy?” the librarian exclaimed in relieved surprise at seeing his Slayer looking somewhat weather-beaten but otherwise seemingly unhurt. “Where have you been? I was beginning to become quite worried since you didn’t check in with me either yesterday or today.

“And I’m both relieved and delighted to see that you’re all right, also, Xander,” he quickly added as he looked at the young man accompanying her.

“Something happened Halloween night, Giles – some kind of spell or something,” Buffy replied as she gave her Watcher a weary-looking smile as she dropped into one of the chairs at the table they normally used for research as Xander mimicked her actions with one of the other chairs closer to the double doors closer to the library entrance.

“Xand and me, we got turned into our costumes and Will got turned into a vamp – Darla, Angel’s sire, I think, from what I can remember about the way she was talking,” she added parenthetically, “and she tricked the noblewoman I became into going off with her, away from where anyone could see her and then she started to attack me, once we were alone.”

“Good heavens, Buffy, are you all right?” the Watcher exclaimed in horror, as he jumped to his feet and moved towards her, as though to check on her.

“I’m perfectly fine now, Giles,” Buffy waved off his attempts to examine her. “But thanks for asking – Slayer healing is the greatest, you know?” she assured him as she rose to her feet and wrapped her arms around his waist in reassurance.

“Anyway, like I was saying, Xand got turned into his costume – some kind of special forces soldier-guy, and when he saw her attacking me, he shot her with his rifle, ‘cause the toy rifle he got with his costume got turned into the real thing, too, ‘cause of the spell, you see,” Buffy explained further.

“So then –“

Any additional explanation was interrupted as Angel made his way through the double doors, already beginning his report on his latest discoveries to the librarian.

“Giles, I just heard that the Mayor got staked sometime late last night, and according to what Willy told me, Buffy was the one who did it, but she –” he announced, only to stop short upon seeing the petite blonde sitting in her usual seat at the research table and smiling at him.

“Buffy?” he said in a disbelieving tone. “What’s going on? According to Willy, you –“

The rest of the ensouled vampire’s sentence remained unfinished since the vampire, having apparently not noticed the dark-haired adolescent as he passed by him, abruptly turned to dust as Xander silently rose to his feet behind him and drove a stake through his unbeating heart, ending his undead existence.

“Xander?” Giles said, his incredulity and disbelief at seeing the youth’s predatory actions clear in his voice. “Why on earth did you just stake Angel?”

“Well, he’s always been a pretentious and annoying asshole, Giles, ever since the first time he showed up,” was the laid-back response the Watcher received, “and I just got really tired of listening to him.”

“Besides, he was probably gonna tell you that Xander and I are vampires now,” Buffy chimed in as she looked up at him with a wide-eyed, innocent expression from her position snuggled up under his arms an instant before her forehead suddenly grew furrowed and her eyes lit up with a feral yellow glow.

“Darla possessed Willow and then she turned us both Halloween night when Xander tried to come to my rescue,” she informed her ex-Watcher as she casually ignored his struggle to break free of her hold on him.

“We were planning on returning the favor to her after we woke up yesterday,” Xander added as he strolled over to join the two remaining members of the Scooby Gang, ignoring Giles’ futile efforts to escape from Buffy’s grip, “but from what we heard from Willy, she ran into Soul Boy later during Halloween night while she was still possessed by Darla and she attacked him and got dusted for her efforts.

“It's a shame, since we were planning on getting the whole Scooby Gang back together again, but I guess them’s the breaks,” he shrugged nonchalantly. “We already ‘recruited’ Amy and Cordelia to round out the group. They’re sleeping in the basement now; we were thinking about throwing in the Cordettes later as a well-rounded wake-up meal.” Xander and Buffy both grinned at him obviously enjoying the irony.

“Don’t worry, though, Giles,” Buffy smiled at the frantically struggling Watcher as she began pulling his throat down towards her, “we still want you as part of the Gang.”

“Yeah, she’s right, big guy,” Giles heard Xander agreeing as he felt the blonde’s fangs begin to pierce his flesh. “The way we figure it, what with Buffy dusting the Mayor last night with my help – seems that he’s the real Big Bad in town, we found out – with the combination of her enhanced abilities, the special forces training I got from my costume possession and all the inside dope you know about the Council, we can be running this town inside two weeks.

“And maybe you’ll want to think about inviting Ms. Calendar into the Gang, too. We can always use someone else who can use magic. Not to mention, she’s got a really nice rack,” he heard the boy add as things around him grew black.

The final thought that passed through Ripper’s mind before he passed out for the last time was that at least the demon who replaced him in control of this body would have spend his existence putting up with two apparently un-aging teenagers – at least for however long they had before Buffy’s successor showed up and dusted them all.


The End

You have reached the end of "Halloween Can Really Suck". This story is complete.

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